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Command was there, and supporting staff, waiting in a circle on the landing pad as the gently swaying ladder approached. The naked Lieutenant Towelewska, having untied herself and hanging by her hands, slowly descended into their midst. Every bit of her stretched-out body was on display to their astonished faces. Finally her toes touched the warm tarmac and she let go of the ladder.

She watched as the ladder jerked up and the unmarked craft sped up and away. It shrank to a speck and disappeared.

She turned to Colonel Mathews, who was giving her a strange look, glancing down briefly at her nudity.

“What the hell was that?”

The Colonel, recovering, said, “A prisoner exchange. Sub rosa, of course . . . Evidently they think you don’t know much.”

She exhaled and looked around her, then at the Colonel. “That . . . is far from the truth.”

Major Spinelli, in his unguarded way, looked Towelewska up and down and said, “Millie . . . you’re naked!”

“Well of COURSE I’m naked!” she exploded. “I’ve been naked for two f**king years!! Not a stitch, day or night! Sleeping on a bare bench!” She was yelling at the men all around her and as she gesticulated her breasts bounced wildly, her bare feet slapping on the tarmac. “Burning my ass off in the summer, freezing my tits off” -- pointing at them -- “in the winter!”

“We . . . we assumed there was no hurry. We . . . didn’t know,” the Colonel said uncertainly.

“You didn’t KNOW!” She thrust her arms out, causing more jiggling. “Those idiot inspectors didn’t say??”

“N - no.”

“Well couldn’t you figure it out!!” The nude lieutenant put her arms on her hips, eyes flashing, an angry naked woman furious at the clueless clothed men around her. Then she caught her breath, remembered her rank, and looked down. “Sorry . . .”

Now she stood at attention and saluted. “Begging your forgiveness for speaking so freely, sir.”

The Colonel returned the salute. “It’s O.K. After what you’ve been through you’re entitled to a little outburst, Lieutenant. Or maybe I should say, Captain? . . . We recommended you some time ago. Your commission came in last month.”

The nude officer said, in surprise, “Oh . . . Thank you, sir.”

Major Gordon said, “The inspector said you had no marks. But . . .” He pointed to the vertical rope burn on her concave tummy.

“Oh yes . . . that’s a result of that . . . unconventional rescue. I had to tie myself to that hemp ladder.” She opened her legs and spread her vaginal lips. “You can see it down here too, just below my clitoris.”

The men were openmouthed and, in fact, they were the embarrassed ones. Towelewska had no sense of modesty. Two years of going completely naked 24/7, when everyone else is fully clothed, will do that to a girl. Though she surely could detect their discomfort. Maybe she was still mad at them and this was her way of getting even. As their eyes opened still wider she turned her back to them, opened her legs, and reached back to spread her lower cheeks. “You will notice rope burn also around my anus and extending up between my buttocks.” She was as casual as if showing them a scratch on her finger. As she turned to face them again she said, “These marks were all caused by the ladder. I was not physically mistreated at that prison.”

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