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the sales pitch

“Oh!” Tami’s eyes widened in horror. It was white and plastic and huge. Maybe the size of a big, big cucumber. It had hundreds of little holes all over it. One end was rounded and at the wider end it was cut off with a little plug of some kind sticking out. It could only be . . . a dildo? Tami had never used one, of course, but she had seen pictures of one in a magazine once . . .

As Tami sat there openmouthed, her widened eyes showing increasing fear, McMasters pointed to it and said, “This object, there’s no other word for it except ‘dildo’ I’m afraid, will be pistoned in and out in a regular rhythm.”

“P - pistoned?!”

“I’m sorry, that is maybe too strong a term. Intercourse will be simulated, like a penis going in and out.” McMasters went on coolly describing this monstrosity, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the naked teenager was plainly terrified. Pointing with his fingers, he said, “The contours are designed to provide maximum massage to the internal muscles. Note the holes, which serve two purposes. They increase the stimulation to the areas of entry, and act as a conduit for lubrication which is forced through this hydraulic system” -- here he pointed to the plug -- “so that, I suppose I should call it thrusting, can comfortably continue, long after natural lubrication has been exhausted. The lubricant, by the way, is formulated to soothe any chafed areas, either internal or external, though chafing is not expected to occur.”

Tami’s eyes filled with tears. “No, no,” she said. In the back of her mind she realized that she was totally giving in to her feelings and was obviously betraying a sense of modesty. This guy had said, in so many words, that he was a spy for the Dean. But he wasn’t taking note of her hesitation. This was either welcome, or very, very scary.

McMasters held out the big dildo to Tami. “Why don’t you feel what this is like, Miss Smithers. Go ahead.”

“N - no.” She just wanted him to put it away and out of sight. This was like a bad dream.

“It really is best if you hold it, Miss Smithers. We don’t want to in any way surprise or deceive you. It is very important that you are acquainted with all the devices and equipment involved. It will make everything go much more smoothly, believe me.” He held the big dildo out to Tami again.

It was clear that he would keep holding it right in Tami’s face until she at least took it for a second or two. She reached up with a trembling hand and as it was passed to her it fell right to the table so that she had to pick it up again. This thing was really heavy, like a piece of lead. As she turned it over in her hands, feeling the many holes, picturing how it would feel going in and out of her, how the holes would run past her clit, Tami squinted in dread. This thing is going to tear up my pussy, she told herself.

She cleared her throat and said, “Is this -- thing -- safe?”

“It’s perfectly safe, Miss Smithers. You will suffer no ill effects. Quite the opposite.”

Tami turned it over and over again. Was Rod’s dick this big? Probably not. Rod’s dick certainly wasn’t as heavy as this thing. Tami closed her eyes and put her head down for a second and said, “Oh God . . .” She then covered her eyes with one hand. How was she going to survive this?

She exhaled and glanced quickly up at McMasters, with a quick flick of the eyes to the two men at his sides. She held the dildo out with one hand to give it back. “M - Mr. McMasters, I -- I don’t think this -- this will fit into my -- my vagina.”

McMasters looked at Tami and then looked with a stone face at each of his assistants. Then he said,

“Miss Smithers, this item is not designed for your vagina.”

The naked girl looked up at McMasters for a second in confusion. Suddenly her eyes darted down to the heavy dildo and she recoiled and dropped it onto the table, where it landed again with a loud clank. As she lurched rearward she felt the cold of her metal chair against her bare back. She watched the heavy dildo rolling along the table back toward her. Her buttocks clenched.

“This dildo is designed to penetrate your anal sphincter into your rectum, Miss Smithers.”

“No!” she said with a quivering voice. “I can’t! It’s -- it’s impossible!”

McMasters turned again to his colleagues and, for once, allowed himself a little smile. “It’s very possible, Miss Smithers. In the last couple of months you have been starting to have regular anal intercourse and your rectal passage should be readily able to accept this item.”

Tami’s eyes flashed. “What?”

“You’re wondering how we know? We deduced it from Dr. Harridance’s progress reports. You recall the anal monitor from those experiments?” Tami squirmed in her chair as she remembered it all too well. “If memory serves, it had two bulbs of one inch in diameter. At the early sessions it was hard to insert, but the notes show that starting about two months ago it suddenly became very easy to insert and there was no longer any sign that you found it uncomfortable. The inference is inescapable that you began to have regular anal intercourse around that time. Am I correct?”

Tami’s face burned. Anal sex with Rod, their little secret. . . Even the secret things in her life were exposed and known to others. She had to clear her throat so that her voice would not crack, but in a tiny voice she admitted, “Yes, you’re -- correct.”

She sighed with relief as McMasters put the anal dildo away. Then gasped again as he came back with another dildo that was even scarier.

“This is designed to be pistoned, I mean thrust, into your vagina,” he said, fondling it. This dildo was tan colored and like the other one, had holes all over it. But it was clearly shaped like a penis, complete with a head and a shaft. It was just as big as the other one. And it had a series of bumps along the whole length of the top, about a quarter of an inch high, running along in a spine. It reminded the teenaged girl of the ridges on the back of Godzilla.

Once again McMasters ignored the girl’s reaction as he continued to dryly explain his invention. “Note the holes, once again for lubricant. The sculpted imitation of a penis is more for psychological effect than anything else. Miss Smithers, I think you will especially enjoy this extra feature, these protrusions will provide constant stimulation to your clitoris as the shaft thrusts in and thrusts out. See how they are designed to retract once they pass the entry into your vagina.” He rubbed along the top of the spine and Tami could see that his finger pushed the bumps down but then they sprang up again after his finger passed. “Once inside, they re-emerge so as to massage your G-spot. The effect is constant, gentle stimulation to your most sensitive and pleasurable areas.” He sounded, oddly, like he was trying to sell this thing to her. “We expect the effect to be almost immediate.”

Tami looked at this dildo with another squinted, intimidated gaze. Under the table her legs automatically drew together until they squeezed against each other as if nothing could separate them.

“I can’t, I just can’t,” she said, almost robotically, shaking her head, knowing and perhaps hoping that her protests were falling on deaf ears.

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