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From:    RJC

To:        14DIVENG

Re:        Some Notes on the Maik-lings



        1.    As you know I was not to ask questions outside the scope of our assignment, so my knowledge as to this topic is limited to what I could observe during visits to the school over the past year.


        2.    These girls arrive on a short bus at 7:15 a.m., in time for before-school activities.  By my count, there are seven of them, all in the same grade.  It is unknown to me where they live, whether they are from the same house, or what the familial relationships are.  This is a fairly remote area and a large school district, so they could be from some distance away in the hills.  They look quite different from each other, even as to color of skin, so they cannot be siblings.  I have not seen anyone visit who seems to be a parent or guardian, though I have seen parents of other students visit.  I have to say that they seem to have a strict diet and get a lot of exercise; they are in perfect physical condition, thin yet a little muscular.


        3.    I am unclear on the term “Maik-ling”, which I have overheard in snatches of conversations.  It does not seem to mean anything in Chinese, though other languages have words that are similar.  Nor is it clear if there have been any previous Maik-lings.  Their first names are Chyou, Fenfang, Jing, Liena, Mei-yin, Qinyang and ZhenZhen.  Aside from what I will describe, they appear to be ordinary students, attending classes and activities like the others.  As you know the school’s current census is 650, spread out over the three grades.  Maik-lings do not seem to be part of any experiment, or cult, or project, or if so, such things are hidden from me.


        4.    They are well-behaved and their grades are uniformly excellent.  None of them speak much.  They are reserved and proper-acting, even for Chinese kids.  They talk among themselves but not very much with the other students, though there are some obvious friendships.  The boys do not seem to pay them any more attention than to other girls.  They carry themselves with a royalty-like dignity and seem to enjoy a special respect among the teachers and administration.


        5.    After the bus leaves the girls wait obediently outside the school for the nurses to come out.  Installation of the apparatus (for lack of a better term) is done right there, with the arriving students going past.  I suppose they are used to seeing it so few linger to watch, unless they are waiting to go in with the girl or talk to her.  The nurses bring with them the tubs, the hoses and fittings, and of course the dildos and the straps that hold them in and go around the waist. There is a douche and then an enema, then lubrication of the dildos and insertion.  It is amazing how the Maik-lings can accommodate such large objects inside their bodies, evidently without complaint or any sign of discomfort.  The strap has a bristly pad that presses against the clitoris with a hard little cup. The procedure requires three nurses and each girl waits in turn, then picks up her bookbag to enter the school.  All seven are done within five minutes.  Sometimes a Maik-ling’s friend stops by and engages her in conversation while she is being pierced.  The nurses then clean up and go in.


        6.    Walking around with such large insertions unavoidably changes the way the Maik-lings walk.  It is very subtle but they swing their hips and shoulders a certain way, in contrast with how they walk when they first get off the bus.


        7.    In passing classrooms during the day, I see that Maik-lings sit at random among the other students.  Sometimes I catch a glimpse of bare feet and legs in the front row.  Or, if I am doing measurements from the back of the room, I see a set of bare shoulders.


        8.    Nudity seems to be their permanent condition.  Aside from the “apparatus” I have not seen any of them wear a single stitch.  Their bare skin contrasts greatly with the other students; the dress code is strict and except for the Maik-lings all the rest are in formal full-coverage school uniforms.  Not possessing any clothes, the Maik-lings are the only students without lockers, which must be why their bookbags seem twice the size of everyone else’s.  They show no sign of being ashamed of their nakedness, surprising since the Chinese are such a conservative culture.  Nor of course do they show any sign of showing off or being exhibitionist, despite the perfection of their bodies which are uniformly tanned by the sun.  My guess is that none of them has ever worn clothes in their lives, or maybe not in years.  Their feet are tough and they seem able to walk on any rough surface quite comfortably.  They are also remarkably strong.  In helping a teacher move things I saw Fenfang pick up a large chair by herself, hoist it onto her head, and carry it down the hall, breasts bouncing.  I saw Jing and Liena working outside with the maintenance crew digging a culvert, their tough bare toes pushing down on the shovels, breasts bouncing with their motions, sweating all over, and pulling up as much dirt as the men.  Why they are the only students assigned such physically demanding tasks is not clear.


