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The Diplomacy of International Impregnations (or, “B - Barika -- ohhh...”)

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

This week’s sample from “The Sire Project” is a longer one, the story of the Project’s near-disaster in the “penetration” of South Sudan, a country in desperate need of the vaccine which Kai-Kai’s children will carry in their blood plasma. The situation was saved by Dr. Alkaras’s adroit diplomacy and the favorable impression the young Sire made when he was flown to the capital in Juba to demonstrate his “role”, the only time an impreg was done outside the environs of his home town of Semillas, California. At the interview session (his nudity hidden behind a screen) his serenely honest answers disarmed their rigid sensibilities as to modesty and chastity. Their concerns were further allayed when they witnessed his deference and gentleness at the “pilot” impreg (done behind a partition of course).

To accomplish its vital mission the Project has to make allowances for other traditions, no matter how objectionable they might seem to us Westerners. So when the first “regular” South Sudanese impreg was scheduled and four “sister-wives” unexpectedly arrived also, the five burka-clad women were treated with respect and courtesy. The sister-wives were allowed to witness the impreg, praying at the sides of the bed. Kai-Kai had been careful to memorize their culture’s “conception blessing”; when he gasped it out during his ejaculation (and pronounced it correctly), he won the South Sudanese over for good.

You can click on “Stories” above or go directly to the link:

Let me know what you think.

P.S. My next few posts will be about our long-suffering naked heroine, Tami Smithers.

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