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the cure for body issues

       “Hi roomie!”  Sarah’s big tanned boobs almost filled the driver’s window, her erect brown nipples practically sticking Jessie in the face and seeming to bounce halfway to Hyacinth, who was curled up in the passenger seat of Jessie’s little Taurus.  The shy freshman, who had been half-slid down to the floor out of sight with her arms across her breasts, decided she should get with the Blanke Schande College program now that they were on a BSC campus, and slowly sat up, with a great effort putting her hands to her sides and even bravely squaring her shoulders.  Showing modesty was against the rules, though Jessie, her assigned “Buddy” and suite-mate, was very forgiving of Hyacinth’s struggles to overcome her shyness, a shyness she never knew she had until she signed up for this crazy college where female students had to be naked at all times.


         Crazy, but it worked.  This was a real college with real courses, professors, grades, lectures, though looking around in one of the lecture halls at all the clothed guys interspersed with the naked girls, hair draped over bare shoulders, breasts jiggling almost imperceptibly on their chests as they took notes, here and there bare feet splayed up on the seats in front, even their pussies in full view under their notebooks and laptops -- Hyacinth felt like she was in a dream, some alternate universe invented by a horny guy in which the girls were just eye candy without any thought to how they must feel if they had to be naked 24/7.


         Yet the girls were happy, or at least most of them; the ones who couldn’t take the nudity, and who went crying to the counselor’s office with their hands over their breasts and crotch, had dropped out during those first rough weeks.  Now in mid-October it seemed that Hyacinth, at least, might make it through.  She still longed for clothes, and kept torturing herself by going to that corner of the library where the girls congregated to read romantic novels of women dressed in lavish finery.  Most of all she hated “presenting” on request to any guy who asked.  But all the other girls were naked too and were in the same boat.  Plus, she always had her suite-mates to run to and to hang out with, especially Jessie, who was like a big sister.  She loved hanging out at night in the suite watching TV with them, all lying together on Jessie’s bed, a tangle of legs against arms against boobs against butts, feeling the bare female skin all around her.  Though none of the four girls had any lesbian tendencies, the feeling was just heavenly, better than the fluffiest blanket.  The girls were together in nakedness, a powerful bond forged between all the BSC women which enabled them to go on.


         So even though she never met Sarah before, she recognized the extra twinkle in the brown eyes of the big-boobed girl as she smiled at her.  Hyacinth couldn’t help but smile back as she straightened up further.  Making any motion to cover oneself was against the rules, but Jessie hadn’t said anything while Hyacinth had cowered during that drive through town, this little cowboy town way up in the corner of the state, after that long, long ride up from the balmy beachfront world of the main BSC campus.  And of course Sarah wouldn’t report anything either.


         “Hi, Hy!” Sarah said, that little joke that Hyacinth had always been used to.  “My old roomie tells me you’re into the program, kind of.”  She extended her hand, her boobs hanging over Jessie’s lap.  Jessie grabbed them as if they were grapefruit that she was considering buying.  “I think you’re getting bigger,” she said.


         “It’s the mountain air, it makes everything grow,” she said, clasping Hy’s hand, as if oblivious to her breasts being squeezed at the same time, an attitude which was yet another thing that the new girl was having a hard time getting used to.  Then she said something even stranger.  “In chem lab the guys ask to weigh them before class on that little sliding scale.  I’m up to left tit 1.3 kilos, right tit 1.2.”


         They were just outside the admissions building on the edge of this little campus.  This was after driving along a winding road through a redwood forest, passing the occasional guy and (naked) girl walking up or down.  Two guys now passed by, openly gawking at the scene, as Sarah, to keep her balance, stuck her foot out behind her and her toes almost brushed against one of the guys’ backpacks.  Jessie and Sarah seemed to pretend the guys weren’t there.  Hyacinth was glad it wasn’t her breasts that were being grabbed and discussed!


         “Can I get a lift?”  And then Jessie giggled as Sarah hopped onto the hood of the car.  And turned around on all fours and kept talking.  Hyacinth sat there open-mouthed as the car cruised up through a rustic little village of classroom buildings made up in log-cabin style.  And then there was the dining hall.  Students walking around, and older types who must have been professors.  And all the female students naked. . .  Was it some kind of admissions policy, or the constant exercise and “erotocize” classes, but why was every female so beautiful in both face and figure?  Or maybe it was something else, something in the mind . . .


         Hyacinth had finally gotten used to this type of scene at the main BSC campus, but to see it played out in a new setting it was like this was some kind of alternate universe that she had entered through a different door.  She had heard the campus was expanding, and sure enough there was a dug out pit and some workmen -- and a naked girl, covered with dust -- carrying stuff in and out.


         Jessie, the most sober and sensible of all the BSC females, was bemused as Sarah, a “wild woman”, proceeded to live up to that reputation.  “The guys’ dorm is to the right, the girls are on the left, it’s smaller of course, no closets . . . You’re really going to like going up the mountain with Wendy Mac and Hank, they’re so cool, Wendy’s a real superwoman, don’t mind the others, they’re O.K., too bad you can’t go Jess . . .”  And all this time as she spoke through the windshield, her big boobs bounced crazily here and there as the car trundled slowly over the rocky path.  Many of the guys, especially, stopped to look and Hyacinth thought of the sight being presented to them: the butt of a naked girl coming at them on top of a car.  “Presented” indeed.  Sarah was showing her pussy and butthole, “presenting”, to the whole campus.  As for Jessie, she could only smile and try to keep an eye on where she was driving.

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