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who/what would you like me to write about next?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Traffic here has been slow, despite my beginning regular posting again. Maybe I should more closely follow the preferences of my readers. You can comment anonymously via the “comment” box (which is either above or to the side) or directly to this post.

Rate these characters from 5 (strongly desire a new story about them) down to 1 (not desire). You don’t have to give a response as to everyone on this list.

Before you vote, I urge you to revisit these stories to refresh your memory. As you can see quite a cast has been developed, of whom only Tami Smithers and Blanke Schande (the idea, at least) were preexisting. So take your time. Some of these characters you might have forgotten...!


the Blanke Schande universe




Kai-Kai (the Sire)

Patty Kowalski

Maik-lings (Chyou, Fenfeng, Jing, Liena, Mey-yin, Quiyang, Zhenzhen)

Mailgirls (Hiquing, Xifeng, Ngo-kwang, Yingtai, Tami Smithers as a Mailgirl)

LTJG McNally

Min-jeong (the Haenyeo)




Tami Smithers

Sukie (Visit to a Small Town)

Lieutenant (Captain) Towelewska

Yurio the ama diver (“My Month in Fudai”)

Zui-da (the Maik-ya)

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I would give 5s to Alysoun, Min-jeong, Yurio, Patty Kowalski, and Tami Smithers. I would like to see something delve into what got a girl as modest as Tami Smithers to take part in the streaking dare that led to her predicament. I remember one non-canonical story (I believe it was called “Move-In Day”) had Wanda bullying Tami into agreeing to the dare, which would not only explain Tami’s decision but be consistent with the series’ depiction of Wanda, as well. That is just a suggestion, of course.


Marcus Hollis
Marcus Hollis
Mar 18, 2022

Any that would put our naked heroines in contemporary public places. However, the Tami Smithers story Other Side of the Gym has been blank since day one. Was hoping to finally read that.

But if I had to name names, I'd say Sukie, and Nstrange.


All of your writing is fantastic. If I had to rank some based on what I’d like to read more of, It‘d look something like this.

5 - N’Stange. Interested in how she became like that and what sort of things she’ll end up experiencing.

4 - Brigid. Her innocence in her near exposure was always tantalizing to imagine in various situations.

3 - the Haenyeo. Perhaps how their practice is expanded to another place around the world. 2 - Patty Kowalski. She’s almost the opposite in terms of character from Brigid. Bold and proud of her actual nudity and uses what she has to get by in the world. 1 - visit to a small town. An interesting and…


Love your stories, so here's my two cents:

Maik-Lings - 5

Really interesting setting, can't wait to read the next story!

Min-jeong, Yurio the ama diver - 5

Very unique setting, definitely want to see more.

Mailgirls - 4

Good established setting, great characters. Would like to see how you can expand on it.

The Blanke Schande universe, Brigid, Tami Smithers - 3

Good characters, interesting setting, but they already have plenty of stories. Would love you to explore some of the other characters more.


Dareen 5 - i'd like to know why nobody took interest into her disappearance, how she overcome her imprisonment and if she give up on her heroine activities or if she does continue fulfilling her duties for her loved ones sake

Alysoun 4 - i' m curious about how her story develops, if she gets an important role in the conflicts that was mentioned despite her current powerless situation

I 'd like also to get some of the character being involved in serious relationships, as far as i know only Tami got a serious one with Rod meanwhile Dareen's relationship with Jamal got just few moments, at least among the characters i know or read about

Yurio (My months in…

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