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Tami Smithers, nude Earth Mother

This is Part 23 of “Coming to the End”. I tortured Tami way too much. Here, she is among friends and enjoying being naked on a warm day. Her friends were probably envious.

I wrote this in probably early 2002, so excuse some of the clunky writing. Though I’m still trying to find a more elegant word for “pussy”.

The six of them were glad to get away, on this last weekend before classes ended and finals began. Not really sure of where they were going, Marisol nevertheless had navigated the Ark of Doom up into the mountains and found a secluded spot, and walking in a ways through a grassy area they found some big wide rocks and a stream. Odd how college had changed their perspective. Being raised in urban or at least suburban settings, to them the clean, bucolic campus itself had at first seemed to be “getting away from it all”, but by now it just reminded them of classes and people. Now they wanted to get away from getting away from it all.

They had brought a little lunch, and they were lounging around on the warm rocks on this beautiful, sunny, warm day. The stream, surprisingly deep and wonderfully clear, ran in a little crevice a few feet down below. Mayree, Brad, Rod, Mandy, and Marisol, sitting on soft towels, all in states of partial undress, short pants, short sleeves, Mayree and Brad and Marisol with their shoes off, Mandy in a black tank top, as they munched on their fried chicken and apples and sipped from cups of water, looked up at the blue sky, listened to the gentle current of the creek, enjoying this paradise, contemplating stepping in the water but convinced that it was ice cold . . .

The sixth person, a little downstream and out of sight, having wandered from the rest, lay stretched out on the rough, flat rock, enjoying the feel of its warmth even as it poked and scraped her bare back, her bare butt cheeks. Eyes closed, she enjoyed the feel of the sun warming her nipples, her exposed pussy skin, she could even feel the rays in the little space between the pussy lips at the junction of her widely spread legs. This was Tami Smithers, whose clothes had all been taken away from her, who was to be kept naked at all times, denied any type of clothing or covering, and right now, rather enjoying it.

Listening to the running brook, and being in the habit of praying the past couple of months, she thanked God for this paradise, though it was also kind of a bittersweet farewell. In 10 days she would be rejoining the ranks of clothed humanity, no doubt for good. Being naked was unavoidably connected to being abused and humiliated and exposed in a dozen horrible ways, and she would be glad to say good-bye to that. But if only she could be just naked, not having to endure any humiliations, well . . . Half-dozing as she basked in the bright sun, the naked girl wondered if that would really be so bad. She took stock of all the sensations she was feeling. The sun against my bare skin, the rock against my back . . . feeling the gentle breeze play on my nipples . . . Only I am allowed to feel all these sensations, only I am allowed to be naked in this paradise. In a way, the naked girl considered herself lucky, and thanked God for being naked, at least for now.

Feeling like it was the right thing to do, the girl, eyes still closed, got herself up and, standing on the rough rock with legs slightly apart on tough bare feet, turned her face sunward and raised her arms up, then spread her arms wide apart. As would be clear to anyone looking, she was praying to the sun.

Rod, having gone to look for his girlfriend, stopped and watched from a distance. He saw her sweep her arms down gracefully and crouch down on her haunches, head down, her bare buttocks almost touching the rock. He could not help but be touched, almost to the point of tears, at this beautiful vision of grace and prayer and naked female beauty. After a tactful interval he stepped forward, being sure to make a noise with his sneaker on some weeds to give warning of his approach. He cleared his throat and Tami’s head turned.

“Hi, Babe,” he said. “You sure are gorgeous.”

Tami woke up a little from her semi-intoxicated state.

“Hi, lover,” she said. She was always glad to see him.

“What were you doing?”

Tami, still crouched over, her back to Rod, looked down and said, “Praying.”

This was the answer Rod expected. He was curious.

“What do you pray about?”

Tami thought for a moment. “I don’t pray in words. I pray for strength, guidance . . . and also thanking God for such a beautiful day.”

Rod was as pensive as Tami. “Did you pray before, when you wore clothes?”

Tami thought again. “Not like I meant it.”

