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the delegation from Uruguay

A couple of the impregs were notable for the people who were flown in to witness, and the setting they specified. These had to be done by special application, adjudicated by the Effectuation Committee, whose main concern was that the woman’s ascent to orgasm (strictly speaking unnecessary but considered of prime importance) not be inhibited. Thus far there had been about two dozen impregs with non-marital home country witnesses, more like delegations. The first impreg from Uruguay was like that. Held in the conference room in the Humanities Building, with Angela and Dr. Spaatz sitting by the side, as well as the procreator, a Mrs. Anita Villareal, the formally dressed committee of ten men and women, their papers in front of them, bid the naked boy to approach. He stood in front of the table, like a doctoral student defending his thesis, and though the questions were technical, mostly about the intricacies of male reproductive anatomy and his life as the Sire, Kai-Kai answered them completely and truthfully in his relaxed, innocent way. Then at their signal Mrs. Villareal, dressed in a florid, colorful dress, got up on the large table. The naked boy obediently mounted their fully clothed fellow Uruguayan and ejaculated into her as they sat and observed with poker faces. Civilized, formal, clothed adults monitoring that most animalistic act being performed in their midst. “Strange” was the only word for it.

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