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Patty’s ground rules

Not that Patty is about to act like a submissive, of course. The “script” had four main scenes, various forms of abuse and torture. They went over it yesterday before shooting began. She could choose the basic “plot” idea. She was either a schoolgirl who was caught cheating, or a housewife whose husband owed money to the Yakuza, or a political prisoner being interrogated. She picked the last -- that way she could act defiant instead of scared.

She has also set some ground rules. No clothing, not even a “harness”. “I gave up clothes,” she explained. Then a moment later, “I don’t need clothes.” So they decided that the opening scene -- in which her character, fully dressed, is mugged on the street, stripped and thrown into a van -- would be shot later with another actress, from a distance.

Her shoulder-length hair presented a problem; her face had to be visible to show her distress. But she even refused yarn to tie her hair back with. Instead she showed how she could tie it back in a knot. As she did this their attention was naturally more arrested by the breasts dancing on her chest as they rode up. Patty’s breasts are among her many assets. Japanese women, if they ever get as large as C-cup, don’t get there until their 30s. Patty is still a teenager and there is no sag at all.

Also, no manicures or pedicures. “My nails are fine.” No makeup or fake eyelashes. “I’m gorgeous as is.” Which they can’t deny. She even suggested that her already-lush pubic hair be fluffed up and combed, though conceded to having a few errant hairs clipped.

Above all, no sexual contact. She crossed out the scenes of vaginal and anal rape. “I’m a good Catholic girl. I’m saving myself for marriage.” They were about to laugh at this until they saw she was serious. Consequently the enema scene was rewritten and expanded, with Patty squirting different colored paints over a canvas on the floor, and then extra-long laser-like shots through a special rubber dildo with a hidden funnel.

Showing the actress the hooks for the “suspension” scene is a delicate moment in their profession. The actresses know ahead of time, of course, but the shiny stainless steel implements look bigger “in person”. Patty, though, did not flinch. She picked them up and betrayed no surprise at how heavy they were. In fact she looked at the balls on the ends and said, “I can take bigger than these.” After some rummaging in the rented car they found the five-centimeter pair. “It’s safer anyway,” she said, as if with an air of experience, though really the result of assiduous research. “With the big balls they’re more stable, and won’t poke the wrong way. Girls are real delicate in there.” Of course, they did not need to be told this. Their many Japanese customers included gynecologists and proctologists eager to volunteer opinions as to the extent of what could be safely done. Patty had figured this out, though she had a real fear that she successfully hid. The anal one, at least, stretching her sphincter open, would hurt like hell going in, and coming out. But, as Patty guesses, the bigger balls would make for striking still photos.

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