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the CJQ girl


Notice here, another demonstration of CJQ’s unique abilities, for which we have designated the word Taikyu, a Japanese word which roughly means toughness, hardiness. You see from the thermometer that the freezer room is at minus twenty Celsius. Note the men in thermal suits, Major Firenza’s team.

“Is her skin always that bluish?”

No, the cyanosis you see here, which typically indicates end stage hypothermia, fades at room temperature. Notice how her toes and fingers, see the closeups here, are darker blue than the rest of her.

“As you say, this looks like hypothermia. This is not easy to look at.”

It might seem like torture and this is why this briefing is classified. If it falls into the wrong hands much misleading propaganda can be created. Note that her breasts, and it’s hard not to notice them since they are so out of proportion, are less blue, except for the huge nipples.

“Is the fact that she is mammose related to her abilities?”

We don’t think so. Although she tells me one advantage of her Taikyu life is that she no longer has to find bras that fit. She had to go to a special shop and was measured as a 32H, a very unusual size, particularly on someone so slender otherwise. Her waist measures only 20 inches.

“So the only activator for Taikyu was -- ?”

Yes, as you’ve been briefed.


See here now how she is placed on top of the block of ice. Care had to be taken; as you can imagine, bare feet are not secure on ice, particularly since her body heat melts it to some degree, making it more slippery. See how she grips with her toes.

“You say body heat. What is her skin temperature?”

It varies depending on the stress placed on it. It actually increases in the cold. Fourteen Celsius is probably the reading at this point.

“Does the lack of tattoos or piercings affect -- ?”

We believe there is something to that. I might as well say it out loud, her body is stunningly beautiful, though out of proportion as to the breasts. More so because she has never had a tattoo or even had her ears pierced. I understand she has a dislike of any kind of jewelry. With the lush pubic hair, and the long curly hair going down past her shoulders, she is an unaltered vision of the female form.


Here is a photo from three months ago, a modeling pose that you might have seen, bending over a rock on the Yukon River. Note the total absence of bodily modesty -- you can see her anus clearly as she reaches up with her toes to clutch that root -- yet no sign of showing off.


Now back to yesterday’s protocol. The team is now placing her body’s heat retention zones under stress. As you can see, ice globules of appropriate size are pressed up into her armpits, under her eyes, and even between the toes. She spreads her legs so that greased ice can be inserted into her vagina and anus. Finally large flat blocks of ice, held up by iron braces, are pressed against her breasts and against her backside. The ice has been treated so as to retard melting. Her breasts are crushed so that they spread outside the blocks, which is unavoidable.

“And yet she shows no discomfort!”


I’m not sure I would put it so absolutely. Notice these closeups showing goose pimples on her buttocks and on the tops of her breasts. It goes without saying that her nipples are erect. Note however that, I realize this is hard to see because of the abundant pubic hair, but her clitoris has retracted.

“Does she feel the cold?”

She’s often told us she feels every degree of it, as she puts it. Whether the sensation is pleasant or not is something we can only guess at. She is a hard person to get to know.

“I read somewhere in the materials that her clitoris is a, kind of, signifier.”

Yes, that’s true. At various times during the day she spreads her legs so that a technician can measure erectile status, as well as temperature and presence of Bartholin’s lubrication. Some of you in the Institute’s biotech classes might have seen her come in and demonstrate.

“I did, Sir. It was hard to get a hold of that thing.”

I know. CJQ’s clitoris has been handled by hundreds of people by now. There is a trick to it, spreading her labia majora with one hand while grabbing with the other. You have to reach inside with one finger and press upward, at the bottom of the clitoral structure, to get it to pop out. Fortunately she is so used to it by now that she doesn’t mind being touched in such a sensitive area.


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I like where this is going! The situation seems familiar but I don't think I've read the story this is from. Is it new?

Oct 09, 2023
Replying to

It's from an unpublished story, from an idea suggested by a reader.

The situation seems similar to scenes in "NakedGirl" but it's a different character and you'll soon see that her powers have a different source.

Thanks for reading!

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