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Tami finally has had enough

Tami exhaled deeply before opening the big entrance door. At least she knew Wanda was not in charge here. The Institute might be big and old and creepy and insensitive, but at least it was not evil.

She was right on time for her weekly session. But when she got to the door to the waiting room for Lab 6 she found it was locked with a sign directing any visitors to Lab 5, across the hall. Into Lab 5 she went. McMasters was there.

Lab 5 looked less like a lab than like a meeting room, though a very clinical-looking one. There was a long white folding table with folding chairs around it, behind which sat McMasters and two other men about the same age, all three dressed in white lab coats over business attire with shiny black dress shoes. Tami looked around. The place was not very inviting. Everything was either metal or white and looked cold and antiseptic. Even the walls were white and glossy, with no coverings, just a clock and some gauges for something. There were cabinets and a couple of desks, all metallic, and a scary-looking metal table that looked like something one might lay a cadaver on. The room looked cold, and indeed the air was chilly on the skin of the naked girl. She felt goosebumps rising all over. The cold tile floor felt like ice under her bare feet.

Mr. McMasters rose and held out his hand across the table. “Welcome, Miss Smithers, as always we’re glad you could make it,” he said with his fake-looking smile. As she reached over the table to shake his hand, he said, “This is Mr. Zipkin and Mr. Margolis, my colleagues who will help me run this series of experiments.” The two men nodded at her but did not extend their hands. They both seemed a little like McMasters, smarmy and slick like salesmen.

McMasters motioned for Tami to sit down on the one metal folding chair that was on her side. She put down her backpack and inhaled a bit as she planted her bare butt on the cold metal. It felt like it had been kept in a refrigerator. She looked around and realized how brightly lit the place was. The whole ceiling seemed to be made of lit panels. Everything was spotless and new-looking. Tami’s bare toes squirmed nervously on the floor under her chair. This was not an inviting place. Worlds away from the quaint, carpeted, warm, friendly office of Dr. Schnitzler, somewhere upstairs. Sitting across from the three men, she felt like she was about to be interrogated.

McMasters said, “How are you feeling today, Miss Smithers?”

Tami lied. “O.K.” Though Mr. McMasters was making eye contact, she was aware of the other two men glancing at her nipples, hard and erect in the chilly air, visible over the table. She was thankful the rest of her was out of their view.

“Miss Smithers, we are starting a new phase of experimentation based on what has been learned during your work for Dr. Harridance. His work was more theoretical, but ours has a more, shall we say, clinical aspect. You have been found to be a young woman of exceptional sexual capacity, and together with your lack of modesty and permanent nudity, are an ideal subject to test various items we have spent a long time designing.

“By the way, the Dean says hi. This experiment, as you know, is within the terms of the agreement you have signed, and the Dean has asked us to advise him as to your participation in accordance with the present arrangement.”

This did not sound good. Tami watched in apprehension as McMasters reached behind him. She noticed that there was a box back there, and when his hand returned to the table he was holding --

“Oh!” Tami’s eyes widened in horror. It was white and plastic and huge. Maybe the size of a big, big cucumber. It had hundreds of little holes all over it. One end was rounded and at the wider end it was cut off with a little plug of some kind sticking out. It could only be . . . a dildo? Tami had never used one, of course, but she had seen pictures of one in a magazine once . . .

As Tami sat there openmouthed, her widened eyes showing increasing fear, McMasters pointed to it and said, “This object, there’s no other word for it except ‘dildo’ I’m afraid, will be pistoned in and out in a regular rhythm.”

“P - pistoned?!”

“I’m sorry, that is maybe too strong a term. Intercourse will be simulated, like a penis going in and out.” McMasters went on coolly describing this monstrosity, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the naked teenager was plainly terrified. Pointing with his fingers, he said, “The contours are designed to provide maximum massage to the internal muscles. Note the holes, which serve two purposes. They increase the stimulation to the areas of entry, and act as a conduit for lubrication which is forced through this hydraulic system” -- here he pointed to the plug -- “so that, I suppose I should call it thrusting, can comfortably continue, long after natural lubrication has been exhausted. The lubricant, by the way, is formulated to soothe any chafed areas, either internal or external, though chafing is not expected to occur.”

