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she thought she was supposed to show up in her uniform

The bare white feet emerging from behind the door told all. And it was a total surprise. Now two thin flip-flops, with their slender sparkly strings, slapped flatly onto the asphalt. The dexterous toes, with nails meticulously painted black and white, wiggled into them and Brigid emerged.

She stood up, this beautiful white girl, her perfect body almost completely on display, her green eyes radiant, a sprinkling of freckles on her face and her bare shoulders, her red hair carefully done up in pinned-up braids. A last-minute check of the evenness and the secureness of the little circlets, barely covering her nipples, by a gentle shimmying of her shoulders that made her breasts jiggle back and forth. Then she peered down past her concave, well-toned tummy to check the tiny T-string, an inch wide, barely covering and pressing into and separating her shaved labia. She reached behind and stretched out the clear V-strings on her butt cheeks, letting them snap back into place, to make sure they were positioned directly over her unseen anus. She leaned back into the car and got her baton.

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