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Tami vs. Wanda

        Wanda stood back and looked the naked girl up and down with a vicious smile.  “Where’s your ankle pouch?  I bet Jen had it, I know the little system you two have for snowstorms.  And I bet she spaced out and forgot to give it back to you.”  The naked girl withered under the gaze of this powerful, knowledgeable, evil bitch.  “I like the effect of you being totally naked.  That pouch covers up too much.  What if we took it away and made you keep your I.D.  card and keys and stuff in a hollow metal cylinder?  Which you would keep up your butt.  You get fucked in the ass enough by Rod, and by Jen’s finger, you must be nice and loose by now.  So whenever you have to get your key or use your I.D.  to get in somewhere or get money, you’d have to squat and shit out the cylinder in front of everyone.  That would be nice, wouldn’t it?”  Once again Tami found herself clenching her butt cheeks together.

        “It’s not just me, Tami girl.  I’ve got friends in the administration, on the faculty, everywhere.  And some of them have even sicker minds than I do.  I like that cute brown skin around your butthole.  Congratulations, you always keep it squeaky clean.  Think of how many people have seen it by now.  It’s almost as recognizable as your face.  I’ve got it!”  she said, pointing her finger up, as if she had just thought of this idea.  “We’ll have a new I.D.  picture taken of you, only it won’t be your face.  We’ll have you spread your hard little butt cheeks for the camera and before you know it your butthole will be on your I.D.  card.  Think of what your card will look like.  Tami Smithers, date of birth, I.D.  number, then a picture of a brown butthole.  What if you’re on line for a campus movie or the dining hall and they check your I.D.  and then want to see some, uh, verification that it’s really you?  You’d have to bend over and show them!  ‘Oh yes, I recognize that butthole, you’re Tami Smithers, all right!’”


        Tami felt about to cry.  This was too much.


        “Had enough?”  Wanda said, opening her coat to reveal the microcassette again.  “No?  What about a Tami-cam?  We can mount a camera on your desk to be pointed at your bed at all times.  Someone in the psychology department can think of some plausible scientific pretext.  Research on sleep, for example.  You’ll be on camera as you toss and turn, stark naked, realizing that you’re on T.V., not only for the computer or whatever research associate they have watching you, but maybe accidentally on purpose you get put on the internet.  You’ll have no place left to hide.  Exposed to the world, you can’t get away, not even while trying to sleep in your own dorm room.  Maybe they’ll move you to the dorm lounge so the camera doesn’t interfere with your roommates.  Why should you care?  Modesty is against your religion, remember?”


        Tami looked at Wanda with increasing panic and horror.  “No, you’re lying,” she said.  “This is all a load of crap.”


        “Hardly.  Remember, it’s not just me, it’s lots of other people.  And some of them will have wires on too.”  Wanda opened her coat once again.  “Confess?  .  .  .  No?  .  .  .  Well then .  .  .  how about, piping subliminal messages into your room while you sleep?  ‘You must be modest, you must be modest .  .  .’ While you sleep your sense of modesty will be strengthened to Victorian era prudishness.  You’ll be turned into the type of girl who doesn’t like anyone to see your bare feet, let alone any other part of you.  And then you’ll wake up and find yourself stark naked in front of your roommates, no bedclothes, no towels .  .  .  and then have to walk to classes naked!  You’ll go nuts!  You’ll go stealing clothes off people.  Then everyone’ll know -- ha ha, you were lying about being a nudist” -- Wanda then affected a deep voice like the Dean’s -- “Miss Smithers, you are expelled, go back to waitressing tables like all the other Swamp Yankees!”


        Tami couldn’t quite believe all this, but enough had happened to her over the past few months to think that anything was possible.  Wanda was right about one thing, namely, things could always get worse.  Just when Tami thought she had reached the ultimate in exposure and shame, something was done to her that was even more extreme.


        Tami realized Wanda was being successful in trying to scare her.  She took a deep breath and tried to bluff it.  And strongly.  “Go to hell!”  she said quietly.  Then she thought of something.  “I’ll just drag you down with me.  You’re the one who started it all.  You’re the one who was into streaking.”

        “What do you mean?  I never streaked in my life.  I merely convinced a stupid freshman that it was the thing to do.”

        Tami’s face burned with anger.  This was so unfair!  “But you’re the one who made me do it.  You’re just as guilty as me.”

        “So you tell this story to the Dean.  I’ll just deny it.  They’re not going to expel me when it’s one person’s word against another’s.  I know the system by now.  Remember, though, you’re the one they found naked.  No question about that.  They got you red-handed.”  Wanda looked down at Tami’s bare attributes.  “And red-titted.  And red-clitted.”  She giggled.  “I’m starting to sound like Lorinda.”


        The sadistic former R.A.  walked right up to the suffering naked girl.  “Send me to France, darling.  I know you’re not exactly in the mood to do me a favor, but look at your choices.  Getting expelled from this place will be rough.  But at least you won’t lose your mind.”  She looked straight into Tami’s eyes with dead seriousness.


        Tami knew she had developed reserves of strength through her long ordeal of public nudity.  She called on them now.  “Get me to my dorm,” she said evenly.