Tami’s eyes filled with tears. “No, no,” she said. In the back of her mind she realized that she was totally giving in to her feelings and was obviously betraying a sense of modesty. This guy had said, in so many words, that he was a spy for the Dean. But he wasn’t taking note of her hesitation. This was either welcome, or very, very scary.

McMasters held out the big dildo to Tami. “Why don’t you feel what this is like, Miss Smithers. Go ahead.”

“N - no.” She just wanted him to put it away and out of sight. This was like a bad dream.

“It really is best if you hold it, Miss Smithers. We don’t want to in any way surprise or deceive you. It is very important that you are acquainted with all the devices and equipment involved. It will make everything go much more smoothly, believe me.” He held the big dildo out to Tami again.

It was clear that he would keep holding it right in Tami’s face until she at least took it for a second or two. She reached up with a trembling hand and as it was passed to her it fell right to the table so that she had to pick it up again. This thing was really heavy, like a piece of lead. As she turned it over in her hands, feeling the many holes, picturing how it would feel going in and out of her, how the holes would run past her clit, Tami squinted in dread. This thing is going to tear up my pussy, she told herself.

She cleared her throat and said, “Is this -- thing -- safe?”

“It’s perfectly safe, Miss Smithers. You will suffer no ill effects. Quite the opposite.”

Tami turned it over and over again. Was Rod’s dick this big? Probably not. Rod’s dick certainly wasn’t as heavy as this thing. Tami closed her eyes and put her head down for a second and said, “Oh God . . .” She then covered her eyes with one hand. How was she going to survive this?

She exhaled and glanced quickly up at McMasters, with a quick flick of the eyes to the two men at his sides. She held the dildo out with one hand to give it back. “M - Mr. McMasters, I -- I don’t think this -- this will fit into my -- my vagina.”

McMasters looked at Tami and then looked with a stone face at each of his assistants.

Then he said,“Miss Smithers, this item is not designed for your vagina.”

The naked girl looked up at McMasters for a second in confusion. Suddenly her eyes darted down to the heavy dildo and she recoiled and dropped it onto the table, where it landed again with a loud clank. As she lurched rearward she felt the cold of her metal chair against her bare back. She watched the heavy dildo rolling along the table back toward her.

Her buttocks clenched.

“This dildo is designed to penetrate your anal sphincter into your rectum, Miss Smithers.”

“No!” she said with a quivering voice. “I can’t! It’s -- it’s impossible!”

McMasters turned again to his colleagues and, for once, allowed himself a little smile. “It’s very possible, Miss Smithers. In the last couple of months you have been starting to have regular anal intercourse and your rectal passage should be readily able to accept this item.”

Tami’s eyes flashed. “What?”

“You’re wondering how we know? We deduced it from Dr. Harridance’s progress reports. You recall the anal monitor from those experiments?” Tami squirmed in her chair as she remembered it all too well. “If memory serves, it had two bulbs of one inch in diameter. At the early sessions it was hard to insert, but the notes show that starting about two months ago it suddenly became very easy to insert and there was no longer any sign that you found it uncomfortable. The inference is inescapable that you began to have regular anal intercourse around that time. Am I correct?”

Tami’s face burned. Anal sex with Rod, their little secret. . . Even the secret things in her life were exposed and known to others. She had to clear her throat so that her voice would not crack, but in a tiny voice she admitted, “Yes, you’re -- correct.”

She sighed with relief as McMasters put the anal dildo away. Then gasped again as he came back with another dildo that was even scarier.

“This is designed to be pistoned, I mean thrust, into your vagina,” he said, fondling it. This dildo was tan colored and like the other one, had holes all over it. But it was clearly shaped like a penis, complete with a head and a shaft. It was just as big as the other one. And it had a series of bumps along the whole length of the top, about a quarter of an inch high, running along in a spine. It reminded the teenaged girl of the ridges on the back of Godzilla.

