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Tami Smithers, nude Earth Mother -- II

A reader encouraged me to post another example of Tami having a good time. This is from Part 15 of “Coming to the End”. I made this poor girl endure a snowy Vermont winter without the benefit of clothing, but when spring came she enjoyed it as only she could.

At the front entrance she paused and looked at the depressing scene outside. It was raining like hell. Driving rain, drenching everyone within seconds. A girl heavily laden with raincoat and backpack pushed by her and started running to class. Outside Tami could see others frantically scurrying to where they had to be, getting out of the rain as quickly as possible.

Tami grimaced and pushed the door open and started running. The concrete path was almost one solid puddle. The sound of raindrops was all she could hear. As she looked up and wiped a heavy bout of water off her brow, she could barely make out her destination, the math building, through the thick shower. Finally fully awake, she suddenly realized the slippery feeling down below as her pussy lips slid against each other and a wet feeling around her butthole. Damn, Rod’s sperm!! I forgot to clean it up!! She knew she would be horrified if anyone saw the seepage and was grateful that it was raining cats and dogs. She would have to scoot into a bathroom before class and wipe herself with toilet paper. This day was starting out badly . . .

A girl passed Tami, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt, jeans and sneakers, trying to negotiate a bookbag over her shoulder while trying to keep open an umbrella that was about to collapse. Tami noticed that the girl was sweating. Tami prided herself on being a fast runner and remarked to herself how unusual it was to be passed by someone. I gotta get going, she told herself, and she sped forward faster, looking down and watching her bare feet splash through the deep warm puddles. I wish I had an umbrella . . . Good thing my backpack is waterproof . . .

Then she slowed down and stopped.

What the hell am I doing? she asked herself. She looked around, suddenly calm in the middle of the pouring rain. These people running around. Why? To keep their clothes from getting wet. But I don’t own any clothes. I’m naked all the time. To me, this is just like a nice pleasant warm shower . . .

The naked girl, her body glistening with rain cascading down her beautiful, tanned skin, slowly turned her face to the heavens, feeling the drops on her closed eyelids, and smiled a gentle smile. This rain was warm. It wasn’t like those freezing, bone-chilling rains she had had to dash through during the fall and winter. These gentle drops caressed her poor, abused, naked body. They felt good.

She looked out across the field to her right, blinking as water ran from her hair over her eyes. The rain was so heavy that it was hard to see the buildings -- that was probably San Beneuo Hall out there -- on the other side. Tami had often wondered how it would feel to strip down to her bra and panties during warm rains like this and just run across a field. A modest girl, she had never actually dared it. But that was in a past life. In her new life she was forbidden to wear clothes, in fact clothes were getting to be a dim memory. Why not . . . ?

Her backpack flung on the grass, the naked girl pranced across the field, twirling around, arms extended, skipping, even doing a couple of cartwheels. She stood straight up, arms extended, looking up at the rain through closed eyes, as if praying to God, thanking Him for giving her this gentle rain, thanking Him for being alive, thanking Him for being allowed these wonderful sensations.

Yes, she was aware of the stares, the fact that people on covered paths and inside the buildings were watching her, this naked girl running out in the rain, but she also knew that they wished they could do the same thing. But only I can do this. Ha ha, I get to be naked, everyone! It was an unusual and wonderful feeling.

“Wooo! Wooo!” she found herself yelling, in a kind of orgasm of sensuality, flopping down on her belly, feeling the wet grass against her crushed breasts, her hard nipples poking into it, feeling the grass rubbing her tummy and thighs, wiggling her toes in it. Then she turned over, and felt the wet rubbing of the grass against her bare back, against her butt. She parted her legs and arched her pelvis up, as if accepting this gift of warm rain right into her pussy.

The girl who had been denied clothes or covering now celebrated her total exposure to nature. These are my clothes, the grass, the rain, the warm air. This is my shower, too, provided by Mother Nature. Finding a puddle in a low spot, she squatted down on both bare feet, wiggling her toes in the mushy submerged grass, then cupped some water to her lips and rinsed out her mouth. Then she opened her legs and cupped water into her open pussy, rinsing out Rod’s sperm. Finally she reached back and washed out her butthole, even sticking a finger inside up to the first knuckle. No shampoo, no toothpaste, but fresh rain water, and she felt totally cleaned out. And she didn’t care if anyone was looking!

After some more running and prancing and praying in the rain, the naked girl returned to her bookbag and skipped to class, skiffing water ahead with her toes. She knew she would be a little late, but she didn’t care. In fact, when she got to the classroom she deliberately entered from the front door, next to the lectern, so that the professor and the students could look on in surprise as this naked girl, her wet skin glistening and bits of grass all over her and on her hair, proudly and boldly strode in with the slap of wet bare feet and took her seat, dropping her bare wet butt into the plastic cupped seat with a loud plop, and fished her text and notebook out of the wet bookbag, a few drops falling onto her notes from her erect nipples as she looked up with pen poised for today’s lecture.

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