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The Exquisitely Realized World of SliceReality


simply the best -- the best -- at depicting scenes from Tami’s life

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An innocent freshman, the first of her family to go to college.  Her first week, led by her R.A. Wanda on a sorority dare, Tami and the other pledges streak across campus at night.  Tami alone gets caught!


Streaking is an expellable offense!  “But . . . um . . . nudity is my religion!”


The College Dean and Henry Ross propose that if Tami, who has been “volunteered” as a live model for a “sexual health workshop” in her dorm, gets through it without showing any sign of wanting to cover up, they will forgive the streaking episode and let her put on clothes.

(“The Workshop”)


Tami eventually gets comfortable around her new roommates, Jen and Terri, who admire her dedication to her “religion”.

(“The Adventures of a Naked Girl in Love”)

(One can find many details here that are true to the stories.)


Back home in Rhode Island over Christmas break, Tami is forced to conclude that her brother doesn’t know how to jump start the car.  She has to go out in the snow and attach the cables herself.

(“The Girl in the Mirror”)


The Spring semester starts.  Tami is coerced into serving as a model for figure drawing classes.  As you can see, she is not happy to be spreading her charms for all to see.  Plus it’s January in Vermont and they never heat the studio enough.  Tami is exposed even more when she is asked to shave off her pubic hair.

(“The Journal of David Sutcliffe”)


Prof. Brignon, who is in on the conspiracy to make Tami “crack”, asks her to assume more and more explicit poses for the class.  “See clearly the inner folds of Miss Smithers’s vagina, be careful to make them the most accurate rendering.”  Tami dares not object.

(“Tami the Strong”)


One of Slice’s early efforts.  Tami experiences the North Country winter a little differently than the other students.  She learns to scurry quickly from building to building, and in time builds up some resistance.

(“Tami the Strong”)


Some biology majors are her friends, but not Lorinda and her gang, who take sadistic glee in Tami’s misfortunes.  Ice is slippery under bare feet.

(“Tami the Strong”)


Wanda checks up on Tami in the library and notices her (bare) heel covering a place that should not be covered.

(“Tami the Strong)

(Note Slice’s attention to detail: Tami is left-handed, and despite her instructions the barista labeled her coffee “Naked Girl” instead of “Tami”.  The easiest way to identify her, of course.)


Tami’s roomate Jen, the world’s luckiest lesbian, jumps across the room onto Tami’s bare mattress and attacks her once again.  Tami discovers she doesn’t mind it at all.


Once the snow has melted, Tami is forced to pose in the middle of campus for Prof. Latimer for a sculpture to be installed on that spot.  Jen loudly enthuses over Tami’s “beautiful firm boobs”, her “stiff nipples”, her “gorgeous woman-land” and “cute butthole” .  The nude model’s distressed expression is assumed to be due to the strain of staying in position.

(“The Journal of David Sutcliffe”)


Tami got into this expensive college via a gymnastics scholarship, so she still has to perform at meets around the state, spreading her legs for her friends and hundreds more.  You can see the mortification on her face under the bright lights and in front of the photographers, but she dare not show any sign of wanting to cover up.  Of course, as many have suggested, gymnastics is better done in the nude.

(“The Girl in the Mirror”)


The grounds crew chief, Homer Winant, has Tami powering an abandoned mill as part of energy “research”.  It seems that half the campus stops by during the day to watch her sweating, dirty, laboring body from every angle.

(“Tami the Strong”)


Tami undergoes a vaginal and rectal exam at the Chalfont Institute while her friends jog by.

(“The Girl in the Mirror”)


With the arrival of spring, the figure drawing classes go outside, the students donning jackets because it’s still a bit chilly.  Note the careful attention to every detail of Tami’s body.


(“Coming to the End”)


The gymnastics meets become disruptive gawkfests, so the college excuses her from the team.  Her scholarship is switched to grounds crew work!  Dean Jorgon and the college attorney, Henry Ross, have a habit of dropping by when she is in the most embarrassing positions.  To show her “conviction” that bodily modesty is against her “religion”, she cannot close her legs.

(Coming to the End)


In a final effort to make her “crack”, the college coerces her into being a subject for “orgasm research” at Chalfont.  She turns out to be endlessly multi-orgasmic, a wonderful surprise for most young women, but for her a curse, as the sessions go on and on, meticulously recorded and replayed in the brightly lit lab.  The staff is heavily clothed; due to her accelerated metabolism, the temperature can be kept at 10°C. (50°F.) so as to protect the expensive, delicate equipment.

(“Coming to the End”)


Tami’s plans for a (clothed) summer working in another town are dashed at the last minute.  Instead she is assigned to go across the country with Wanda and McMasters to demonstrate the orgasm machine McMasters developed at Chalfont.  Wanda, snug in her pajamas and socks and blankets, tries to trick Tami into a confession.

(“The Long Escape”)

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