Once again McMasters ignored the girl’s reaction as he continued to dryly explain his invention. “Note the holes, once again for lubricant. The sculpted imitation of a penis is more for psychological effect than anything else. Miss Smithers, I think you will especially enjoy this extra feature, these protrusions will provide constant stimulation to your clitoris as the shaft thrusts in and thrusts out. See how they are designed to retract once they pass the entry into your vagina.” He rubbed along the top of the spine and Tami could see that his finger pushed the bumps down but then they sprang up again after his finger passed. “Once inside, they re-emerge so as to massage your G-spot. The effect is constant, gentle stimulation to your most sensitive and pleasurable areas.” He sounded, oddly, like he was trying to sell this thing to her. “We expect the effect to be almost immediate.”

Tami looked at this dildo with another squinted, intimidated gaze. Under the table her legs automatically drew together until they squeezed against each other as if nothing could separate them.

“I can’t, I just can’t,” she said, almost robotically, shaking her head, knowing and perhaps hoping that her protests were falling on deaf ears.

“Yes you can, Miss Smithers. This dildo is not of any unusual size. Perhaps a bit larger than the average penis, but not by much.” For once McMasters seemed to take notice of the naked girl’s fear. “I remind you, Miss Smithers, that these experiments are well within the scope of your agreement.”

There it was, that agreement again. Tami looked blankly at the table, away from the Godzilla dildo. She wished once again for a summer job. If she had a summer job lined up it might make this all easier to take. At least then there would be something to look forward to. But as the semester slipped away it was beginning to look less and less likely. She would be stuck with either working at the college or working at home, and would have to stay naked at either place.

Her attempt to think of other things was thwarted when McMasters continued his spiel. “I think with these two dildos inside you, you will respond far better than in the previous experiments. You are indeed a very lucky young woman.”

Tami looked up in alarm. “B - both? At the same time?”

“Well, not actually,” he said, reaching back to get the anal dildo again. “They will be pistoned, I mean thrust, alternately, mounted on shafts that will run off a cam. Like this.” As Tami watched in morbid horror, he angled the two dildos slightly toward each other, as if they were really going up into Tami’s pussy and butthole, then moved them up and down slowly in alternation. Tami could picture herself being double-fucked, first by one, then the other.

McMasters looked at his colleagues again and then held up the cut-off end of the Godzilla dildo so Tami could see the little plug. “Finally, aside from the hydraulic conduit for lubrication fluid, there is a double-insulated wire that attaches here to supply current for the vibrator feature. Vibrations of various intensities and frequencies will be tried to see which will maximize your response. I’d demonstrate how it vibrates, but this has no battery port. It’s been our experience that batteries run down, while A.C. current from the wall outlet of course can be applied indefinitely.”

The naked girl made a slight grimace at the word “indefinitely”. But she was losing the capacity to get any more terrified. She just sat there numbly as horror after horror was piled on.

This time it was Mr. Zipkin who reached back into the box. He put two thick wires on the table with round plugs on the end. They looked like spark plug wires.“Ah yes these,” McMasters said, arranging them so that the plugs faced Tami. “These are for your nipples. They are a modification of what Dr. Harridance used in his project.” Tami immediately saw the resemblance to the suction tubes from the early sessions. No longer caring about showing modesty, she immediately crossed her arms in front of her to protectively cover her nipples with her hands.

McMasters unscrewed and opened up one of the plugs. “Note the bristles,” he said, rubbing them with his finger. They sounded stiff; the bristly sound seemed to reverberate throughout the lab. “Aside from the air suction, these bristles will increase the stimulation. They can be set to rotate, or maybe I should say oscillate, a few degrees of arc either way, actually quite fast. Again, I can’t demonstrate that now, it doesn’t run on batteries, just on A.C. current from the wall.”

