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unlucky boy

They watched Kai-Kai’s fifth surging load of the morning. Due to his higher position the hose was in a straight line and as a result six ropes of semen, unimpeded, shot directly down into the collection tube and hit the slide at the stopcock. The six impacts rang out throughout the lab. This load was thinner than the first four, looking like coconut milk. Due to the rectal dildo, it contained more prostate fluid. “9 cc’s,” Nurse Lopez announced after she had taken the slide out and placed it in the microscope. The white stuff at the bottom of the collection tube now read at 48 cc’s.

Angela reflected once again on how Kai-Kai’s life was so different than that of a typical teenage boy. The constant nudity was the most important difference of course. But also the frequency and purpose of ejaculation. Kai-Kai’s role in life was to ejaculate into thousands of women, produce all those children whose blood would carry the antibody for the vaccine. Instead of “the Sire”, he could be called “the Ejaculator”. It’s what he did. His role in life was to ejaculate. The typical teenage boy masturbated maybe every day, or at most twice a day. But on an average day Kai-Kai “shot” seven “loads”, into seven different women. He ejaculated more often than he ate, supplying 50 or so loads each week, into vaginas, collection tubes in Lab 6, or down the throats of women.

As Ms. Canworthy put it to her once, “For Kai-Kai, ejaculation is almost as casual as urination.” Which raised another question —to what extent did Kai-Kai feel pleasure? He experienced at least seven orgasms a day, each one powerful, at least they seemed so, and longer than average. The endorphins constantly in his blood no doubt contributed to his serene demeanor. One might think that he enjoyed immense sexual pleasure. But for him, orgasms were not something he sought, an option. Having orgasms was his duty. He had no choice. That had to change the nature of his “pleasure”, at least a little bit, and maybe a great deal.

A good many of his ejaculations — his impregs — were in front of people. After women were admitted into the Project (i.e., became “P-1’s”), they were asked if they would consent to their impregs being witnessed or recorded. About 10 percent said yes. Of course the Project trusted Kai-Kai to be gentle and effective, but it was just a good idea to look in now and then to see how his impregs were going. The best sexual position (though for various reasons nothing had yet beat “missionary”), the best angle of insertion, the best “stroke”, the best technique to bring the woman to orgasm, the best ambient temperature, the best surface to lie on, allowance for cultural differences — it was assumed that despite the boy’s earnest effort and increasing expertise there would always be room for improvement.

Actual recording of an impreg was unusual, but Project personnel were often assigned to witness. Typically it was a committee member, usually from the Effectuation Committee (the moment when Kai-Kai ejaculated into a woman was called the “moment of effectuation”). Sometimes the impregs were witnessed by the medical team. Angela had seen perhaps twenty of them. Aside from this impregs were often witnessed informally, by Kai-Kai’s friends. Impregs would take place with consenting women sometimes in a student lounge, or an open, unused classroom, or outdoors, if he was sure no one would be offended. Angela had walked in on an impreg in the lounge at Rockley Hall once. It was jarring, seeing students sauntering around, sitting on the couches and chatting, working the vending machines, while their naked friend was “spearing” (to use the current slang) a well-dressed 35-year-old woman on the couch next to the window, with some friends looking on with only casual curiosity, sipping their sodas.

There was also no getting around the fact that it was inconvenient for some impregs to be done in private. The I-2 was right after breakfast, and the most natural place for it was the Schreibers’ living room. The same was true of the I-6, scheduled for after dinner. Ms. Canworthy, who had the complicated task of scheduling, assigned consenting women to these slots when possible. A cushioned table in the corner of the living room, similar to a chiropractor’s table and adjusted for Kai-Kai’s height, had been set up so that the woman could easily lie back and spread her legs to receive him.

