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the end of Brigid?

No, I don’t mean her goose-pimpled butt, exposed to the world except for the tiny strings of the V-backed thong.

A couple of people have told me that “Bravest: Brigid O’Dierna” seems like a farewell to the character. I suppose it is; she has always been one of the girls, a down-to-earth typical student with ordinary friendships, but she can’t be that after what happens to her in the second half of the story. I’ve always been careful not to push Brigid too far, and to stay away from actual sex, but this was probably too close to the line.

The truth is, I can’t think of any other scenarios for Brigid. It’s all about the uniform, and there are only so many situations where she would plausibly be wearing it. Only so many mishaps can occur during a football game, or a parade. Additionally I’ve had her wear it for an interview on local access TV, in the back yard while practicing, at a fundraising table outside a supermarket, and in-school during “uniform day”. I’m tapped out.

Suggestions are welcome of course. Also others are free to write about Brigid. Just respect the integrity of the character.

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