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the sex object

       Tami looked at her new roommate guardedly.  “What?”


        “You’re the Unintentional Nudist.  You don’t want to be naked, but you’re trapped into it.”  Mandy’s bright red lips were pursed into a tight, self-satisfied smile.


        Tami looked down.  She just could not look her in the eye.  What else did this new girl know?  “I -- I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


        Mandy leaned to one side, and put her crossed feet up on the side of the desk.  She wore Army boots over black tights.  “After I got assigned this room I was called in by the Dean.  It was hard to understand him through his bureaucrat doubletalk, but basically he told me to watch you.  He doesn’t really think you’re a nudist.  And .  .  .  I had a talk with Wanda before she left.  She told me all about the streaking episode.  So.  Surprise, surprise, they bought your religion story.  And now you’re stuck with it.”  Mandy giggled.  “What a pickle you are in!”


        Tami was still looking down.  Her eyes flicked to her nipples, which were half-erect.  She dearly longed to cross her arms to hide her breasts but realized it would probably be a bad idea.  She shook her head.  “You’ve got it all wrong.”

        “I think I have it exactly right.  Tell me the truth if it’s different.”


        The fact that this girl was so know-it-all irritating just made it worse.  Tami’s eyes flicked up quickly in fear, then darted down again.


        “So, Miss Tami Smithers,” Mandy said, looking at her feet and wagging them back and forth, “you really want to be naked all the time?  Don’t you wish you had clothes?  Or shoes?  In this frozen tundra we’re stuck in?  Look at my feet.  Go ahead, look at them.”


        Tami nervously looked at Mandy’s feet.


        “These boots are SO warm.  And the tights are so silky and feel SO good.  Especially on cold, cold, bitter, windy winter nights like tonight.  Don’t you wish you could wear these, instead of going through the freezing snow and ice with your bare feet?”


        Tami’s throat went dry with bitter longing.  She cleared her throat to head off a cough.  Under the desk, her own bare feet, suddenly feeling very cold, curled up, one foot covering the toes of the other.


        “No answer, eh?  Well I suppose you like to freeze.”  Mandy put her feet down.  “I’m supposed to watch you.  If you put on the merest scrap of clothing, even a glove, even a pair of flip-flops, even the itty bittiest thong panty .  .  .  or if you even try to use your hands to cover those cute tits or that bushy, yummy pussy, I’m going right to the Dean.  And you will be expelled.”


        Tami, still looking down, felt about to cry with frustration.  A spy in her own room! She cleared her throat again and said, “You’re not a nice person.”


        Mandy laughed, causing Tami to look up with a start.


        “No, I’m a good person,” she said.  “I want only the best for you, Tami.  Face it.  Having all your clothes taken away was the best thing that could have happened to you.  I was talking to Jen and some of my other friends around here and I heard an amazing story.  These folks really think you’re a committed nudist.  And they tell me you’re the most popular girl on campus.  Everybody loves you.  And you’ve got this hot thing going with Rod Sykes.  Tell me, is it true what they say about black men?”


        Tami couldn’t help but smile, thinking of her passionate quickie with Rod a couple of hours ago downstairs.  She knew what Mandy was referring to.  Being so in love with Rod, his dick seemed to her like it was the biggest in the world.


        “Ah-ha,” Mandy said, noticing the smile.  “I suppose it is true then.”  She got a half-finished bottle of iced tea from her dresser, then sat in the lower bunk and started sipping it.  “You’re a math major.  I bet in high school you were a nerd.  Suddenly now you’re popular, admired even, and with a hot relationship.  Face it, you’re lucky.  By watching you I’ll make sure you stay lucky.”  Another sip.  “I’m not a sadist like Wanda.  Actually I like you a lot.”


        Tami’s face burned with a red blush.  She knew that Mandy was, at least partly, correct.  There were so many good things in her life now, that she owed to being naked all the time.  But she just couldn’t admit the truth to this girl.  It might be a trick.  One wrong word and Mandy might go straight to the Dean.


        Tami Smithers steeled herself and got up from behind her desk.  She went over to stand up straight and tall in front of her new roommate, forcing herself to keep her arms at her sides, shoulders back, breasts sticking out, legs slightly separated, as if to prove that she had no desire to hide any part of herself.  She looked down at Mandy and said, “I am a nudist.  I really, truly don’t believe in wearing clothes.”