        9.    I was not aware of the internal vibrators until I passed Mei-yin while classes were changing.  She was walking in my direction in a crazy way, her bare feet slapping against the floor, the heavy bookbag lurching from side to side.  To me it was an alarming sight.  Then she stopped next to me to catch her breath, leaning against the wall, and that was when I heard the humming.  I recognized it as the 50-cycle hum generated by AC current in China (as you know, ours is 60-cycle).  She quaked through an orgasm, then when it had spent its course with the last few irregular jolts, she pushed herself onward.  She then grunted loudly as she lurched, almost as if in pain, and as I saw her walk away her steps were even more wildly zizagging than before.  The hum must be continuous, not stopping even after orgasm.  As I saw her go Zhenzhen came toward me, gasping and staggering.  The other students are used to this and give the Maik-lings a wide berth at such times.  Mei-yin and ZhenZhen, as they passed each other, exchanged a quick glance through dazed eyes.


        10.    I gradually deduced that vibrators turn on inside the Maik-lings during the entire three-minute time for changing classes.  They actuate when the end-of-class bell sounds, and turn off with the beginning-of-class bell.  When the girls get to their next class they plop down in their seats and look at the ceiling or close their eyes, as if praying, until the bell rings and the humming stops.  When that happens they are visibily relieved, drooping their heads and catching their breath, a sheen of sweat on their bodies, sometimes not paying attention for the first minute or two of class.  The teachers make allowance for this and do not ask them to answer questions or stand up until they have recovered.


        11.    On the average each Maik-ling has about four orgasms during each inter-class break.  At first I figured out that this meant each Maik-ling was made to experience thirty-two orgasms during the course of the school day.  Yet when school lets out they do not seem tired.  I do not know how long they have been subjected to this regimen but they have become used to it.


        12.    I then found out that during sixth period, when other students have free study time, the Maik-lings are assigned to sit in the open foyer next to the auditorium.  There are no chairs or benches there; the girls sit their bare bottoms on the cold floor, then the humming starts and does not stop for the next forty minutes, ending with five minutes left in the period.  Whether being brought to orgasm after orgasm for that whole time is pleasure or pain, I don’t know; their cries during that period could be construed as either.  They hold hands and hug each other as they writhe on the floor, their sweat causing stains as they pick up dust and rub against each other.  The Maik-lings have a special bond and it is especially evident at this time.  Sometimes it amounts to a pile-up of naked, sweating, spasming bodies.  The foyer is centrally placed and one hears the echoes of their cries from the furthest reaches of the hallways, even upstairs.  Then the humming stops and during the last five minutes all one hears is the sound of heavy breathing as they return to normal consciousness.  The smell of female musk is by then almost overbearing and one can detect it from down the hall.  They go to the gym showers to rinse themselves off and are allowed to be five minutes late to their next class.


        13.    The vibrators are obviously remotely controlled but I don’t know from where or by whom.  It is probably via a software program.  As part of the Phase II testing last year I had to shut off electricity for five minutes.  It was sixth period and to my amazement, I still heard humming from down the hall, and the echoes of moaning and crying.


        14.    Leaving the school to drive back to Xining one winter day, I was surprised to see all seven Maik-lings out on the playground with the other students.  Winters here are harsh, with constant snow cover and usually below freezing during the day, and yet there they were running naked and barefoot, kicking up the snow with their bare toes, in the midst of the others who were all bundled up.  They seemed happier and more verbal, and interacted more with the other students, than at other times, acting more or less like normal kids except for their nudity (and the apparatus).  They participate in the informal football games (and I must say even with bare feet they are quite good players), though due to their internal intrusions they run in a strange way.  Later I found out that the before-school apparatus installations are done outside even in January, with the nurses in overcoats and gloves.  The dildos must be cold even from short exposure to the frigid air but the Maik-lings do not seem to mind as they accept the deep insertions.  It should be noted that their nipples always seem to be erect, not only in the cold but at other times also.