        Wanda exhaled.  “O.K., time to walk barefoot and naked through the snow again.”  She opened the door and Tami followed her out, staggering a bit, still a little unsteady on her feet after five orgasms from Jen’s skilled tongue.


        Jen had been right.  The blizzard had been dying out and now all was still and white.  Mountains and valleys of soft whiteness surrounded the two girls as they emerged from the front entrance of Rossland Hall.  Classes had been cancelled and offices had been closed.  The campus looked deserted.


        Tami marched bolt upright aside her heavily bundled tormentor, her flat tummy expanding and contracting as she took in the cold air, trying to ignore the intense cold of the snow on her bare feet and calves.  Wanda, trudging along in her clothes, was jovial.  “Ah, what a beautiful sight, your freezing bare feet stomping through the snow.  Too bad this is probably the last snow of the year.”  Wanda stopped for a moment and Tami had no choice but to stop also.  “These boots of yours are real warm.  My toes feel all nice and snuggly.”  Again, she pointed and turned her feet as if displaying the boots on a fashion runway.  “Of course you know that, Tami.  Or do you even remember?  Do you remember what it feels like to be warm and bundled up?  It was so long ago .  .  .  Think about how you feel now, Tami.  Think about feeling like this through the next three winters.  Do you, uh, have anything to say to me?”  she concluded, pointing to where the microcassette lay under her coat.


        She looked at Tami with a smile, as the naked girl got colder and colder.  “Come on, let’s go,” Tami finally said.


        “Why?  I’m enjoying the view and the fresh winter air.”  In the quiet of the freshly fallen snow Wanda’s voice was loud and clear and doubly piercing.


        Tami closed her eyes and tried to stop from shivering.  She could get through the snow as long as she kept moving.  But standing still was a sure way to hypothermia.  “Wanda, plase,” she finally begged.


        “O.K.,” Wanda said.  The two girls continued.  They looked around as they passed various buildings.  Snow lay heavily on bushes and trees, on window sills.  It seemed like everyone was inside.  There were hardly any footprints anywhere.  Tami was expecting to see Jen’s and Leisha’s, but the path to Pilgrim Hall was virgin.  God knows where they went to.  Fortunately it wasn’t all that cold.  Tami, whose bare skin had developed a fine sense of winter temperatures by now, could tell that the snow was already starting to melt.


        Her feet and hands and butt were numb by the time they finally got to the front door of the dorm.  Tami stood naked and helpless, ankle-deep in the snow, as Wanda fumbled with her coat pocket and finally produced a key chain.  “I’ll let you in and then I’ve got to go.  Many plans to attend to.  Involving you, of course.  I’ve only got a few weeks.”


        Tami felt about to scream as Wanda’s gloved fingers picked through her keys with agonizing slowness.  Finally she got to what Tami recognized as a dorm key.  “Here it is.  Is this it?  Yes, I think it is,” Wanda said, as Tami exhaled with frustration.


        “Wanda, I’m getting seriously cold,” Tami said.


        “No you’re not, it’s probably hardly below freezing.  Balmy weather for you.”  Wanda drew the key to within an inch of the keyhole but then stopped.  “Wait a second,” she said.  She looked at Tami up and down.  “How do I know you’re really Tami Smithers?  I can’t let just anyone in to the dorm, you know.  Security reasons.”


        Tami’s patience snapped at last.  “Wanda, open the fucking door!”  Such language was not usual from Tami, but she was getting desperate for some warmth.


        Wanda arched one eyebrow.  “There’s one way to tell if you’re really Tami Smithers.  Let me see that ring of brown skin.”


        “Fuck you!”


        Wanda held the key up.  “No brown skin, no entry.  Spread ‘em nice and wide so I get a good view.”


        Tami felt like she was about to cry, though her tear ducts were dry after that workshop.  She quickly and desperately turned around and bent over and spread her legs and with her half-frozen hands, spread her butt cheeks.  She felt the cold winter air on her sensitive sphincter skin.


        “Wider, I can’t see,” Wanda said.


        “Fuck,” Tami said, as she stretched her cheeks apart farther.  Then --


        “EEEE!!!”  The naked girl felt a sloppy, wet snowball being pushed and rubbed against her butthole.  She pitched forward and closed her buttocks, then opened them again as she desperately scraped bits of snow out.  Her head hit the snow as she fell forward to her knees, snow in her hair, snow stuck to the soles of her bare feet as they kicked upward from her knees.


        The naked girl was possessed.  She turned and picked up her clothed tormentor and with the strength of an athlete, with the strength gained from hours at the treadmills, she threw Wanda five feet into the air so that she landed on her back.  Then Tami turned and sat on Wanda’s chest and undid her jeans and turned around again and pulled them down and then pulled her panties down, revealing pale white skin and a sparse bush of black pubic hair.  Finally Tami gathered snow with her bare hands and shoved a big snowball into Wanda’s crotch as Wanda squealed in agony and shock from the cold.


        Tami grabbed the key chain and opened the door as Wanda began helplessly trying to get up and brush the snow away from her most private area.  The naked girl shot into the dorm and before she closed the door, she flung the key chain as far as she could.  It disappeared into a mountain of snow about fifty feet away.  Wanda, still trying to get up, didn’t see where it went.

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