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shaved -- IV (Tami’s “new look”)

The walk back was worse because she had to face her tormentors. With a superhuman effort that turned her face red and caused the veins to bulge out on her neck she kept her arousal down until she was two-thirds of the way back. But the quickening beeps gave lie to her efforts. The second orgasm announced itself to her audience by the bugging out of her eyes as the girl gazed forward with an unearthly stare, rhythmic spasms causing her legs to splay to the side, pitch forward, then bend over, arms swinging wildly, her ragged gait bringing her closer and closer to the watching men, who listened as the steady low tone got nearer and nearer. Wave after wave assaulted her body and then she found herself standing right in front of McMasters and Zipkin, sweating, her eyes crazy, jolting again and again with the last spasms, until she caught her breath and wailed, covering her eyes, tears running down her cheeks, crumpling down on the concrete. “Oh God . . . oh please . . . no . . . no more . . .”

Tami knelt on her haunches, arms around her knees, trying in a useless effort to expel the horrid intruders in her pussy and ass, escape from the bristles torturing her poor nipples. “Please . . . please . . .” McMasters coldly offered a hand and helped her up. “Very good,” he said, pointing to the little indicator over her clit. Tami looked down at it, defeated. It now said “2”.

A minute later, gasping and feeling weak, the girl was squatting on the gyno table, looking at the red nipples on her bare breasts, and blushing in shame as the men watched her shitting the rectal dildo out. In a moment all the devices had been removed from her and she lay stretched out on the table, groaning, saying, “Oh God . . . Jesus . . .” She was glad nothing was in her or on her. She was glad to be naked again. And she wanted to be alone. She dozed. A few minutes later she rubbed her eyes and got up. To her disappointment McMasters and Zipkin were still there, waiting near the doorway, McMasters holding the box. “Long workout today, Miss Smithers. Thank you for your time.” He handed the box to her. “Today was excellent, Miss Smithers. Excellent. . . The retainer has sensors which monitor your reactions, as I’m sure you can now tell. This is your assignment. Put the apparatus on at your convenience until you have had five orgasms. Do this for three sessions during the next week, at any time and place at your convenience. Maybe you can make a romantic event of it with your boyfriend around. The information on your arousal will be recorded on the computer chip that’s embedded in the retainer. We can read out the information when you come back for your next appointment.” McMasters opened the door and he and Zipkin went out. “We’ve got to get going. You can see yourself out. Again, Miss Smithers, I can’t thank you enough. The research you are helping with will be to the benefit of many, many people.” He gave his usual smarmy, salesman-like smile. And then he was gone. Tami looked at the box in desolation. She was too wiped out by today’s orgasms to feel any intensity of despair. She went back to the waiting room of Lab 6 to get her backpack and found that she could stuff the box inside. Good. She didn’t want people seeing the box and asking questions about it. She made her way to the side exit, the exit she had used that night before going to the Student Union and finding the ad for the summer job. She longed to get back to her dorm, to the normal world, even if she was always naked in it. And she looked ahead once again with longing to four weeks from now, when she would be in another town and swaddled in clothes, clothes, clothes . . . There was a full-length mirror just before the doorway. She caught a glance and then stopped, looking at her reflection in shock. With her pussy now shaved smooth she looked like some kind of freak. The lower lips, slightly parted, red and flushed, looked like they were announcing themselves to the world. Anyone who saw her would be arrested by the sight. They were so prominent with no hair to hide them! It was like she was asking the world to look at her lower lips and her clit, which stood out prominently above them. And her nipples were drawing attention to themselves too -- rubbed raw, red, puffed out. And what was this? She moved closer. It was true. Scattered through her long, dark red hair were a few little strands of gray. Gray hairs!! What was happening to her? The naked, shaven girl recoiled in alarm. She remembered what Wanda had told her. She knew for a fact now that there was an organized conspiracy to break her will, to shame her into admitting that nudism was not really her religion. Wanda had only 28 days to do it. Could she make it through those 28 days? Or would she go crazy first? The walk back across campus might have been, under different circumstances, rather pleasant. It was late afternoon, sunny and pleasant, and she looked up around at the budding trees, her bare feet caressed by the soft green grass of the soccer field, and tried to get into a favorite fantasy of hers since the weather turned warm, that she was Eve in the Garden of Eden, a naked woman walking through this beautiful spring paradise. But she felt every little draft and shadow on her bare pussy skin and knew that every eye would be on her prominent pussy lips, sticking into everyone’s face. And it was true. People noticed it just as much as they did her nude figure the first time she had to walk outside naked, so long ago, back in September. As she made her way along the paths by the academic buildings she overheard people saying, “Look at that!” “Jesus!” “She’s all shaved now!” “You can see her -- you know what!” The students on this campus, who had grown accustomed to seeing her naked body, suddenly were taking a close look all over again. The teenager, still so sensitive at her age to vicious remarks, had to blink back tears of shame as she heard one gutless jerk yell, “Nice pussy!!” just before he ducked into a building. Even worse were the reactions of her friends. “Tami?!?” was heard more than once. She waved and passed by, as if in simple acknowledgement. Inside she felt the same cringing mortification that she felt in September. There was one friend she could not avoid giving an explanation to. It was Marisol, coming her way past the Student Union, and Tami saw her astonished eyes looking straight down at her denuded pussy. “Caramba!” Marisol said, stopping about six feet in front of her naked friend. “What a difference! You look like a walking pair of -- labios!” Tami blushed but smiled bravely. “How do you like it? I thought I’d give it a try.” Marisol kept staring and finally shook her head, smiling. “Tami, you are the bravest mujer on this whole planet!” And she hugged Tami and then went on. In the dorm, people stopped and stared as Tami went by. She ignored them and then, with a pause and a deep breath, opened the door to her room. Jen and Mandy, sitting on their bunks, looked up and their mouths dropped open. After a second Jen scampered up to Tami and got down on her knees, overcome with lust. “Oh baby, oh Jesus, oh my, oh thank you God . . .” she said, hugging her arms around Tami’s hips, one hand on each bare butt cheek, by turns kissing Tami’s exposed pussy lips and resting her head against it with the smile of a child hugging her favorite teddy bear.

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