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sex with an actual naked woman

“I understand you wanted to watch,” Mrs. Schreiber said, coolly.

The oldest of the three approached the table and said, “My name is Grigor Bombogor. I represent the Chukchi tribe.”

“We understand the situation,” Dr. Spaatz said in an official voice.

After introductions were made, not terribly warmly, Mr. Bombogor said, “You must understand we do not have impure motives. Fortunately we have learned that it is appropriate sometimes that there are witnesses when the Sire . . . gives a woman his seed.” He might have added that in Chukchi culture sexual intercourse is not considered a private act.

“From our country there is great scandal in girls being brought to America under pretenses and then to find themselves forced into prostitution, or pornography. We wanted to make sure this is not so with Evenk,” he said, calling Mrs. Piri by her first name.

Actually none of the Americans had thought of that, the problem of “white slavery” traffic from Russia. Having now been told of the true reason for the tribe’s objection, their opinion of this man improved somewhat.

There was a long silence. Then Mr. Alkaras said, “Well in that case . . . let’s allow the Sire to inseminate.”

Mr. Bombogor looked at Kai-Kai’s penis, which was quite a bit larger than it had been in the cold rain. With uncharacteristic tenderness he said, “He will not . . . hurt Evenk . . . with that? I have never seen one so big.” He said this with clumsily disguised revulsion. The Chukchi consider large penises to be ugly.

“I know not to go in more than four point five inches,” Kai-Kai said.

The visitors got seated on the long couch. Kai-Kai turned to face Mrs. Piri who had arranged herself on what the family called “the impreg table”. And the boy’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open.

Mrs. Piri had quickly shucked her clothes and was totally naked.

Kai-Kai had never seen a naked woman before. He was not one to look at pornography; in fact he seemed prudish. He did not like dirty jokes, didn’t like to talk about sex (except in connection with his Sire duties), and tended to look away when a scantily dressed female passed by. Even Marikit’s affectionate comments, innocuous as they were, made him blush.

The Project ethnographers had apparently missed the fact that the Chukchi have no nudity taboo. They live in heavily insulated animal-skin yurts and completely disrobe upon entering. It would be suicidal to stay clothed, sweat, and then go back out into minus forty degree weather with wet clothes.

So Mrs. Piri, a shy and reserved woman by nature, nevertheless felt no inhibition as she waited naked and spread-legged for the Sire. Though she was a little puzzled by the hesitant look on his face.

For the first time in Kai-Kai’s life there was another naked person in his world. Whether this surprise aroused him or had the opposite effect was hard to tell. He briefly looked at the clothes and boots Mrs. Piri had set aside, and the retainer dildo she had extracted. Then he collected himself and got to work. The impreg table was set up so that the woman’s vagina was at the level of his penis. All he had to do was walk up to it.

Angela recognized the routine by now. The boy rubbed his glans up and down the woman’s vaginal lips, in the process getting fully erect. Then he carefully inserted. It was much the same process as with Mrs. Hatwood, sawing in and out gradually, bit by bit, observing carefully for signs of discomfort. Mrs. Piri grimaced a couple of times but nodded so that the boy could go in a little further. The elders looked on with expressionless faces. Everyone else looked with some concern, hoping the boy could “perform” after what he had been through.

When exactly 4.5 inches of his penis was inserted, Kai-Kai stopped, allowing Mrs. Piri to get used to his considerable girth. Less than half of Kai-Kai was still twice the volume of the average man’s entire erection and, as it happened, about three times the size of Mr. Piri’s. Mrs. Piri gasped in what must have been a little pain. Her shallow breathing gave way after a few seconds to a more relaxed exhale.

Angela was struck by the novelty of seeing Kai-Kai with another naked person. Constant exposure to sun and wind and rain had given him an over-all tan which was often remarked upon. At times his skin seemed to glow. One could guess that in Siberia Mrs. Piri had never been outside naked. But her natural skin tone matched his tan.

Now the serious pumping began. As the clothed people watched, the nude couple settled into a rhythm as together they ascended through the platform stage of sexual arousal, the woman’s hands reaching around and grasping the Sire’s tight little butt cheeks, the Sire pulling almost his entire penis out and then gently pushing until half of it (or not quite half) was buried in her lush forest of pubic hair, then pulling out again. Her breasts rolled back and forth in rhythm, firm mountains that almost hit her chin and then swung down toward her navel and then back again. With her arousal her dark brown nipples poked straight up, erect little cones.

They got to the peak in less than a minute. Elaine scooted forward and kneeled on the carpet a few feet behind her brother. “Tynga! Tynga!” — as Mrs. Piri reached orgasm she called out her husband’s name. And now the familiar polite, low moan from the Sire and he inhaled and his body stiffened. His anus was facing them and they all looked closely as it began to open and close every 0.8 seconds as his internal muscles pumped spurt after spurt of his DNA against the woman’s cervix.

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