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She was startled awake by Brendo’s cold fingers removing the cups.  Dr. Harridance had reappeared, and while Brendo was putting away the apparatus and Dr. Abu Jamal was checking the readings on the console, Dr. Harridance said with a smile, “Wake up, back to the real world!  I don’t know where you were just now but I bet it was someplace pleasant.  We’re done for today, Miss Smithers.  Thank you.”  He helped her up from her chair.  Tami was about to say good-bye when her attention was jolted by the sight of her nipples.  They were big, hard -- and must have been a full inch long!  It was grotesque!  They had never been so big before!  What had they done to her?!


        “Relax,” Dr. Harridance said, noticing Tami’s concern.  “The nipple distension is only temporary.  They should go down to normal within half an hour or so.”


        Half an hour!  She had a class in half an hour!  She would have to walk across campus with these gigantic, extended nipples in full view!  Oh God .  .  .


        But this was not the worst shock of the day.  As he was leaving with the others, Dr. Harridance said, “Oh by the way, Miss Smithers, I almost forgot.  This is the project description.  We thought you deserved a copy even though much of it is written in very technical terms.  Of course, everything is well within the bounds of the agreement you signed for Mr. Ross.  Please keep this confidential.  Medical research is a very competitive field.”  He gave Tami a little two-page document stapled on the corner.


        “We have to get going,” Mr. Harridance said, looking one last time at the clock.  “I hope you can see yourself out.  Bye.”  Tami watched them leave and then began reading the project description.  In a few seconds she felt weak and had to sit down.  Most of it she couldn’t understand but some phrases leapt out at her.  “Stimulation device inserted .  .  .  anal monitor .  .  .  restraints .  .  .  orgasmic response .  .  .”  Fortunately for Tami Smithers’s academic standing at Campbell - Frank College, there was no one around to see her reaction as she read on.  The hurt look in her pretty eyes as she realized just what it was she had agreed to.  Her eyebrows knitting in anguish and her eyes becoming red with tears.  As she slowly put the document down and looked at the little round stage and the surrounding console, the naked teenager said softly in a weak, broken voice, “Oh God .  .  .  no .  .  .”

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