        15.    Cold does not seem to bother them at all.  However there are limits to human adaptation.  I later saw that on winter field trips involving a full day outdoors, they are smeared with a special grease before leaving.  This is done by the custodial staff on the outdoor landing next to the waiting buses.  The grease is pumped from what looks like 55-gallon drums and is of a greenish color.  Using special gloves the men do a complete job smearing them, from all over the face and behind the ears to under the apparatus and between the buttocks, down to in between the toes.  The girls are then given small rags to sit on to protect the bus seats.  Upon returning from the trip they are showered down in the same area and scrubbed all over with long-handled brushes, quite roughly in my opinion, then dried off with coarse towels before returning to classes.


        16.    After school, de-insertion is done, once again outside the school entrance.  This of course is a much quicker process, taking a total of maybe one minute for all seven of them.  The dildos are extracted while the girl is on all fours up on a table and one can easily see up into their rectums and vaginas as the dildos, which are very thick as well as long, leave a wide gaping hole which slowly closes up.


        17.    Two nights a week the school hosts a “teen club” where the students are free to come by and play various indoor games, such as checkers, air hockey, or basketball.  The Maik-lings often attend as a group, and they are fully nude, not in their apparatus.  Sometimes two of them lie on a table tennis top, doing oral sex on each other in the “69” fashion.  They seem to be really enjoying themselves.  The other students pay them no mind, passing them by as they tongue each other to orgasm after orgasm in the midst of everything.


        18.    One day I saw that each Maik-ling had come to school with a little blue bow in her hair.  I suppose this is the only time I saw these girls “wearing” anything except for their apparatuses.  They never wore the bow again.  I never found out what this was about.


        19.    Finally I note the one conversation I witnessed involving Maik-lings.  Principal Zhou and I were talking about drainage infrastructure for the Phase III Construction Program when he received a call about an act of vandalism on the football field fence.  Such incidents are very rare in China.  Mr. Zhou told me the situation, and said, “We’re investigating . . . of course it can’t be the Maik-lings, they never do anything wrong, but Chyou and Qinyang are possible witnesses.”  I said that I should wait in the next room, but he said, “No, that’s ok . . . This should not take long.  The Maik-lings don’t say much and they’re always totally honest.”  As it happened fifth period was ending and in the hubbub of students moving around the halls he had Ms. Chen announce over the PA system that Chyou and Qinyang should come to the main office.  The two girls were in front of us in less than a minute, standing nakedly and respectfully in front of us two men in our business suits, trying to quell their bodies’ reactions to the vibrators deep within and the bristly pads pressing against their clitorises.  Sixth period began and there was no respite, this being the time they were assigned to sit in the foyer.  Politely and quietly, each answered Mr. Zhou’s questions, which had to do with anyone they might have seen watching yesterday’s football game during recess.  First it was Chyou’s turn, then Qinyang’s.  The girls’ eyes squeezed shut as they tried to get words out, as each orgasm announced itself every ninety seconds or so.  Mr. Zhou patiently waited until the spasms were over before going on to the next question, working from a list on his notepad.  The interrogation could have taken a fraction as long if the girls had been allowed to be questioned in simple nudity, or at least with the vibrators off.  When one girl had an orgasm, she squeezed the hand of the other.  A couple of times the explosions were simultaneous.  Some were so intense that the girl, with a jagged apology, crouched downward, her toes twisting on the floor, erect nipples making little circles in the air over quivering breasts.  Tears flowed as they did their best to make eye contact with Mr. Zhou.  Finally he was done with his list and he dismissed them.  They bowed deferentially, after the Chinese fashion, and with bare feet slapping they staggered out the door, still holding hands, still being stimulated from within.



        As discussed, this memo is outside the scope of my brief.  Therefore it does not follow profile guidelines and is not coded.  Please forward to the appropriate Department.




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