She looked up at Rod and got a feeling like she never had before. The both of them seemed so much more . . . grown up. Her, especially. It was a nice feeling. Crouching naked on the rock in the warm sun, her toes bracing against the rough rock, looking up at him, she began to think that, whatever happened, she and Rod would somehow make it through together.

Rod stepped up onto the rock and held out his hand. Tami stood up and the lovers softly embraced, his shirt against her nipples, his cut-off jeans against her silky, exposed pussy skin . . . she rubbed her soles over the laces of his sneakers. . . Rod’s large, dark hand rested on the small of her back, the other gently molding her left butt cheek. . . They hugged tighter and Tami felt like the two of them had never been so close.

Tami decided to give him a little show. She turned and crept down, one unsteady foot at a time, to the stream. There was a little round spot that looked kind of deep. She slowly lowered herself into it, taking in breath between her teeth. This water was COLD . . . of course, she had been through far worse. Only one way to do this -- with a quick plunge she immersed herself all the way, finding that the little pool was about four feet deep, her toes buried in rough gravel as she crouched in this wet, cold netherworld. Then, trying to look like Venus rising, she slowly stood up, looking at Rod with sexy eyes as her head emerged. She looked down at her skin, tight and goose-bumped from the icy water, noticed her nipples, shrunken but hard, and sensuously lifted her breasts, offering them to Rod.

Rod, standing up on the rock, took in the view hungrily, his dick getting so hard that it advanced the leg of his knee-length shorts out, making his dick look two feet long.

Tami stretched her arms up as if yawning, causing her breasts to ride high up on her chest, then, looking around for a toehold, climbed out of the pool, water streaming off her nipples as she leaned forward, and planted her feet to stand straight up in front of her boyfriend. Softly she swayed from side to side, like a harem girl offering her body to her master, then danced gently (and carefully, with bare feet on rough rocks).

In a final display of submission and invitation, she turned around and bent over, spreading her butt cheeks and displaying her wet, stretched butthole in the bright sun, winking at him with her brown ring while turning her face to him and giving him an air kiss with her mouth . . . then she turned to face him with her whole body and, crouching down slightly, spread her legs, ran her hands down past her breasts and her concave tummy, past the tanned, silky skin around her pussy lips, then spread her lower lips as wide as she could, the sun glinting on the pinkness inside, the little dark narrow cave visible in between. The naked girl rolled her hips, keeping her pussy stretched open.

Rod turned behind him, making sure no one was around, then gazed again at his beautiful, sexy, naked girlfriend. “Babe, you’re torturing me!”

Tami was feeling a bit sadistic, perhaps, but the mosquitos were attracted to her wet skin. Time to end this quickly with one final display. She approached Rod slowly, crablike on widely spread legs, keeping her pussy lips stretched open with her fingers, opening up as much of her dark pink cave as she could.

“CHRIST! OUCH!!” A mosquito had bit her on one of her inner lips! The naked girl jumped up and down, closing her legs, then opening them, reaching in with a finger to scoop out the offending insect, finding it dead and crumpled on her fingertip, shaking her finger and flicking it to the ground. All the while jumping, jumping . . . laughing to herself as she said “Shit! Shit! Shit!”, realizing how funny it was, while realizing that it hurt like hell.

Rod watched helplessly as his girlfriend hopped up and down, first bringing her legs together, then opening them again. Tami was helpless too. She wanted to close her legs to keep the mosquitos away, and she swatted them as they lit on her legs or her shoulder. She even flicked one off her nipple. But the bite stung more with her legs closed and the inner lips touching each other.

Rod helped her back to their friends. Mayree donated her towel and they watched as their naked friend quickly dried herself off. Brad offered some insect repellent, which Tami spritzed liberally all over. “Thanks, guys.”

Then they asked what happened and Rod said, “Tami got bit in a private place,” the three other girls reflexively closed their legs, saying “ouch!”

“This bite is really irritated,” Tami said. “Let me see,” Marisol said, having just taken a course in first aid and being eager to help, though insect bites in the vagina had not been one of the studied topics. Marisol had Tami sit up on a rock, resting each bare foot on a rock to the wide, spreading her legs as wide as possible so Marisol could see.

