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surrogate therapy

“How’d it go?”  The deed was done in the living room, but Manfred, not feeling comfortable watching, has gone up to the High Pond, where Momma now finds him, sitting naked on the flat rock, his shorts and shirt to the side.


  “Success,” Momma says.  “Though it took a long time.  He was a bundle of nerves, at first.”


  “How did he react when you ganged up on him?”


  “I wouldn’t call it that.  It was me and Umma and Sarajane.  When we took his clothes off we gave him an all-over massage.  We were gentle and we moved slowly.  Arbutus stroked his hair.”


  “No fucking, right?”


  “No, we just blew him.”  She works her jaws as if trying to get some feeling back.  “You should see that thing when it’s hard.  I could just barely get my lips around the head.  Even Umma could only get two inches in, maybe three.”


  “You made him come, though.”


  “Yes.  Me and Sarajane ended up licking his balls, one each.”


  “How did you get your heads in there?”


  “His balls are huge too.  There was plenty of room.  When he finally came he wouldn’t stop spurting.  It spilled out of Umma’s mouth and all over her dress.  He must have saved it up all summer. . .  He was asleep within seconds.  We laughed and covered his body with Umma’s quilt, like he was a corpse. . . Except no corpse snores that loud.”


  Manfred lays back and looks up at the sky.  “So he really was a virgin?”


  “There was no doubt.”  She reclines next to him, idly twirling her pubic hair with her fingers.  “The best part, really, was Arbutus. She kissed him at the end, a real kiss, and he kissed back.  That is, just before he conked out.”


  “Where do they go from there?”


  “I don’t know.  Those two kids love each other, that’s for sure.  I don’t know how that girl can fuck that thing, though . . . If she’s not a virgin too, she’s close to it.”


  Manfred, eyes closed to the sky, smiles.  “I’m not.”


  Momma smiles back.  With a sense of relief her mouth goes to work on Manfred’s more normal sized member.  She is good at this and it doesn’t take long before her loud gulps echo off the stillness of the pond.

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