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“Throaters” v. “Plungers”

Angela supposed she should be admiring the virtuosity of these two girls. “Throaters” and “Plungers” each had an online page on which they discussed the most effective techniques in bringing the Sire to orgasm. Angela had somehow gotten “friended” but didn’t mind it because the material that came her way was pretty amusing. Kai-Kai could not reach orgasm from prostate stimulation alone, which one might think relegated Plungers to second-class status, playing second fiddle so to speak to the Throaters. Perhaps to compensate, Plungers tended to look down on Throaters. Their view was that the orgasm started in the prostate, and they were the midwives, the “mothers” of the Sire’s load. Something along the lines of “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” . . . Yes, “the Throaters” can make the Sire come, but “we” control the quality of the orgasm, the length and the intensity, the force of the contractions! It was not really true but that was the attitude. Angela almost laughed when she read some of their posts. Yet there was an underlying good humor; the Plungers considered themselves united with the Throaters in a good cause, increasing the Sire’s orgasmic capacity for the six days of the week he spent impregnating women, which everyone knew would help save millions of lives. M.K.C.C. ("Make Kai-Kai Cum & Cum!")

Throaters had been rigorously schooled by Mrs. Kimura, who had posted a 5000-word manual, thick not only with details of penis and throat anatomy but also helpings of Shinto philosophy. Plungers, less well organized, had the more interesting page. Mrs. Daverson was their nominal leader but she did not impose dogma. There had been debates on the best technique, but they had settled on wrapping the tongue around the prostate as opposed to poking at it, though poking could be used as a change of pace, particulary as orgasm approached. Alternations between clockwise and counter-clockwise licking were best. Amusingly, the freshman girls practiced on cherry tomatoes, which approximated the accessible part of the Sire’s prostate in size and sponginess. Angela had even seen girls in the dining hall picking tomatoes up from their salads and casually rolling their tongues around them during conversation, sometimes with Kai-Kai sitting right there, not as a joke but as idle twiddling, unrelated to what they were talking about, though everyone knew what it was they were practicing.

The Drainers themselves were an object of study, though this was a topic that the Local Affairs Committee decided would be outside the purview of the Project. Here in front of Mount Shasta Linda’s multicolored Afro extensions flew around her shoulders as her head bobbed forward and back. Susie’s blond hair, in a pony tail, swung back and forth with the motions of her head. Angela was not the only one to notice that “Plungers” tended to be white and blond-haired, and also tall and thin, looking like stereotypical American models. Mrs. Daverson herself was like that. Another one was Ms. Dewyea, the Schreibers’ neighbor, who really did used to be a model, and a rather famous one at that. Whereas Throaters tended to be nonwhite, and disproportionately Asian, like Mrs. Kimura. The Psychology Department was conducting a study on the two preferences, as well as comparing the ethnic, body type and racial distribution of “drainers” with the general demographics of the Semillas area. Kai-Kai’s mind was off-limits — his mother made sure that he had his own private space, no explorative therapy was done on him — but the women who liked to drain the Sire were fair game. Angela was aware of the many interviews, the long questionnaires, and of course the women gladly participated. There was even a procreator, a psychologist from Texas, who gave a lecture on the subject at the Guest House. As of yet no firm conclusions could be drawn from the amassed data. “Drainer Psychology” was a complicated subject.

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