Marisol knelt on the flat rock and peered into Tami’s pussy. “That’s quite a mordido. You need some lotion, here, I’ve got some aloe.”

With concern, Brad said, “Can you put that stuff on a, uh, sensitive area like that?”

Marisol hesitated, bottle in hand. “Yes, I think so . . . You’ve got to, uh, open more, Tam,” she said, and Tami obediently used her fingers to stretch her inner lips as far apart and out as she could. Marisol deftly reached in and dabbed the sore area.

“Ahhh . . . that feels cool,” Tami said. The bite area went numb immediately.

“Better keep it open until the swelling goes down,” Marisol said, putting the lotion away and sitting down again.

Thus the crisis was over. They had brought a little lunch, and they were lounging around on the warm rocks on this beautiful, sunny, warm day, except for Tami, who sat nakedly on a rock facing them, her legs spread and her hands holding her inner pussy lips apart. The stream, surprisingly deep and wonderfully clear, ran below. The six of them quietly spoke about the weather, about classes, about little things. They nibbled between words on apples and fried chicken and biscuits. Tami’s hands being occupied, Mandy sat up next to her and held up an apple that she took bite after bite out of. This was another one of those unusual scenes one found oneself in as a friend of Tami Smithers. Tami was aware of her bashful pose, chatting about this and that while her friends had a clear view of her inner cave, but except for Mandy nobody looked at it much. The bug repellent, which made Tami’s skin a little sticky and smelled like rubbing alcohol, was very effective; there was no danger of any more mosquitos flying into her.

“Good apple,” Tami said, as Mandy wiped her mouth with a napkin after the last bite.

After a moment of silence Mayree said, “So Tami, what’s around here that we can eat?”

This was a reference to the elective course Tami had been taking, “Stalking Wild Plants”, taught by a young hippie-ish instructor, Dabby Sommers. It hadn’t been her choice of an elective; she had wanted another course but then this course had appeared on her schedule, and she never bothered to change it. The same thing had just happened to Tami again; pre-registering for the Fall Semester, she had put in for Small Engine Repair as an elective, but instead she was put into Basics of Clothing Design, obviously someone’s idea of a joke.

The plant course, though, had turned out really great. Mr. Sommers was very engaging (and kind of cute, with his long blond beard), and to her surprise Tami found the topic fascinating. She rapidly absorbed all this wonderful information on what plants were edible, which were medicinal, and watched with interest at Dabby’s slide shows and the plant samples he brought into class. Plus, he seemed very respectful of her nakedness. She looked forward to the field trip which Dabby kept promising he would take the class on, though by now there were only two classes left and she felt like it might not happen.

Now, looking around, she suddenly recognized some plants. “That’s a Jerusalem artichoke,” she said, motioning with her head (because she wasn’t able to point) to some tall weeds next to the stream. “The root is edible.”

Marisol got up, fascinated, and started toward it.

“Let me try.”

“It’s probably not ripe yet. . . That other grassy thing there, that’s a groundroot. You can probably eat that.”

Marisol walked unsteadily over the rocks with tender bare feet, looking down as she went along, her huge breasts swaying ponderously from within her baggy T-shirt. When she got to the grassy plant she pulled it up. The root was all muddy. “I think I’ll pass on this,” she said, putting it down.

Tami turned slightly, ignoring the scraping of the rock on her bare butt, still keeping her lower lips pulled open. By now the swelling had gone down and she could have closed herself up, but it hadn’t occurred to her. She was too engrossed in plant life. “Over there, those are edible,” she said, indicating some tall thistles. As Marisol reached to grab them, Tami said, “Good Lord, no! Those are stinging nettles!”

“You told me there’s edible!”

“Only after they’re cut down and dried. The irritant evaporates and they’re crunchy, like potato chips. . . And over there, that tree’s a mountain ash. You can make a tea out of the berries, or dry them and eat them, to use as a laxative . . . ”

Her friends were amused and also found themselves getting interested too, listening to this naked girl with the wide open pussy educate them on the outdoors.

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