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Sandy and the Banana

Lisa showed them the petition. Hank and Ahmad both looked at her as if to say, “Don’t push us too far!” But Corey grabbed the pen attached to the side and scribbled his name right after Tommy’s. Leading to a big mushy kiss from his girlfriend.

“O.K. now,” Naomi said. “We’re in the dining hall. You can get romantic later.”

“This isn’t Jane and Janeane time, is it?” Wendy said. Eyes rolled all around the table. The two lesbian lovers were at a small table across the dining hall and Hank and Lisa looked back at them discreetly. Sure enough, while they were eating Janeane was inserting her big toe under the table into Jane’s pussy and, judging from Jane’s half-closed eyes, diddling her clit too. Ostensibly trying to hide it but it was obvious to anyone with this angle view.

Sandy came back from the fruit bar with a pear and a banana and a smile.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Keisha said playfully.

“Oh wouldn’t I,” the 35-year old long-time nudist said. She handed the pear to Lisa. Both looked over at the little desk at the top of the stairs; Mrs. Magnuson’s attention was elsewhere.

Corey thought it was just about the sexiest thing he ever saw, watching Lisa shift her butt around and wince as she inhaled and took the smallish pear into her, out of sight under the table. Then both hands were up on the table and sipping coffee again, winking at Corey. What mischief. There was no reason to do this except for the satisfaction of pulling a fast one on Mrs. Magnuson, the girls getting revenge on behalf of the guys who kept on getting their pockets searched.

Sandy’s face betrayed no emotion at all as she invaginated the much bigger banana. After a minute she sipped her coffee and got up. “So long folks,” she said, moving carefully around the table, taking the tray up, trying to walk naturally. She made it about halfway to the conveyor belt when the banana just fell out of her, plop, just like that, thumping quietly onto the hardwood floor. Mrs. Magnuson, fortunately, was looking the other way. Sandy kept walking, not breaking stride, kicking the banana aside with her bare foot, intending to pick it up and eat it later. Everyone at the table cracked up. Sandy would be hearing about this for days.

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