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shaved -- II

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

The strange convoy turned a corner into another hall and Tami met with the astonished looks of more students, white-coated geeks all, who quickly trained their eyes right at her gaping hole, looking right up inside her. Then the naked girl was rolled out into the main lobby, and for a horrible moment she thought they were going to roll her outside and parade her around campus. She had an image of her leading a parade down a main street, people cheering her opened pussy, taking snapshots of it, with a big picture of it on the front page of the next day’s newspaper . . .

Thank God for small favors. They weren’t going outside, just turning into another hall. As Tami blinked back tears of shame, she found herself being rolled through an open door into a small meeting room, where six men in suits were sitting. They looked up in amazement and Tami saw them staring, of course directly into her pussy. One of them, an older man with a gray handlebar mustache, finally caught his breath to speak. “Harridance!” he said, at first with outrage, then turning to a smile and finally laughter, “what are you -- Good God -- this -- this must be Miss Tami Smithers!”

There were smiles all around the table. Dr. Harridance moved away a chair and Tami was rolled up to the edge of the table as if the gyno table was her seat. The men stood up and reached over to greet her, saying they were glad and honored to finally meet her, and Tami finally extended a bewildered hand crossing in front of her upraised leg to shake their hands, certainly the oddest entrance she had ever made into a room.

The men were nice and made genuine, affectionate eye contact, but also quite naturally looked down at the obvious center of attention. When they were all seated again, Dr. Harridance said, “Tami, this is Dr. Haufenstedt, chairman of the ob-gyn department, and this is the faculty ob-gyn committee. Doctor,” he said, addressing the man with the handlebar mustache, “you were talking about the need for better illustrations for your classes, and here you have it. We just shaved Tami as part of our experiments, and it’s amazing how easily you can see the external anatomy without pubic hair.” Bracing himself by grabbing the naked girl’s bare, upturned foot, he leaned around her leg and pointed to the little bare mound above her pussy, and up and down her lips. Tami didn’t want to look down. She just kept a neutral expression focused on the opposite wall.

The doctors looked appraisingly at her opened pussy. “This is very impressive,” Dr. Haufenstedt said. “I never saw the mons venus in such a way. Dr. Isadore should be told about this too, this girl has excellent musculature. . .

Dr. Haufenstedt then looked up at Tami’s face. “Miss Smithers, I wonder if you could be available for a demonstration at our ob-gyn class. Of course, you would be compensated, and we’ll work it around your schedule. Also, Dr. Isadore teaches a class in kinesthiology and would like to point out various muscle groups. You would be ideal.”

Tami felt her face blush red. After all the shame she had been through she thought she had forgotten how to blush. “Well . . . ” More exposure, more being put on display so that more guys could look at her private parts . . . will it ever end?

Dr. Haufenstaudt nodded with a kindly, old-man air. “I know, this is abrupt. Think about it. I know you are a busy young woman and an exceptional student. I don’t want us to interfere with your studies or your other work with the Institute. Let me know, though.”

Tami said softly, “O.K.,” being aware once again of carrying on a conversation with her legs spread out and her pussy open and in full view. She knew, though, that any refusal would get back to the Dean . . .

“Thank you, doctor, and thanks, Tami, sorry about this little jaunt,” Dr. Harridance said, and turning the table around he and his assistants rolled Tami back out into the hall.

The ride back to Lab 5 was even more shaming -- classes were changing and lots more students were walking around. Professors too, most of whom seemed to know Tami, and in fact she remembered some faces from the banquet. She heard “Hello, Miss Smithers” about ten times as smiling, courteous faces greeted her as she rolled by, only momentarily glancing down to her spread, wide-open, bare pussy. Hands clutched behind each hip onto the edge of the table, the spread-out naked girl managed a diplomatic smile and nod as she returned the greetings, trying to preserve her dignity by imagining she was a nude princess on a royal procession, even as she felt the cold drafts blowing around inside her gaping lower cavity, so recently opened for almost an hour by the Godzilla dildo, and now so cruelly stretched and put on display.

Dr. Schnitzler, a distinguished and imposing figure in a three-piece suit, walked by. “How are you, Miss Smithers?” he asked, extending his hand. Tami crossed her hand up over her leg and found her hand being kissed in the doctor’s elegant, Old World style. “I must say, I’m surprised to see you like this,” he said, briefly glancing down, “but I know you are very busy here. Are they treating you well?” he said jovially.

