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the strength of Alturas girls

It was quiet and late, about 10 o’clock on a cold mountain Friday night. Corey looked out the window at the little table out there under the light. Olga, naked in the frigid air, was chatting in Russian with Tereshkova, both of them smoking those filterless Russian cigarettes, the professor bundled up, clouds coming from their mouths. Of all the BSC females Olga was the one who tried the most to approach what Tereshkova called “the limit”. Of course, as she often said, she never would go naked in winter in her native Siberia, but at Alturas her exposures to cold were downright ostentatious, as if to shock people. Now she threw the cigarette butt down and crushed it with her foot, not a painful act for a BSC female, especially at Alturas. The soles of Alturas girls were rock hard. You didn’t want to get kicked by one.

Olga disappeared from view and now she returned with an icicle in her hand, maybe a foot long and an inch thick. Corey knew what was coming and prepared to cringe. Olga got up on all fours on the table, then reached back and spread her butt cheeks. She did her open anus trick. The professor, cigarette still in her mouth, carefully guided the blunt end of the icicle into the little hole, then slowly pushed in, maybe five or six inches, then held it there. Olga put her head down on the ice-covered table as if praying -- which would have been quite out of character for her -- and then she began rapid deep breathing as if trying to hyperventilate. Corey, one of the males who had taken the cryokinesthetics course as an elective, knew what they were doing. Introducing ice into the rectum, the body’s warmest region, was an efficient way of lowering the internal temperature, which prompted the body to fight back by increasing metabolism, ultimately making the body stronger and more resistant. He knew Tereshkova would carefully hold the icicle in Olga’s rectum as it quickly melted to a thin point, then slowly take it out, then Olga would rush inside to take a warm bath.

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