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The physical work, the clear mountain air, the quaintness and romantic possibilities of the old stone house, all of these had heightened Tami’s and Rod’s unquenched horniness. Standing on the front step, they waved good-bye to Jeremiah and Rebecca as the 4x4 jeep turned out of the driveway and started down the narrow road, the sound of crusty snow crunching under the big tires. They waited exactly thirty seconds before they looked at each other and, laughing at themselves, ran into the house.

The naked girl pushed Rod down onto a couch and started ripping off her boyfriend’s clothes. “You got to help me, this is taking too long,” she said breathlessly. “Damn you, you wearer of clothes!” Rod did what he could but Tami was in charge. When he was fully naked she pulled him onto the rug and got on top of him and turned around and placed her pussy over his mouth as she practically inhaled his hard dick. Both lovers immediately started moaning through their otherwise occupuied mouths.

And then both froze upon hearing the sound of a vehicle outside.

It faded away and they realized it was just a car passing by on the narrow road. They giggled into each other’s genitals and then went back to their ravenous licking and sucking . . .

It was Tami who came first. She wanted to come right away and a lot of times. Her last three orgasms had been at the prompting of artifical electrical stimulation in Lab 6, and she wanted to think of orgasms in connection with Rod, not with some machine in a cold lab with people watching. She moaned loudly and raised her head up, pulling it off Rod’s wet, hard, fully erect dick, then cried loudly. “Ohhh . . . yes . . . oh God . . . ohhhh!” But she couldn’t help being aware, like she never used to be, of the contractions of her anal sphincter, and in one corner of her mind she blushed with shame at knowing that this awareness was caused by the memory of that hideous bulblike monitor.

She returned to deep-throating Rod and he began spurting soon after. The lovers rested, Tami lying on top of Rod, both bodies so sweaty that it was hard to keep from sliding off him.

Glancing across the room after she caught her breath, Tami giggled and said, “Look, we steamed up the windows.” Then she sat up, her butt on Rod’s chest, the sweat crackling as the bodies disengaged. Tami had an inspiration. “Let’s go,” she said, standing up and pulling Rod up by the hand.

She led him to the door and opened it. The cold air hit the wet bodies and they gasped, inhaling the invigorating frigid air into their lungs. It had started snowing; it was near the time of sunset and the grey sky was getting darker. “Let’s go,” Tami said, running out to the driveway. Rod stood where he was and their hands parted.

“Come on, wimp!” she said, finally coaxing her naked lover out of the doorway. He hopped out to where Tami was, his bare feet jumping up and down as if he were dancing on hot coals. “Let’s run!” The permanent nudist started a circumnavigation of the house, her feet slipping on the crunchy, hard snow. Rod began after her, but then said, “I can’t! It’s fucking COLD!!” and dashed back into the house and shut the door.

Tami continued around the house, breathing hard, feeling the sweat beginning to turn into ice on her flushed skin. When she got back to the front door she saw Rod peering out at her through a window. He had thrown on his sweater and was hugging himself. Smiling, he shrugged.

His girlfriend, used to being naked in the snow, put her hands on her hips in mock disappointment. Then she blew a kiss. The snow was coming down heavier now and starting to accumulate on her hair. Knowing that Rod was watching, she went over to the icy patch that the Ark had slid on and which was now covered with a thin film of snow. The patch was about four feet square and the perfect canvas for what she wanted to create. Leaning over, she bent her big toe down and drew a big heart. Inside it, “T.S. & R.S.” She stood up straight again, flexing her “writing foot”, which was beginning to get numb. But Tami was ambidextrous. She used the big toe of the other foot to draw the arrow going through the heart.

She looked back at Rod and blew a kiss. He stood there inside, warm in his sweater, his long limp dick swinging gently between his legs, a sight which drove Tami crazy with love and lust. Finally she raised her hands up and twirled on one foot, one of her favorite old gymnastics moves, albeit one she had never done naked with bare feet on ice. She enjoyed making her boyfriend’s eyes open wide. Her next trick was to grab a bunch of crusty snow and smear it all over her breasts and tummy.

The happy naked girl then ran into the warm house and tackled her lover. A moment later they were back on the floor for their second session of sixty-nine.

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