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“Young Human Female” Exhibit

Specimen Tami woke up to see, once again, the bars of her cage. Her naked, supine body shifted on the hard wood floor. She craned her head up and saw that, as usual, she had slept with her legs splayed open. Various observers, bundled up in their winter clothes, were looking intently at her genital area. This was easy for them to do, because her cage was on a platform so that the floor was a little below the observers’ eye level. She could see them looking intently at her pussy, their breath forming condensation inthe cold air. There were about ten of them at this early morning hour, of various ages, here to see the main attraction at the zoo.

It was a typical large zoo, with the typical selection of animals, except that this cage, set up on a hill in the center of the grounds, right past the admission booths, next to the food vendors, contained a specimen of the species homo sapiens. It was only right that a complete zoo should contain a specimen of one of the most common mammals on the planet. The mission of the zoo was after all basically educational, and by observing a human being on display thus, the customers and observers, being human themselves, would probably gain insight into their own selves.

Tami felt a gust of cold air entering her pussy and knew that her lower lips, as usual, were parted. She stretched, feeling the roughness of the wood and the latticework of metal wires embedded in it as they scraped her bare back and buttocks. She then sat up cross-legged, smiling at the observers as a couple of them said good morning. She replied politely, as she had been trained to do.

How long had she lived here? Months? Years? This cage had been her home for as long as she could remember. She briefly looked around. The cage was pretty big, about fifteen feet square, and open on all sides so that she could be seen from almost anywhere on the zoo grounds. To one side was the little universal gym upon which she was required to exercise one hour each, three times a day. This, and the excellent low-fat organic food she was fed through the bars, kept her body taut and hard. She looked down at the concavity of her stomach, the wiry muscles of her thighs. She had to admit that her body was perfectly toned. As a specimen of the human species she was superb. She looked down at her nipples. Big, brown, hard. Then down to her luxurious, abundant pubic hair, her ample, sturdy vaginal lips, then down to her hard feet. Her entire body was covered with an almost invisible down of fine hairs. Yes, she was truly a creature of the outdoors and she looked it. One of many mammals on display at this zoo.

But the mammal with by far the biggest, most well-developed brain in all the animal kingdom. She glanced over to the other side of the cage, to the bookshelf which contained nourishment for her mental life, especially her main interest, higher mathematics. Often she would idle away the time by reading, lying flat on her back, one bare foot flat up against the bars while the other leg was draped over the bookshelf, as she held the book above her. Lost in her thoughts, she could be almost oblivious to the people who were always around her, watching her from every angle.

The cage had no chairs, tables, couches, indeed no furniture of any kind. There was an open toilet near the bookshelf. The universal gym, the bookshelf, and the toilet, that was it. She simply lay down or sat on the rough wooden floor when she was not standing. Three times a day, after each exercise session, she was hosed down by one of the zookeepers. Fortunately during the cold weather the hose water was nice and warm. Afterwards her body would give off warm little wisps of humid, heated air.

She was not allowed towels to dry herself off. That would be a violation of the first rule of the zoo, that the human specimen be kept naked and on display at all times. The other animals didn’t wear clothes, why should she? Not a stitch, even now in winter. How long had it been since she had worn any clothes? She couldn’t remember. She couldn’t even remember what wearing clothes was like. Often she wondered how it would feel . . .

Of course, the possibility of any covering was out of the question. The two rules were posted next to her cage in big letters: “1. Do not feed the specimen. 2. Do NOT give the specimen any clothes under any circumstances! This includes gloves, shoes, hats, towels, etc.”

Not that people didn’t try to give her something. They cringed when they saw her up there naked in winter, unprotected from the cold drafts that swept up through the grounds, and often offered a scarf or gloves or even a sweater sometimes, through the bars. She dared not respond with either a yes or no. Sometimes the clothes were thrown at her through the bars, landing almost at her feet. It was hard to resist grabbing the clothes and putting them on, but she knew what the punishment would be. She had tried it a few times and the consequence was always the same. It turned out the latticework of metal wires in the floor was electrified. If she made the slightest move toward any article of clothing, a strong shock would be administered that she would feel through her bare feet. By now she learned to just turn away until one of the zookeepers reached in with a pole and snatched the offending item away. It was torture to look at it with longing. Better not to look at it at all and hope the zookeeper would come soon.

How could she survive such cold in a state of permanent nudity? She had often wondered. Maybe the exercise kept her metabolism up. More likely, her body had just gotten used to the elements. She could certainly feel the cold, but somehow she hardly ever even shivered, not even when she woke up to find the floor of the cage streaked with powdery windblown snow. Her ruggedness was a constant source of amazement to the crowd, and she heard them comment on it often. She had a theory that she had been initially put here in the summer, and during that first change of weather to autumn and then winter her body had had time to adjust. But that was just a theory. She couldn’t really remember.

As she lay down again, stretching out lazily, she thought maybe this was not so bad a life after all. The zookeepers were friendly. And then, oddly, there was the smell of coffee . . .

Tami opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God. She was back in Rebecca’s and Marisol’s apartment. She was inside and it was not freezing cold. Though now that she thought about it the room was a bit chilly.

As she blinked herself into consciousness she sensed a hard, ragged surface under her and the presence of people. She realized she had slept the whole night on the wood floor! She pushed herself up to sit cross-legged, leaning back against the couch. She instinctively crossed her arms over her breasts and leaned over her crotch, then realized who she was. Tami Smithers, who must never cover herself. Well, it was a bit cold so it was O.K. . . She still couldn’t believe it. She had slept naked on a hard, cold wood floor. . .

“Good morning,” Rebecca said. She was sipping coffee at the table with Marisol. The two girls were in their bathrobes, which covered their pajamas. Thick socks were on their feet. Marisol also had on big fluffy slippers with fronts shaped like dinosaur claws.

“You are one tough mujer,” Marisol said admiringly. “Sleeping on the hard floor like that.”

Tami smiled groggily. “I’ll try anything once,” she said. Then, “That coffee smells good.”

“Milk and one sugar, the way you like it,” Marisol said, getting up and giving a third cup to Tami.

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