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Patty in real life

-- or maybe Tami?

For many years I’ve looked in on I was a subscriber for a while. It inspired a few stories.

Usually its output these days is predictable and disappointing -- I admire the models, but the photographers lack imagination. Once in a while there’s an exception.

I refer you to this recent preview picture which I imagine shows Patty Kowalski. Serious and focused as always, she’s on her tiptoes leaning against the side of a bridge, cell phone in hand, looking to the water below. Perhaps about to swim for the cameras? Perhaps about to take a picture of a rare swan about to emerge on her side? Perhaps calling to someone on a boat? I admit to not thinking of a fitting story. But photos of naked girls in public engaged in a serious activity are rare.

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The picture could also fit in the Tami stories in The Long Escape:

She resolutely kept her attention divorced from the prying eyes around her, trying with all her might to pretend that she was wearing clothes like everyone else, just another person taking in the V.P. Fair. Realizing she couldn’t look up at the arch forever, she shifted her gaze to the wide, slow-moving river, her first ever view of the Mississippi. She licked sweat from her lips and wished she could jump in and swim away, the water hiding her from everyone’s gaze. The water could be my clothes, she thought.

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