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They took their places in the conference room. “We are in American territory here, Miss Smithers,” the Assistant Consul said. “We welcome you to the Consulate. Let me say we all admire your exemplary behavior as an American citizen.” Tami was expressionless. Then he said, “Let us review some documents.” He put his finger to his lips as if to say, “Shhh!” Ms. McGillicuddy got up and pointed to a portrait of President Richard Nixon which hung on the wall, actually pointing a little behind it; then she pointed to her ear.

A laptop was placed in front of Tami. She read the long email that had been pulled up.Good evening Sirs. My name is Huiqing. Ms. Tami Smithers gave me access to this email account in case of emergency.

This is the story of what we ‘Mailgirls’ saw yesterday.

1. Mr. Chen himself led us from the tent to the atrium. He explained that Tami had to be punished to show us that no Mailgirl can act the way she did. He then told us that a large thick candle had been placed in Tami’s rectum such that only half an inch remained inside but it was secured so that she was prevented from expelling it. He said she was not being physically injured but the psychological stress was ‘excruciating’, feeling like when one is about to expel a hard piece of feces but not quite able to do it. He also said she had been in this state of extreme frustration for forty minutes and she might not any longer be lucid.

2. We were led to the far end of the atrium. Tami was on all fours on a raised platform, like the one we used to sleep on but only big enough to fit her body. She had a gag in her mouth like a golf ball but with holes in it. A big candle that we used to have was stuck in her anus, held in place by a metal brace. Her knees were tied apart onto the platform and her elbows were tied up above and attached to a overhead metal loop. She could not move. We were put into chairs in front of her. Her hair was tied to the loop so that she had to look up at us. Her eyes were open halfway but she did not seem to recognize us.

3. Using a kind of crank Mr. Sen-tai pushed the candle further into Tami until about another 15 cm was inside her. Then he placed clips to her nipples and attached them to a kind of device similar to the ‘S&M’ items we have seen in Mr. Chang’s closet. It looked like a ‘scales of justice’ with the base pressed between Tami’s breasts and a wing-nut in the center on top of a long threaded bolt, which was designed to gradually pull the clips away from Tami’s chest. The nut was turned numerous times until her nipples were grotesquely stretched out. The chains were stiff and had a lock mechanism. Tami’s nipples were twisted one full turn and fixed like that. Tears came from her eyes and when they were twisted one full turn the other way she finally screamed. This was done four times.

4. We tried to look at the floor but they made us look up at what was being done to her. If you were Chinese you would understand that we have to do what we’re told.

5. The candle was finally taken out and from a little cooler Mr. Sen-tai took out a smooth shaft of ice that was almost as big and long. He attached it to the crank and eased it into Tami. Her lips turned blue and her body started shivering.

6. Tami’s nipples were then released and the clips taken off. Her nipples were red and inflamed. To our surprise they brought out a big jar that we had bought of Cantonese hot sauce. With a brush they painted Tami’s irritated nipples with the hot sauce. She started screaming again.

7. The last thing they did was to remove the ice shaft and run a long brush into her, like a bottle washer except longer and the bristles were soft like feathers. First they plunged it into the jar where it curled up so that the whole length was submerged. It dripped a lot when they took it out. Then they plunged it full length into Tami, took it out, and plunged it in again, three or four times, then pushed it all the way in and tied a rope around her waist so that she couldn’t push it out. I suppose the ice was to make her numb so that she wouldn’t feel the hot sauce until the brush had been tied into her. Her eyes opened wide and she screamed loudest then. We had to keep looking but we were crying.

8. Mr. Chen wanted us to stay but finally Ms. Ling led us out of of the building. Tami was still screaming.

9. Aside from Mr. Chen and Ms. Ling, the people there (as far as we can remember) were Ms. Mao, Mr. Chen Jr., Mr. Zhou, Ms. La, Mr. Chang, Mr. Sen-tai, Mr. Chen-wa, Ms. Tung, and Ms. Zhou. I am sorry we can’t remember their first names, except for Mr. Chang (Piao) and Mr. Zhou (Tse). There were also people watching from the doors of their offices.

Signed, Huiqing, Xifeng, Ngo-kwang and Yingtai.

P.S. If you see Tami tell her we hope she’s ok now. We were told she would recover from what they did to her without any marks. Also tell her we love her very much. When the building caught fire she saved our lives.

Tami looked up to show that she had read it all. She was a little out of breath.

The Assistant Consul said, “Is there anything you wish to add?” Tami saw Ms. McGillicuddy holding up a sheet on which she had scrawled, “Say ‘NO’”. “No”.

“Thank you. This concludes our meeting.” Again the Assistant Consul put his finger to his lips.

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