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Now she came around another bend of the crescent and stopped again, this time with real fear. She had detected the faintest whiff of cigarette smoke. There was someone around. And here she was, stark naked -- in the middle of a wide flat gravel bottom, no place to scoot behind to hide.

And now, crunching sounds behind her, the sound of shoes on the rough gravel, magnified and echoed from the sides by the steep cliffs.

The naked girl turned around.

Five of them, young guys maybe her age, maybe a bit younger. One holding a bottle of whiskey, another with a beer can, two with cigarettes. Sweatshirts with hoods, low-slung jeans, big untied sneakers. They were devouring her nakedness lustily. She knew that look.

“Hey babe!” one said.

“Holy shit, a naked chick!” another said.

Tami gulped. They all stood motionless for a moment, the boys and the naked girl. Then the girl turned and ran.

“No! Stop!” she heard them say. But she knew herself in danger. They followed. She sprinted across the rocky soil the best she could, her bare feet versus their sneakers, but she was faster anyway and quickly outran them.

Then she found herself hard up against the far end of the pit, staring at cliffs all around her. She looked back, panting, sweating through her dusty face. The five boys had spread out and had her cornered. She looked at the cliff in front of her. There was an outcropping that looked rocky enough for her to climb, maybe. Over she went and she gingerly gripped the first rock with her toes and hoisted herself up.

It was a slow climb, almost on all fours as she bent forward with the slope of the tumbled down boulders. The boys gathered around the sides of the outcropping, apparently thinking she’d never make it to the top, and watched her slow and careful ascent. “Hey girl!” “Come down and blow me!” “Nice tits, Miss!” She wished she could go faster, but she didn’t want to misstep, and none of these rocks looked very steady. She looked down at her pubic hair, and at her breasts hanging in front of her, jiggling with each move. She tried not to think of the fact that her whole body was on display for these jerks. In fact, watching a beautiful naked girl climb up rocks like this was the hottest thing they’d ever seen.


One of the guys had thrown a clod of dried mud at her, hitting her on her side, just below the armpit. It was followed by another, hitting her on the side of the butt. Soon she was target practice for a series of dirt bombs, one after another. It was hard to believe these jerks could be so cruel but they were having a great time at it.

As she got higher up she suffered a particularly nasty shot, a cross-blow on the side of the breast. This was followed by another on the other side, and now it became a new game. Standing down there on either side, the boys would wait until she reached up with one arm which gave them a clear shot at that breast. Then when the other arm was up, they would go for the other breast. She tried to bend her arms in, but it didn’t do any good. To keep climbing she just had to extend her arms and leave her breasts exposed. “Hit!” “Hit!” “Miss!” “Hit!” “Nipple shot!” It was a contest, target practice, and she heard their merriment as her poor breasts were hit from each side, each hit making them jump and dance and jiggle, like two tight little punching bags on her chest.

Finally she got to the top, bending over and extending her leg way forward to clasp the last rock with her toes. “Eeek!” A final dirt bomb hit her right on the asterisk of her widely-exposed butthole. It caused her to hop upward onto the high ground.

She ran. No time to look back. Just run!

She ran and ran across the hard dirt plain. Another cliff was in front of her, this one a steep rock face. When she got to it she looked back. There was no sign of those guys, they evidently hadn’t climbed up after her. Maybe they figured she’d never make it and were surprised when she did. But out on this flat bare plain she was still in plain view. She looked back at the rock face. She decided she should climb it.

The naked girl scaled the high vertical rock face, boulder after boulder, jag after jag, grabbing with each hand, fingers tightening around each pointy outcrop, placing one bare foot after another on each rock, each toehold, each little crevice where her toes could fit. It was quite a sight, if anyone had been looking. A fine subject for an artist.

She stopped for a moment to catch her breath. She knew not to look down or to look back, though she felt like her bare backside would be visible for miles. Once again, she could do nothing to hide any part of herself. This was a really high cliff, yet the rocks seemed secure. Keep going. Keep going. . .

Tami stumbled onto the top of the cliff and saw an immense field of wild grass in front of her. She ran. Up ahead was what looked like a barn. Running up to it she saw that it looked deserted, in fact one wall had completely caved in.

No matter. It was someplace to hide, where her nakedness would not be on display for all the world to see and abuse. Someplace safe. She stumbled in with ragged steps and immediately dropped onto some loosely-strewn hay and quickly was asleep.

She was awakened by the late afternoon sun shining in her eyes. She lifted her head slowly, sensing a presence, hay sticking from her wild hair, squinting.

It was a big man in the sun-filled doorway, looking down at her with a stern face. He carried a whip and a coil of rope. In a rough voice he called out to someone behind him. “Dale! Tell them we found that new Pony Girl.”

Tami quickly tried to blink herself awake. This man’s presence was important. Something was happening. She cleared her throat to make her standard plea. “Could I have some clothes please --”

But she never got all the words out. “Oooff!” The air was knocked out of her as the man grabbed her bare shoulder and flung her onto her stomach, then put a knee in her back. Her elbows were pulled back and back behind her until they were touching. Then with quick expert motions rope was looped around her elbows, and Tami was jerked up to her feet.

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