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therapy for spoiled rich kids

        According to Dr. Min, the Dean here, the new therapy is succeeding, in spite of its experimental character. Further, faculty and students have all taken well to the Maik-ling involved.  Mey-yin, small and self-effacing as she is, would scarcely be noticed in these halls but for her nudity and the care students now take to avoid possibly stepping on her bare toes.

        This school serves the prominent and well-to-do who, as most of them grudgingly admit, tend to produce spoiled offspring.  Discipline has been a chronic problem here, despite the high academic reputation, and it is the students worst in this regard who have been required to attend this summer term.  It has become clear that getting into the minds of these young people is the only solution: they have to be taught to give rather than take, and to pay attention (and careful attention at that) to someone besides themselves.  There was some opposition to therapy being compulsory for all 90 summer students but the marked improvement in behavior has quieted any misgivings.  As the term goes on the students are acting more and more like responsible adults and the tone of the entire campus has changed.


        The therapy in question is done in group sessions, typically six students, a mix of boys and girls.  The physiological responses of each Maik-ling have been carefully recorded and studied in the laboratory, of course, though instead of the scholarly articles we are familiar with, the handbook the students are given beforehand contains only a watered-down version.  Every two weeks there is a new handbook specific to the new Maik-ling.  I was allowed to attend one such session, conducted by Dr. Shin.  She led them into her office in the middle of which was an exam table.  Mey-yin, whose title is “Therapy Assistant”, was sitting on it demurely, legs crossed, bare feet hanging down.


        Dr. Shin led the initial questioning.  “Which of my assistant’s nipples is a more direct route to orgasm?  Qing?” [names have been changed to preserve confidentiality]

        “Uh . . . the left?”

        “Correct. . . And which structures on my assistant are unusually large?  Ko?”

        “The . . . clitoris and . . . the cervix?”


        “Correct. . . You are doing well today. . . Miq, can you point out the proper direction of the tongue to elicit anal orgasm?  Remember, this is different than it was for my last assistant.”


        It was up to the boy to position the Maik-ling.  “Please get up on all fours, and display your anus.”  The naked girl got up on the table and did as she was told.  Miq, a little tentatively, then said, “Spread your buttocks.”


        “Mr. Jang!!  You should always say ‘please’!”


        “Sorry . . . um, please spread your buttocks?”


       Mey-yin placed her forehead down on the crinkly paper and brought her hands back to spread as told.  The room suddenly smelled of strawberry, the flavor of this morning’s enema.  Miq pointed his finger at a place below the pink little asterisk, then swept up at a 45-degree angle.  He accidentally flicked the tender flesh and the naked girl suppressed a flinch.


        “Yes, very good!”  Dr. Shin was apparently surprised at how well her patients had studied.


        The questioning went on for about ten more minutes, during which time Mey-yin’s body was turned and spread and stretched as needed to demonstrate various parts of her anatomy and how they were to be attended to.  Her nudity contrasted with Dr. Shin’s business suit and the full coverage school uniforms of the students.


        The first “hands-on” therapy was done on Miq, who was instructed to bring Mey-yin to orgasm anally.  He stood next to the table as she turned around for him.  Gently spreading her buttocks, he laved her anus with his tongue, then massaged her buttocks, then gently penetrated into her rectum.  A girl and a boy stood to the other side of the table to watch the naked girl’s facial reactions.  Apparently no other part of her was to be touched.  Miq hummed, sending vibrations into the girl’s sphincter, then apparently made a trilling-r sound, then a “v” sound with his teeth pressed against his lips, seeming to play her entire body like an instrument.  His tonguing became more vigorous.  Mey-yin, moaning, put her head down onto her crossed arms so as to make herself more accessible.  Orgasm arrived about two minutes later.


        Dr. Shin made a note.  Each student’s “performance” was being graded.  Ji was then instructed to manipulate and then tongue Mey-yin’s clitoris.  I took this to be an easier assignment.  My guess is that Dr. Shin gives each student what he/she can handle and has them advance from there.  Mey-yin lay on her back and spread her legs.  Qing and Ko grasped her feet to each side, intertwining their fingers with the naked girl’s toes.  This orgasm took about one minute to achieve.


        The session went on like this for a while, singly and in combinations of two or three bringing Mey-yin to orgasm cooperatively.  Not only does this therapy teach selflessness, it teaches teamwork.  In the process Mey-yin’s body was spread and twisted and contorted in new ways.  Dr. Shin explained to me later that grading was on four “axes”: time to orgasm, intensity (Maik-lings are instructed to either moan, cry out or scream accordingly), number of contractions, and post-orgasmic response.  I am told that a Maik-ling having an especially intense orgasm will shed tears immediately afterward which is a bonus point.


        Finally Dr. Shin said, “Now the full team effort.  Elicit from my assistant six sequential orgasms, one each from the station I will assign you.”  The stations turned out to be left nipple, right nipple, clitoris, right and left labia, and anus.  The room was humid by now with Mey-yin’s secretions and it was apparent that Miq, Rij and San, the three boys, found themselves with stiff penises.  I assume Dr. Shin’s three female patients had stiff nipples, hidden under their blouses and bras.  What I saw then was like a symphony, or maybe a concerto, all six working on Mey-yin’s body, and when an orgasm approached the others drew back while one student “played” the body part assigned, like musicians standing up to do their solos.  Sequential orgasms (in which there is only a slight valley between climaxes) are well suited to these group sessions.  Very few women can achieve them, but it is a faculty all the Maik-lings possess.

        The session lasted 45 minutes after which the students and Dr. Shin left the room, leaving Mey-yin lying on the table to recuperate. There are three sessions a day at which Mey-yin assists.  (Dr. Shin does three others which are just straight talking therapy.)  I have been told that sessions such as this are not only held in Dr. Shin’s office but outdoors on the quad, weather permitting.  There is talk of getting parental consent (these students are not yet 21) for a public demonstration in the auditorium at the Qinghai University School of Psychology.

        Interestingly, confidentiality is not enforced when the students talk among themselves.  I found this out when I ate with Mey-yin in the cafeteria.  She was, as usual, silent over her sparse salad, so we could easily overhear the students in the next table talk about the way they had brought her to orgasm that morning, or yesterday; the techniques they had used; how the naked girl’s face reflected her responses; ideas on how her orgasms could be extended; and so on.  I even heard a girl imitate Mey-yin’s cries at climax, followed by another girl imitating a stronger one.  To my surprise there was no boasting.  These students had been profoundly changed and were, if anything, expressing wonderment.

        I understand Maik-lings are expected to “give” forty orgasms per day, if their assignment makes it possible.  They usually employ an apparatus, but Mey-yin has no need for one, since she meets that quota in her work as a therapist assistant.  The same is true of the Maik-lings who preceded her, and will be true of her replacements.

Evaluation: Once the summer ends the continuing use of Maik-lings as therapy assistants should be looked into.  This is a modality that should be more widely used, without impinging on the importance of their other tasks.

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