At the impregs Angela witnessed, she was impressed by Kai-Kai’s gentleness and care not to hurt the woman with his well-meaning but outsized penis. Each had specified her “pitch” — the depth that Kai-Kai was allowed to insert, which almost always was nowhere near his entire 9.1 inches. During the planning stages of the Project, when it became clear that the enormity of the Sire’s penis had to be taken into account, the construction of “spacers” was considered, each of a different size, that could be slipped onto the root of the Sire’s penis so that he physically could not go in too far. For a woman with a 4-inch pitch, for example, Kai-Kai would slide on a 5.1-inch spacer. But such an awkward contrivance turned out to be unnecessary. Kai-Kai had seen his penis stimulated and measured innumerable times in the lab and knew each fractional inch of his length. He could tell exactly how much of his penis was “inside”, not only by sight but by sensation, which was handy when the woman had bushy pubic hair such that he couldn’t see the point of insertion.

But of course, there was no escaping his girth. It was preferable that the woman reach orgasm, because her contractions drew the semen up into the uterus, and most did. But at least in the impregs Angela had seen, it was a perilous ride despite the Sire’s almost timid caution. The women had been encouraged to prepare for the considerable displacement caused by the boy’s penis by keeping a large “retainer” dildo inside them for a couple of hours before the impreg. But still they tended to be apprehensive. The various vocalizations during intercourse — typically “zhhh — zhhh!” or a strangled “eeeee!” — the quick shallow inhales, the fearful gasps — betrayed strange thrills as the women were stretched in places they had not been previously, but also fear that one slight jab the wrong way would cause excruciating pain. Poking an ovary was supposed to be as painful as compressing a testicle (though of course no one really knew). But due to Kai-Kai’s excellent control of his pushing and pulling, that never happened. Sex with Kai-Kai was like nothing the women had experienced before. As one told Angela afterwards, intercourse with her husband was like rapid-fire jabbing with a pickle; sex with this boy was like a huge log being eased in and out.

And then just before ejaculation, when the Sire gave his famous polite, low moan announcing that impregnation was about to happen, and his penis got even larger and much harder — most of the women shut their eyes in what had to be a moment of discomfort. Afterwards they had to catch their breath, lying on their backs after he withdrew, their vaginas still gaping open and excess semen oozing out. Angela had heard (out of earshot of the sensitive boy, of course) that logistically it would have been much easier had the Sire possessed a penis of average size, or even better, smaller than average. But the boy being so hugely endowed allayed the Project’s concern that marriages would be destabilized from a desire to “go back for more”. Having been wedged open once by that phallus, gentle and well-meaning but gigantic, none of these women would desire a repeat.

Angela’s mind went back to the here and now as she observed the faces of the others, looking down at the Sire’s long, thick penis in the tube, as the last of the boy’s spasms wrung a final drop or two from the meatus. For once, Kai-Kai himself was looking down at it. His penis ejaculating was a cause for celebration, indeed. Yet he himself didn’t look at his penis often. Obviously he had no shame about it, or about being made to ejaculate in front of what must be by now thousands of closely watching faces, people he knew and people he never met before. Angela smirked as she thought of how men tended to be obsessed with their penises. Not Kai-Kai. Of course, most men wished their penises were bigger. Not something Kai-Kai had to worry about!

Quite the opposite, in fact. She thought again of all those grown women, straining to accept the Sire’s phallus inside them. Someday (far in the future, after they got married in that fundamentalist church, maybe) Marikit and Kai-Kai might attempt intercourse. How could that possibly happen? He was far too large for her. If a 40-year-old mother of two, who had had intercourse maybe thousands of times with her husband and maybe other men in the past, could barely accept that penis, how could a virginal young woman with a small, thin body? Lately Angela had been thinking of Kai-Kai as being unfortunate in life, despite all the love he received from the community. Having to be naked, a penis that was so huge that it was more a curse than a blessing, no privacy as to his body (inside or out) or his orgasms . . . This was the stuff of pornography, of male fantasies, except for Kai-Kai it was real life. It wasn’t a dream he could wake up from. Angela was convinced that all these things were in fact unfortunate. And inability to have sex with the one woman he was actually in love with would be another cruel trick that Fate had played on him.

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