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The two girls, teenagers like Kai-Kai, were chatting on the way to the car and did not stop when they got in next to Kai-Kai who slid over. “You gave us the slip!” said the apostle of checkerboard clothing. “Yeah, we were waiting right outside Morandi’s office,” Ms. Hadley said. “Finally we knocked, and your lady said we could come in. It was just her on the desk, in A.S.” “A.S.” was Project-speak for “absorb-supine”, the position procreators rested in after the Sire withdrew, during which they caught their breath and allowed his semen to pool against the cervix. At least one minute was recommended, though most of the women, recovering from the Sire’s considerable displacement, preferred to lie there longer.

“She said you already left. Where did you go? Out the window?”, said Ms. Hadley. “Yeah!” protested Ms. Ottey. “Don’t you love us anymore? Cone! Cone!” “Yeah! Cone!” Ms. Hadley joined in. Then both girls said, “Cone! Cone!!” Angela didn’t know what that meant. Evidently an in-joke among this year’s freshmen.

“Sorry! I didn’t know you were waiting for me!” Kai-Kai said with more amusement than apology, as Elaine navigated the Mini-Cooper up the hill toward the East Gate. “I went out through Mrs. Fogerty’s office.” Clara Fogerty was the department secretary. “Quicker that way!”

“So how’d it go?” Ms. Ottey, or perhaps we should say Linda, said. “You two were awfully quiet in there.” “Pretty good,” the boy answered, watching the redwoods go by. “Mrs. Kassoma came five times, actually,” he said, not as a boast but as a compliment to that lady. “Every time I got ready to deliver, she began to come again. Her pitch was only three inches, so the load was smallish, but I got a good angle.” He was used to giving a full report, when asked.

“Too bad, after that inspection,” Ms. Hadley (Susie) responded. On Tuesdays, instead of an I-3, Kai-Kai went to Lab 6 for the weekly inspection, during which he was kept on the brink of orgasm without being allowed to ejaculate. Consequently the I-4 usually received a big load.

“Five times! Wow!” Linda said. Actually the record for an impreg was thirteen, experienced by Maria Fuentes, a 38-year-old mother of four from Sabana Hoyos, Puerto Rico, a few months ago. It was an I-6 in the Schreibers’ living room, and Angela was there, having been invited to dinner. It almost got to be a joke, Angela and Elaine and Kai-Kai’s parents smiling at each other over their coffees, as the boy, in his usual prelude to delivering his seed, changed the angle of penetration and began his polite low moan, only to see that Mrs. Fuentes was not yet finished. Even the Sire seemed a little amused, and waited with infinite patience, as she went past her eighth and ninth orgasm and on to numbers ten, eleven and twelve.

“Thanks, Sire, for making another baby!” Linda reached over and lifted up Kai-Kai’s penis as if it was a way of shaking his hand. “Yes, thanks!” Susie followed up. Angela didn’t like how people grabbed Kai-Kai’s penis without asking permission. Then, with Susie still grabbing the shaft about halfway down, Linda lifted up the glans so that it was “looking up” at them and pinched the meatus so that it was opening and closing as if forming words. In a deep, fake-male voice she said, “You’re welcome!” Kai-Kai laughed, looking down at the two girls playing with the penis as if it belonged to someone else, or maybe was a toy that belonged to all three of them. Angela decided she didn’t mind this time. It was good to see Kai-Kai with kids his own age, relaxed and joking around. Not on his guard and deferential like he was with older people like herself, or his “ladies”, or Project officials.

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