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Tami’s So-Called Life (Episode Guide)
Season 4

s04e01  Tami starts the school year with a list of schemes to get into clothes but the list is discovered by Assistant Principal Percival.

s04e02  Tami is “volunteered” to pose atop a bronze horse during a school play but Wanda has hidden a remote

control vibrator within.

s04e03  Ms. Sen promises Tami clothes in return for demonstrating excretion for her biology class until the Principal intervenes and changes the terms.

s04e04  A new Japanese exchange student befriends Tami and reveals a secret obsession.

s04e05  Tami and Rod go out for pizza and fight off a crowd of gawkers.

s04e06  Rod stands up for Tami when she is again teased by the Fashion Police girls.

s04e07  Tami misses her train stop and has to make her way in a strange town with no money.

s04e08  Tami is “stripped” of first prize at an away gymnastics meet due to a clothing infraction.

s04e09  Tami tries to change her approach, demanding clothes loudly, cursing.  It only serves to alienate her friends and she finds herself in Detention next to the Fashion Police.

s04e10  Tami reluctantly agrees to see the school psychologist.

s04e11  Tami volunteers to sew costumes for a school play but the extra cloth she had accumulated inexplicably disappears at the last minute.

s04e12  On a cold day Terri bravely risks public punishment under School Rule #1 by offering her coat to Tami only to find that it is Tami who receives the punishment with the person who tried to give her clothing wielding the cane.

s04e13  The Debating Club’s topic for the after-school competition is “Should Tami Smithers Be Allowed to Wear Clothes?”

s04e14  Tami’s views on animal cruelty are tested when she finds a real fur coat in the snow.

s04e15  Tami’s assignment as hall monitor carries an unusual stipulation.

s04e16  Tami saves a lost kitten by bringing it into the school on a snowy day only to find herself locked out afterward.

s04e17  The question of whether Tami can tie other kids’ shoes with her toes consumes the school.

s04e18  Jen gets in trouble for drawing sketches of Tami wearing clothes.

s04e19  A new school policy requires photo ID’s of everyone but Tami’s is different.

s04e20  Wanda evades punishment for gluing a surprise “addition” onto the gymnastics horse just before Tami jumps it.

s04e21  Rod and Tyrone devise an ingenious way to get Tami through the bishop’s school visit.

s04e22  Tami is horrified at the possibility that everyone can read her mind.

s04e23  Tami’s drunken confessions get her in trouble with the police and also with the Principal when they are recorded and played on the school PA system.

s04e24  Tami’s health class watches a boring film on menstruation to which surprise scenes were added.

s04e25  The Fashion Police torture Tami all week with an elaborate game of “keep-away”.

s04e26  Tami goes through an entire day thinking she’s wearing clothes and shoes, freaking out her friends.

s04e27  Tami assumes what she confessed to Father Albert was kept secret until the Principal starts acting strangely.

s04e28  Tami is depressed after creating prom dresses for the whole class but Rod has a surprise for her.

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