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Prof. Mildred George

The naked girl couldn’t hold back any more. All the frustration and humiliation of the past few months poured out. There would be no shopping for clothes today, no feeling of being covered up again. To have clothing snatched away when it was finally within her grasp was too much to bear. She was condemned to stay naked and there seemed to be no way out. Even though there was nobody else there and she was fully hidden in the stall, she pulled her arms in to cover her breasts, pressed her legs tightly together, and even pointed her bare toes inward so that one foot covered the other. She pulled out some of the flimsy toilet paper which seemed to disintegrate as she used it to dry her copious tears.

She was there for a long time. At intervals she calmed down and then found the sobs coming again. They echoed against the walls of the small lavatory. She stamped her bare feet against the floor in frustration.

While catching her breath she became aware of the scent of perfume. She then saw a pair of shiny, high heeled shoes and nylons arrive to face her on the other side of the stall door. A grandmotherly voice said, “Are you all right, dear?”

Her eyes bleary, Tami reached up and opened the door just enough so that she could see the face. She saw a woman past middle age, dressed immaculately in a green jacket and skirt, complete with a white ruffled shirt buttoned to the neck and a folded red kerchief in the pocket of the jacket. She had on makeup and glasses hung from a chain around her neck. She looked at the girl with amazement and concern. “Miss Smithers? Tami Smithers?”

Tami was puzzled. “You know me?”

“Dear, you’re naked. I don’t see any sign of clothes about you. You must be Tami Smithers.” Tami realized again to her chagrin how her nakedness set her apart from everyone else. “Are you O.K.?”

Clearly the naked, teary-eyed girl was not O.K. Tami thought about telling this nice lady the truth, that she was forced to go naked and there seemed to be no way out of it. She certainly needed an ally. But she dare not do it in light of what the Dean had told her. In the end it would come down to getting expelled.

Tami decided to make something up. “B - boyfriend problem . . . I’ll be all right.” She looked up at the lady. “Thanks for asking. Who are you?”

The older woman smiled, still with a look of concern on her face. “My name is Mildred George, I run the Department of Foreign Languages.” She looked at Tami’s tear-stained face, with a quick look down at her naked, cringing body. Her next words made Tami want to scream. “I’d offer you something to wear, dear, but I know it would be against your religion . . . I do respect that choice, believe me, though I realize how inconvenient it must be for you.”

With a great effort Tami held her breath. She resisted the urge to say, “Yes!! Give me something to put on!! Please!! Anything!!”, her body almost shaking from the strain. But she knew it would get back to the Dean and she would be finished.

Finally Mildred George said, “If you want to sit in my office to collect yourself, please come by. It’s two doors down, Room 606.”

Tami thought once again about telling the truth. But everything she said today seemed only to backfire. “Thanks, but . . . I’ll be going in a minute.”

“Okay, dear. Remember what I said though.” Mildred George left the lavatory with the echo of clicking of high heels.

Tami slowly closed the stall door and took some deep breaths. She didn’t know what to do, until she realized that her next class was starting soon and she would have to go back to her dorm to get her books. She felt grateful for this. Once again, schoolwork would take her mind off things. After a few minutes she carefully wiped all traces of tears from her face with the toilet paper. As she became more relaxed she felt the urge to pee. She opened her legs and held open the tops of her pussy lips with her fingers and looked at the stream of piss. She always felt like an animal, peeing while naked. Quickly using the toilet paper one more time she flushed the toilet and left.

Five minutes later she was gorging herself on junk food from the vending machine in a small room on the first floor. Then she wordlessly strode through the cold rain to her dorm. All she wanted to think about was her next class, linear algebra.

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