        Tami’s pussy hair, still a little damp and smelling freshly of shampoo, was level with Mandy’s eyes and no more than two feet away.  Mandy looked at it with undisguised lust, slowly inhaled the fragrance; then took a sip from her iced tea as her gaze slowly moved to Tami’s breasts, the nipples still stubbornly half-erect; then stared up into the naked girl’s solemn, brave face.  Mandy smiled a bright red smile.  “You are VERY hot,” she said, then she stood up and hugged her new naked roommate.  When Tami did not return the hug, Mandy sighed and shrugged and went back to the desk.  Looking back at Tami, she said, “You can stop displaying yourself now.  Don’t you have any sense of modesty?” Then she giggled and sat down.


        Tami’s nostrils flared.  Now she was pissed.  And couldn’t do anything about it.  She went to be her bed and pulled out a math text.


        Concentrating on math was impossible, so it seemed a relief when a couple of minutes later Jen returned.  Her footsteps were so smooth coming down the hall that the two roommates didn’t hear her until she actually opened the door.


        “Tami, you study way too much,” she said in a voice which was even softer and more velvety than usual.  “Classes didn’t even start yet!” She took off her coat and hung it up.  “And it’s ten o’clock.  Time to rest up for the first day of class.  Time to get relaxed.”


        Tami looked up at Jen and saw to her chagrin that Jen had “that look” on her face, the look she always had just before she dove in to lick Tami’s pussy.  No! Not in front of Mandy! But of course, could she say that?  Dare she object?


        With a quick smile to Mandy, Jen knelt in front of Tami and stroked her naked friend’s knees.  Jen looked up at Tami with warmth and affection and also with a racy cocked eyebrow.  Tami knew at once that Jen had told Mandy of her daily licking session.  And Jen was going to start one right now.


        Tami froze up.  To be licked, to be brought to orgasm, in front of this new girl, this irritating know-it-all who had just pissed her off, was a new low in humiliation.  Of course, Jen didn’t realize that.  Jen probably thought she was just being nice to Tami by bestowing another orgasm on her.  But Mandy knew the truth.  Mandy knew how humiliating this would be for Tami.


        Tami almost cried.  She knew there was nothing she could do.  She limply lay on her back as Jen put the math book aside and spread Tami’s legs.  The naked girl closed her eyes as Jen started like she always did, by laying her tongue flat against the outside of Tami’s pussy lips and then licking with long, full length flat strokes up and down.  Tami wished she could will her body not to respond, but through long experience she knew that was hopeless.  Jen was just too skilled.


        As Mandy watched raptly from her desk, Jen buried her face deeper into Tami’s pussy, tonguing in between the pussy lips, as Tami kept her eyes closed and her face blushed crimson with utter shame.  The naked girl’s body twitched as Jen executed the first tongue flick to her clit.  It was always the same, with a result that was quick and inevitable.  Somewhere in the back of Tami’s mind she watched helplessly in desolation as once again her whole pelvic area got heavy with arousal and her body was dragged toward the waterfall.


        After just a couple of minutes Tami whimpered and then her whole body stiffened, quivered, and then her hips shot up against Jen’s head, as Jen wrapped her arms around Tami’s thighs with an iron grip.  Jen’s tongue flicked just behind each spasm as Tami’s body lurched again and again.  As Tami’s mind tried to deal with the intense pleasure and the shame, she heard the slurps as Mandy, spectating as if at a basketball game, finished off the last of her iced tea.


        Jen came up for air, her face wet with Tami’s secretions, and turned to smile at Mandy, moving her head away so that the new girl could see Tami’s wide-opened, fiery, moist pussy.  Between gasps, Jen said, “Mandy, Tami is a real super woman come to life.  I can lick her and then Rod fucks her, and then I lick her and then Rod fucks her, her capacity is endless.”  Mandy smiled back broadly.


        Tami started sobbing, covering her eyes with her hand.  This was horrible.  Right in my own dorm room.  And this girl who’s watched me brought to orgasm, I’m going to have to live with her for a whole semester!


        “She always cries after she comes, or at least a lot of times she does,” Jen explained to Mandy as Mandy nodded and said, “Hm - mm.  .  .  .”


        Jen lay her head on Tami’s thigh, stroking the wet hairs around the naked girl’s tumescent pussy lips, and said, “I love you, Tami.”


