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snack bar scene

The clothed young woman and the naked boy went back to working on their assignments. After about fifteen minutes the freshman got up. “Well, see you later.” In fact he would certainly see her tomorrow, during the weekly inspection. Though physically she would be seeing a great deal more of him, than the other way around.

“I’m finished too,” Angela said, closing the program.

“Want to go to the snack bar?” They both stood up. Angela was only five feet two but Kai-Kai, in his bare feet and with his small frame, was only a little bit taller. They walked out the library onto the windy quad. It was not cold enough for snow but the clouds were heavy and it seemed to be threatening rain. Angela pulled her jacket tighter as she strode next to the naked boy who seemed oblivious to the cold.

The entrance of the Sire into the Campus Snack Bar was noticed only by a few turning of heads. He stood out with his bare skin of course, and his prominent genitals. But he lived just off campus and was a full time student, so everyone was used to seeing him around. Once he and Angela got their coffee they sat in his usual booth near the exit. Presently they were joined by Phil and Duvon, two other freshmen guys.

Angela was more or less a spectator as the three young men talked about classes, professors, the food, and new places they had discovered on campus or in town. Angela, a senior, already had experienced some of these professors and other things but didn’t chime in. She was not unattractive and knew herself being glanced at now and then by Kai-Kai’s friends. She also knew her presence was putting a damper on the conversation. Without her, Phil and Duvon would probably be talking about which girl had the biggest breasts on campus, or the disgusting habits of their dorm roommates, with Kai-Kai listening silently. Now they got onto the topic of computer gaming, like teenage boys do, and Kai-Kai spoke occasionally. He had a soft, gentle voice, not like his friends who spoke fast and more loudly and were always trying to be funny. Phil and Duvon were talking about the need for more RAM and bigger hard drives. “You don’t need such huge power,” Kai-Kai said. “I like the simpler games on my old laptop.” His friends talked about other friends. Among freshman guys, on the topic of computer bigness Kai-Kai was in the minority, it appeared.

Now Kai-Kai turned his head toward the entrance and his companions turned to see what he was looking at. It was a dark-skinned Asian woman of about 35, with weathered features but still attractive. She wore a strange kind of fur coat and furry boots. It was cold today but she seemed dressed for the Arctic.

Kai-Kai instinctively rose as he always did when an older person approached. His penis was so long that the tip didn’t bob up over the edge of the table as he stood up. “Hello, Mrs. Piri,” he said, bowing.

“Hello, kind Kai-Kai,” she said in a heavy accent that Angela couldn’t quite place. Not from China, at least. “Your girlfriend drove me around the area, it is very pretty.” Kai-Kai blushed at the mention of Marikit, the freshman girl from the Philippines he had been “going steady” with, and then looked past to see if she was with this woman; she wasn’t. The woman then said, “I like to talk to you before we meet.”

To everyone, but mostly to Angela, Kai-Kai said, “This is Mrs. Piri, from Chukchi, who is the I-6 today.” In other words, the sixth “impreg” scheduled for today. Angela was struck by how well, for all of Phil’s and Duvon’s teenage boy immaturity, they took this news in stride as they politely clasped the woman’s hand. Their friend had just told them, in his understated way, that he would be ejaculating into this older woman at about 7:30 this evening.

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