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Tami’s So-Called Life, Episode Guide

Season 5

s05e01 Tami tries to comfort a new girl who is being teased for her large breasts but who is too inhibited to be near a naked girl.

s05e02  Dr. Padova coerces Tami into demonstrating an “extended orgasm” machine for biology class.

s05e03  Terri has a dream in which Tami goes crazy, trying to steal everyone else’s clothes off their bodies.

s05e04  Jen and Tami circulate a petition demanding that Rule #1 be abolished but everyone is afraid to sign it.

s05e05  Dr. Padova discovers that Tami’s brain waves during orgasm can be used as battery power.

s05e06  Jen tries to go naked in solidarity with Tami but is arrested for indecent exposure.

s05e07  Based on Tami’s responses while on the “machine” Dr. Padova designs a special classroom “chair” for Tami.

s05e08  As a carpentry class assignment Tami tries to replace ceiling tiles just before an alumni meeting but the ladder is mysteriously kicked away from beneath her feet.

s05e09  The Board of Education debates funding for special “chairs” for Tami for each classroom she is in.

s05e10-e11 (two-part episode) Part One:  Tami is forced to fight off the attempts of Mr. Stamp, her social studies teacher, to give her clothes and shoes and finally makes a claim for sexual harassment so as to avoid the punishment of Rule #1.  Part Two: The rationales given by Tami and Mr. Stamp at the sexual harassment hearing are decidedly convoluted.

s05e12  Just before Christmas Tami is accepted at a college in Vermont which has no inkling of her nudity.  She gets drunk with her friends to celebrate and then has a dream where an angel shows her what the world would have been like with a clothed Tami Smithers.

s05e13  As part of an experiment Tami undergoes an SAT test while in her special “chair”.

s05e14-e15 (two-part episode) Part One: Principal Harris announces that, due to chronic discipline problems, Tami will be punished at weekly special assemblies until discipline improves.  Tami’s own behavior has been spotless and the students don’t believe Harris would really do this.

Part Two: At a special assembly Tami’s nipples are stretched with clips and she is given a tabasco enema.  Her recorded screams are played every morning over the PA system.  Discipline immediately improves.

s05e16  On the Senior Trip to Philadelphia the class discovers that the museums and restaurants won’t allow a naked girl inside despite the cold rainy weather.

s05e17  Tami’s cousins from Ireland make a surprise visit for St. Patrick’s Day.

s05e18  At the school’s Spring Picnic the Fashion Police girls trick Tami into sitting on a plate of jelly which attracts a swarm of bees.

s05e19  Tami’s balance beam performance at the Regional Gymnastics Finals starts unpleasant and ends worse due to the strong laxatives Wanda had sneaked into her water bottle.

s05e20  Tami falls into a patch of poison ivy and applying calamine lotion becomes a daily ritual for her friends in the school lobby.

s05e21 Tami is faced with going to Vermont for college orientation weekend.

s05e22  Rod and Tami talk about their post-high school relationship.

s05e23  Tami’s dreams of college life always end with her clothes getting ripped away.

s05e24  Tami tries to deal with Jen’s declaration that she’s gay and is attracted to her.

s05e25  The Senior School Musical is disrupted when stage hand Tami mishandles catwalk ropes and is suspended over the stage from one foot until the Fire Department comes to the rescue.

s05e26  Through a random lottery in Poetry class Tami’s assignment is to write and recite a poem about the joys of different kinds of shoes.

s05e27  Tami is given the job of measuring everyone for graduation gowns and handing them out but is denied one herself.

s05e28 (Series Finale)  Tami is allowed to wear a mortarboard at graduation, and looks forward to going away to college in Vermont where Rule #1 will no longer apply and she can finally wear clothes again . . . but . . . !

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