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the “disabled” dream

They were very nice as they gathered around the seated naked girl, the teachers and the teacher’s aides.  This was a student always to be humored. Miss Tami Smithers, a perpetual student at the college, loved by all, pitied by all, delayed in graduation because of her .  .  . disability.

With sad smiles they presented the final exam to her as she tried to make it out through her blurred vision.  “Here is your grade, Tami,” a kindly matronly voice said.

It was the same as always.  A 60, five points below failing.  She would have to take this course over again, would have to stay at the college yet another semester.  She frowned and, as usual, could not force out a complete sentence.  “That’s .  .  .  ohhh .  .  .  God .  .  .  not ag -

gain .  .  .  not an - nother .  .  .  s - s - semesterrr .  .  .  Ohhh . . .” A few seconds later her face raised up and her teeth gritted as her hands reached out, hands that were held by supportive teachers and friends as she crested into yet another orgasm as if it were a seizure. Her toes curled around the wheels of her wheelchair, onto the seat of which were mounted hard, vibrating dildos that were always in residence deep in her pussy and her butthole, with a stiff knob pressing up into her clit, and the slender metal braces that came up from the arms to hold the bristly vibrating cups against her nipples.  One of the teachers said, “That’s her twenty-seventh orgasm of the day,” she heard a younger voice saying,

“Can't anything be done?” “I'm afraid not .  .  .”

  The wheelchair-bound girl continued spasming -- in her wheelchair, which she was required to be strapped into during all waking hours so long as she was a student here. Because of the constant stimulation poor Tami could not pay close attention in class, and no matter how hard she tried to concentrate she could make only incomplete answers on her final exam, her life being a constant series of orgasms, one after the other .  .  .  Tami Smithers, at age twenty-seven, who now had no choice but to start her tenth year at Campbell - Frank . . .

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