McMasters coughed absently.

“Y - yes, very well,” Tami said quickly, bringing her hand back to clutch the table behind her, leaving her pussy achingly open and exposed. “Everyone is very nice,” she added bravely.

“Well then, I hope not to detain you, but, well . . . “ The Director’s voice lowered a bit. “You remember Herr Remmler from the banquet? He is, shall we say, not very well. He lives in an old house just outside of town. A few of us were hoping to visit him to cheer him up. We thought in light of the high regard in which he holds you, you might join us.”

“Oh.” Tami indeed remembered the bent old man, his little speech that flattered her and Rod so much, that amazing painting of her that was unveiled . . . She was sorry he was ill. He was very old. Was he dying? Clearing her throat, momentarily almost forgetting her bashful pose, Tami said, “I’d be glad to.”

“Thank you very much Miss, we’ll pick you up. I’ll let you know when,” Dr. Schnitzler said, then with a wave to Dr. Harridance and the rest, he went on his slow, benevolent, distinguished way.

Tami quickly drew air between clenched teeth as the table rolled on, past the gazes of students and professors. It was almost a relief to be back in Lab 5, a relief tempered by the knowledge that the retainer and bristle bra were waiting. Tami’s feet were finally taken down from the stirrups and she was allowed to work out the kinks in her muscles. This meant hopping down onto the cold tile floor with the slap of bare feet and waving her arms and legs around, crouching and standing up again, knowing the men were intently watching every inch of her skin and muscle.

McMasters got the box from off the back of the gyno table and said, “Insertion of the retainer is something that you are best off doing yourself. There’s a tube of lubricant in here. Probably the best way is to sit onto the rectal dildo and then wrap the retainer around and insert the front one.”

Intensely conscious of the men’s close attention, the naked girl squatted on top of the table and laid the retainer panties out so that the white rectal dildo was standing straight up from its reinforced base, with the tan vaginal dildo flopped forward. She carefully positioned her butthole over the lubricated dildo head. Not wanting to look down, she looked forward at the wall with a frozen expression. Her breathing was nervous and shallow as she crouched lower, lower, then felt the cold tip against her butt. She reached down and held the dildo with one hand as she gently and carefully guided it to her wrinkled brown asterisk, then slowly lowered herself onto it. It slid in, inch by inch, opening her ass ring. Because she had been so recently reamed with a larger object, it was not painful, merely uncomfortable.

And of course, very shaming. The men crouched down in front of her, with Mr. Zipkin behind, watching intently as the white plastic slid through and stretched open her brown ring. To voluntarily insert a dildo in her butt while others were watching was a shame that she had not experienced before. Every time Tami thought she had reached the ultimate in exposure and humiliation, something new happened which shamed her anew.

Tami closed her eyes and gulped as her bottom met the panties. The dildo was all the way in, with that strange invasion feeling she got whenever something was in her butt, feeling like it was about to pop out of her throat, though she knew it was not as big as the dildo on the machine. Then she dutifully brought up the front dildo, the one with the little bump at the base which was supposed to press against her clit. She could not avoid looking down now, and gazed at the weird sight of her plump cleft, white and tender, so recently denuded. Hidden from the sun all this time, the skin there did not have the all-over tan glow of the rest of her, and its paleness made her cleft stand out even more. Hating every second, Tami spread her pussy lips with one hand as she pointed the dildo inward and upward. The men leaned closer to look at her red inner membranes and the tan dildo that was beginning to enter and separate them. Angled out over the edges of the table, her toes twitched nervously.

That she could not control her gasps made it even worse. But as the dildo slid in, inch by inch, she could not hide the little chills of pleasure. With her rectum already filled with one dildo she had to shift and squirm, her butt cheeks rubbing against the table, to make room for the second one. Finally she got to the base and pressed it up against herself, breathing in suddenly as the knob pressed against her clit. Her legs shook momentarily, then she carefully put her legs down.

McMasters was very helpful with the next step. “Here, let me show you,” he said, as he brought together the velcro straps on one hip. Tami tightened them on the other side. Then McMasters took her hand and helped her down.

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