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the breeders

Now their attention was arrested by what looked like a large, low glass bubble, like a skylight from the floor below. Waiting next to the bubble was a tall man in a coat. He and Dr. Marankanu began talking in low tones, and then looked down into the bubble.

Aouda and Haji were surprised at what they saw down there. A breeding table, on which was lying a big, chubby black girl, her legs spread, EKG electrodes attached beneath her large breasts and along her arms. Standing next to the table was a slightly-built Asian boy who had electrodes on too. There was a long table in front of them with computers and screens and three men in lab coats.

The boy had a very short, thin penis. Fully erect, but it seemed no bigger than a lipstick. One of the men pointed. The boy obediently stepped over to the big black girl, easily inserted his penis, and began thrusting. In only a few seconds she was moaning. Suddenly he started jackhammering into her with great force and speed. This had quite an effect -- she panted and grunted, her big breasts bouncing around wildly on her wide chest. She reached around and grabbed the boy’s butt cheeks in her hands. She was twice her size but they were enthusiastically going at it.

The girl shrieked into climax. Now the boy’s thrusts slowed and he shouted with ejaculation. He shouted again with each spurt and each thrust, which made the girl’s breasts ricochet up toward her face and back down toward her belly. Finally a low groan from him as he drained the last of his semen into her and collapsed onto her.

Aouda looked sideways at Haji, who was looking down with amazement and also envy. How he wished he could jackhammer like that . . . And also how he wished he could empty his bloated testicles. “That will be you in a little while, honey. Think of how good it will feel.”

“Y - yes,” he said with a dry mouth.

The breeding completed, Dr. Marankanu began talking with the tall man again. “Small penises are so much easier, aren’t they?”

“From every standpoint,” the tall man said.

Aouda fumed at this insensitive comment, made with her large-penised and naked son right next to them. She hugged his shoulders again as if she was trying to protect him.

Dr. Marankanu started walking away with the tall man. Aouda and Haji followed, around the corner to another hallway that had another bubble. Looking down they saw a naked white girl standing precariously on a metal table, legs apart, spreading her labia for the benefit of a man who was showing her to a semi-circle of younger-looking adults who had green lab coats on, not like the white ones everyone else had. Aouda guessed they were interns. The naked girl, Haji’s age, was gorgeous, a Playboy model in face and features, her long blond hair scattered over her bare shoulders, strands flowing over her largish breasts. It must have been cold in that room because her nipples were erect. Of course her beauty did not matter, only her reproductive structures. The professor, looking right up inside her along with the rest, pointed up with a pencil, and the girl flinched as he poked her clitoris, either accidentally or on purpose, Aouda couldn’t tell. As instructed the girl now opened her legs wider, her legs shaking as she made sure her bare toes did not slide off the edge of the stainless steel. She stretched her pink lower lips apart further, her face expressionless.

Looking into the next bubble they saw a naked boy, sprawled out on another metal table, face up, eyes closed, his tummy going up and down with the even breaths of sleep. A white drop had fallen onto the metal from the meatus of his half-erect, spent penis. There was no one else in the room. There was no sign of clothes anywhere, just the naked body on the metal table, as if abandoned and forgotten.

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