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the end of Brigid?

No, I don’t mean her goose-pimpled butt, exposed to the world except for the tiny strings of the V-backed thong.

A couple of people have told me that “Bravest: Brigid O’Dierna” seems like a farewell to the character. I suppose it is; she has always been one of the girls, a down-to-earth typical student with ordinary friendships, but she can’t be that after what happens to her in the second half of the story. I’ve always been careful not to push Brigid too far, and to stay away from actual sex, but this was probably too close to the line.

The truth is, I can’t think of any other scenarios for Brigid. It’s all about the uniform, and there are only so many situations where she would plausibly be wearing it. Only so many mishaps can occur during a football game, or a parade. Additionally I’ve had her wear it for an interview on local access TV, in the back yard while practicing, at a fundraising table outside a supermarket, and in-school during “uniform day”. I’m tapped out.

Suggestions are welcome of course. Also others are free to write about Brigid. Just respect the integrity of the character.

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I'm the odd one out here then, because this is the conclusion I'd always hoped for. I loved the sheer spectacle of the climax, and Brigid's reaction was unique among your characters, but to continue down this path would be well-trodden ground.

Moving forward I hope you can find more creative freedom from your less storied characters like Captain Towelewska, Alysoun, or even Dareen. Your ability to flesh out a scene, and project it into the reader's mind remains unsurpassed in this space. :)

May 25, 2022
Replying to


I beefed up that scene a little bit, in response to your comment.


Autumn W.
Autumn W.
May 20, 2022

I think the draw for Brigid was how she was just one of the girls. How normal she was and how normal her stories were. They didn't need to be escalated, they simply were.

I see Brigid as being way more tame than a lot of your content, and that could be monotonous or a bit boring to write after a while. Especially since the hijinks she gets into is usually pretty constrained in what is available.

That being said...the love for Brigid was often from the eyes of Rod. His love for her, the absurdity of the near complete nudity and her complete commitment to a uniform that has left her nearly 100% exposed.

The new uniform series was…

Autumn W.
Autumn W.
May 23, 2022
Replying to

Brigid's new uniform was ridiculous, but somehow innocent, and it was a hard line to walk.

I think it's Brigid's trust in authority and classmates that makes her pulling off the single thread uniform plausible. She just wants to wear something comfortable that works for what she loves doing, and this uniform is clearly the best option.

I do wish there was a way to have the new uniform story continue, but I understand the story is over.

If SliceReality or someone else has time to make Brigid art, I'd love to see it.


It's a sad day for us the readers. Brigid was one of the main draws to your site. I can only hope your muse will inspire you one day. Pity.

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