        Tami, her sobbing dying down, cradled Jen’s head in her hand.  This wasn’t Jen’s fault.  Jen really did love Tami and didn’t know what any better.  Tami looked up briefly at the ceiling and, once again, found herself thinking words like Jesus’s.  “Forgive Jen, she knows not what she does.”  Then she shut her eyes.  I’m being blasphemous again.


        Then, to Tami’s consternation, Jen lifted her head and said, “Tam, get up doggy style.  I want to try something.”


        With a quick eye-flick to Mandy, Tami knew she had no choice but to do as Jen said without hesitation.  It would mean showing her butthole to Mandy, but there was no reason for someone without modesty to object.  At least she would be turned around and wouldn’t be looking her new roommate in the face.


        Tami dutifully got up and crouched on all fours, the soles of her feet sticking out over the edge of the bed.  She put her head down against the wall.


        Jen stretched apart Tami’s butt cheeks with her delicate hands and said, “Look at this beautiful butthole.”  The mortified naked girl, facing the wall, did not want to think about how Mandy was reacting.  As it was, Mandy raised her eyebrows attentively and nodded appraisingly.


        “Come on, look, she keeps it perfectly clean, inside and out,” Jen said, stretching Tami’s butthole this way and that.  Tami heard a chair shifting against the floor.  She knew Mandy was squatting right in front of her butthole, looking at it as Jen stretched her butt cheeks apart to show it to its best advantage.


        “That’s pretty interesting, that ring of brown skin,” Mandy said.  Tami could feel the new girl’s breath on her supersensitive sphincter skin and shut her eyes in an attempt to stop the tears of shame.  God, when will this end?  I wish I could die right now!!


        And Tami was struck by an odd feeling.  Jen loved her, and was proud of her, showing off every inch of her naked body to her friend Mandy.  But at the moment she was also kind of treating her like a piece of meat.




        Evidently a delicious piece of meat.  Jen had just stuck her tongue right into Tami’s butthole!


        “Akkk! Jen!!” Tami grimaced (though no one could see it) and squirmed.  The wet, soft tongue in her butt was the ickiest thing she had ever felt.  Ewww! How could Jen do such a thing!!


        Tami was about to tell Jen to stop when she thought of Mandy watching.  Mandy, the Dean’s spy.  It was like at Dr. Congi’s sexual awareness workshop, when she saw that look on Mr. Ross’s face when Dr. Congi told her to spread her legs.  The raised eyebrow.  The “Let’s see what she does now” look.  Though she couldn’t see Mandy’s face, she could feel that same look on her now.  Tami just couldn’t risk it.  She would have to withhold any objections and endure this new indignity without hesitation.


        She squirmed and squirmed, her face twisted into an expression of extreme distaste, as Jen’s pointy tongue noodled around her butthole and then stuck right into it.  Yuck! Oddly, in a perverted way it was turning her on, a little, though mostly she felt just revulsion.


        Then Jen quickly spun around and, facing upward, stuck her head between Tami’s legs and kissed and licked her pussy again.  Jen’s little finger found Tami’s butthole and then probed and then went in, causing a sharp gasp from the naked girl.


        Tami had felt a finger in her butt before, in the privacy of her own bedroom back home during Christmas break, when she had experimented in the mirror after doing her stretching exercises.  Jen was very gentle and her pinky didn’t really hurt.  But to have such a private act done by someone else, and in front of a new person, made it doubly, triply, shaming.


        Jen started her familiar technique on Tami’s pussy again and, with Jen’s finger in her butt, penetrating her to the core, Tami was even more helpless to prevent orgasm than the first time.  She gasped and quivered and when the second orgasm came she bucked back and forth on all fours, like a wild horse trying to throw off a rider.  After it was over she slumped and Jen’s head escaped from between her legs.


        Tami lay on her stomach, sweating, her slim back heaving as she caught her breath.  Jen got up and straightened herself out, then got her toothpaste and things and, after kissing Tami gently on one butt cheek, glided out of the room.


        Tami felt violated.  There was no other way to put it.  She felt used.  This was different from simple humiliation.  Then, as she had dreaded, Mandy came over and turned her body over.  Tami knew she had to do something, no matter what the cost.  She just couldn’t endure this.  It was like in high school when her date grabbed her breast in the movie theater.  She would set limits now the same way now as she did then.  She knew the risk she was taking.  But when Mandy grabbed a breast and began to suck a nipple, and at the same time put her finger into Tami’s pussy, the naked girl in no uncertain terms grabbed Mandy’s hands and removed them from her person and said,


        “No.  Don’t.”

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