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Additions to site

You can now comment anonymously (without having to sign up). The comment field is above the blog posts.

New subpage: “Tami Smithers in Other Media”: graphic and photo manipulations etc. showing various images of Tami in her many travails. Also put up another couple of links to external sites.

Also corrected the stories and completed the site redesign with a uniform font.

Let me know what you think. Suggestions, comments and questions welcome.

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Xifeng went on.  “You’re so dedicated to being a nudist.  I couldn’t be like you.”  She sniffled, slowly recovering from her sadness.  “I’ll count the days until I get to wear clothes again.  I’m not

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“We gotta go,” Phil and Duvon said. They said bye to Kai-Kai passing through the door. Mrs. Piri had gone her own way, leaving Angela alone with the Sire. “What did she want?” Angela said. She immedia

SliceReality has just done a drawing of this scene!

It’s at He is a wonderful, detail-conscious artist. “Don’t look down.  Seeing snow on your toes reminds you of the cold . . . By the way, v


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