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Tami Smithers Artwork/Photos

First in terms of virtuosity and the amount of effort expended: SliceReality’s wonderful portraits of Tami’s adventures (I count 10 there so far) on his deviantart page.  He also has a lot of “Mailgirls” images.

Slice has given me permission to repost some of his images


here --- >

Also the originator of Blanke Schande, johnnycancer, tried his hand with Tami:


There is an artist named MCHollis89 who used to have a tumblr on which he posted his sketches (“furry”) of Tami, Jen, Marisol, and the Tami-is-confronted-by-Ross-while-being-secretly licked-under-the-table-by-Jen scene in “The Adventures of a Naked Girl in Love”.  See his drawings from November 2011 beginning at


Around that time he also wrote a story which has a scene about Tami; see

MC, I’ve been trying to find you for years.  Please contact me!

There is (was?) an artist named Frederick S. Fudala, somewhere in upstate New York, who (a long time ago) was on deviantart and created this drawing which (much later) I “embedded” into “‘Tami Smithers Was Here’” on the writingsofleviticus site.  He called it “Druuna’s Ascent”, a tribute to the graphic novel character created by Paolo Serpieri.  As I recall Mr. Fudala’s original comment was, “I picture Druuna, having been stripped by a gang of thugs, escaping by scaling this cliff, only to find herself thrust into yet another peril which she will have to deal with while naked.”  It fits in with Tami’s plight in general, and in particular it inspired the scene where Tami scales the side of a rock quarry to get away from teenage toughs at the end of Part 29.  Fred, I’ve been trying to find you for years.  Please contact me! 


Some other images/photos (from long ago, don’t know the provenance):


Tami, forced to be an exhibit in an art installation.  (“Tami, the Naked Freshman”)  My guess is that’s Professor Brignon looking right up inside her.  “What a cute butthole you have, Mademoiselle Smithers.  Come, people, look!”


Tami reuniting with Terri on the dorm stairway upon coming back to Pilgrim Hall for the Spring semester.  (ending of “The Girl in the Mirror”)


Tami, assigned to shovel snow in full view of the highway, working up a sweat in the winter sun, takes a break to greet her friends.  (Part 10 of “Tami the Strong”)


Mandy, the new roommate who knows the truth, tired of being the Dean’s spy, is won over to Tami’s side.  Comforting Tami in the dorm.  “Poor Tami . . . ”

(“Coming to the End”)

Tami hiding from the world’s gaze to the extent she can, as she makes her way across the country, armed with nothing but her bare body and her wits.

(“‘Tami Smithers Was Here’”)

tami-hiding (2).jpg

At the end of “Butterfly”, proudly naked.

“She was really just a normal girl with a good heart, who loved and wanted to be loved in return.”

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