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the CJQ Girl -- III


Now, he inserts frozen alcohol shafts. Alcohol freezes at minus 114 Celsius. Such a cold object melts quickly inside her.

Don’t worry men, she’s not getting drunk. [laughter] She doesn’t drink anyway. She keeps to a strict high fiber, high protein diet.


Now we see the power of her body heat. As she is on all fours on the block of ice, Major Firenza is inserting a number of greased ice pellets. Her capacity during these experiments has been increased so that she can now hold the equivalent of four cubic liters.

“That’s remarkable. I didn't think the rectum had such capacity.”

It doesn’t. But she has learned to accept material up into her lower colon as well. Now you see Captain Andriessen counting off. Each ice pellet is approximately 50 cc’s.


Note the side shot here of her midsection, normally concave. It is starting to bulge out due to the pellets.


Major Firenza has now inserted the one hundredth pellet. As you know, the rectum is the body’s warmest region, about one degree Celsius above the rest of the body. Such a quick infusion of so much cold material would probably kill the average person.

“She seems to be quaking, all over.”

No, what you are seeing is her working her internal muscles so as to melt and crush the ice.


This is five minutes later. She is shooting out the now melted water. She’s already had an enema so there’s no mess. You might be amused to see Captain Swenson holding up the bull’s-eye. CJQ has a very trained anus by now.

“The enema -- was it cold also?”

No. She can handle those of course, but as a practical matter only a warm enema can do a thorough cleansing.

“I’ve heard that her rectum has been . . . toughened?”

Our word for that is induration. Yes, it’s true. For her mission she has to be able to carry some things internally. It was a long process, but her rectum is now conditioned and indurated to safely hold a vinyl bag of measuring instruments.

“What was that process?”

Mentholated enemas, carbonated, finally a series of granulated and mildly acidic and aklaline solutions.

[lights on]

Men, any questions?

“There has to be a limit to what she can do.”

Yes, there is. Below about minus 90 degrees Celsius she reports discomfort and her internal metabolism shows signs of breakdown. We haven’ ventured that low since.

“Isn’t that around the record low in Antarctica?”

The recorded record is minus 93 point 2. Probably the real record is minus 100 or so, or minus 148 Fahrenheit, on some of those high domes. But where she will be going, we expect no exposures below about minus 50 Celsius.

Hello, here she is.

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