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the CJQ girl -- II


You see here her breath forming little clouds. Again, her body temperature is normal. Like you and me, she is exhaling breath that approaches 37 degrees Celsius. You will also see Major Firenza turning down the thermostat. It will take time to get down to the minimum.


Here we are, forty minutes later. The freezer is now at minus 70. This is close to the lowest natural temperature recorded on Earth. Note the intense cyanosis. Her hair is now frosted white and it lies stiffly against her shoulders. Probably one could break off pieces of it.

"Her eyes are closed. Is she in a trance?"

No -- you see her eyes open now. Then close. She has to blink frequently because otherwise her corneal fluid will freeze.

"Like in a Siberian winter."

Yes. She has been there, as you know. A film has been made of her walking down the main street in Yakutsk at minus 55 Celsius. The local people, once they got over the shock of a naked woman appearing out of the ice fog, took a liking to her. She was there for two weeks and had learned enough Russian to make her way around.


Here's a shot of her with some natives. They are so heavily bundled up that they all look twice her size. Note also how the ice fog has frosted her pubic hair and even her eyelashes.


Another photo, after she allowed herself to get splashed with a pot of hot water. Of course she was in no danger; it crystallized in mid-air and only a slight dusting made it onto her breasts.


Here she is, with some worshipful young men, at the Pole of Cold monument in Verkhoyansk. Supposedly it went to minus 68 there in 1892. I imagine this is supposed to be a tourist attraction but how many tourists can make it there? Notice how she is spreading her vaginal lips as if to sit on that spiky thing. Those Russians love a sense of humor.


Now back to the freezer. Here it is at the lowest setting, minus 75, and now the crew, in thicker suits now, removes the ice from around her body. She will now do some yoga poses on that patch of manufactured snow.


This is called the lotus, a basic position. Notice the spread toes with ice crystals on them.

"She doesn't paint her nails?"

No, neither her fingernails nor her toenails. Nor does she grow them. As you can see they are clipped short, meticulously.


This position is called "the bear". Note that there is some stiffness in the legs; at higher temperatures there is no difficulty with straightening them out.


This position is an advanced one called sleeping yogi. Note how her ankles are crossed behind her head. She needed help from the team to get them back there. Note also how the position allows free access to vagina and anus.


Here is Major Firenza inserting ice cylinders into her lower orifices while she holds her pose.


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