Tami looked at the opened plug and cringed. The hole surrounded by stiff little bristles looked like some undersea creature that drew fish into its maw and then stung them and drew them in to digest them. Her nipples were going to go into that!? She cupped her breasts all the more tightly.

“Miss Smithers, are you cold?” McMasters said with a hint of suspicion.

Tami looked up and then slowly, reluctantly, put her hands down. “Y - yes, I’m a little c - cold.”

McMasters looked around and said, “Yes, it’s a bit chilly in here. By the way, we will deliberately keep the lab cold to accommodate your, uh, increased metabolism. Otherwise you may well feel hot and uncomfortable. As for us, we’ll just put on some extra sweaters,” he said, looking at his colleagues as they all smiled and shrugged good-naturedly.

Tami looked down at the crowded table. Or at least it seemed crowded, with two immense dildos and two long suction tubes ending in big plugs. All this was going to be on her or in her. She briefly remembered the pretty clothes and nice shoes she had worn at her college interview last summer. But now these were the ornaments that fate had decreed for her nude body. She felt as if she were about to cry.

Fortunately her thoughts were distracted by the clearing away of all this paraphernalia. There was a good deal of getting up and sitting down by the three men as they returned these items to the box. Apparently they had to be arranged in the box just so. Tami closed her eyes and sighed. Hopefully this experimentation wouldn’t begin today and they would let her go now.

But it was not to be. Tami recoiled again as McMasters struggled carefully, turning around, then lifting a big black floppy object which he arranged on the table. Tami looked at it and indeed she started to cry. It was horribly apparent what it was.

It was a kind of sturdy black panty, or a bikini bottom that tied at the sides and was now untied and spread out, inside-out. The fabric looked like heavy elastic, maybe underwired. Sticking straight up, wide and tall, from the spot that would go over the pussy, was a tan-colored dildo. Three inches away, sticking straught up, wide and tall, from the spot that would go over the butthole, was another white-colored one. Not quite as big as the dildos she was shown before, they looked like two little skyscrapers.

“N - no, no,” Tami said, shielding her eyes with her hands, covering the tears that began to flow from her eyes. The men watched her for a moment. Then, aware of their gaze, she put her hands down and tried to swallow her tears. As she did so her hands flew down under the table and crossed over her pussy as if protecting it. Her buttocks clenched once again.

“For some phases of the experiment -- Miss Smithers, are you listening?” Tami looked up and nodded limply. “For phases that are for an extended period, or where you would be in a resting position, obviously the pedestal arrangement is not suitable. This -- we call it the ‘retainer’ -- has two dildos, and because they will both be inside you at the same time, they are a bit smaller than the pistoning dildos. Note that the rectal dildo is flanged so as to prevent the natural action of your internal muscles which would otherwise eject it.” He pointed to something Tami hadn’t noticed, the fact that the white dildo had a bulge near the bottom. “This is on the same principle as the two spherical knobs on the anal monitor used by Dr. Harridance.”

This parade of horrors went on and on. Tami could only look on numbly. “Note also the knob here to stimulate your clitoris,” McMasters said, pointing to a little protrusion to one side of the tan pussy dildo. “In the previous experiments there was a bristly pad in this position. The knob should provide a greater response. It can vibrate or undulate, at various speeds, depending on circumstances.” McMasters then reached around and took something else out of the box. “This is a separate piece but only temporarily,” he said, fitting onto the tan dildo a little knob that stuck out and forward at an angle. “It will apply direct massage and stimulation to your G-spot.

”Tami looked at it with a dull stare. It was as if this was all happening to somebody else. Certainly she couldn’t be the girl who would have to put all of this on and in her.

“When we find the exact location of your G-spot, we will have this knob permanently attached to the dildo. Now finally,” he said, getting out a little black plastic tube, about an inch and a half long with a little plug at the end, “this will provide vibrating and massaging stimulation to your perineum.” McMasters placed it in between the two dildos. He pressed down and there was a bristly sound and Tami realized that there must be velcro on the bottom. “Your perineum, the area between your vagina and your anus, is just a little over an inch, and this has been designed to fit you.”

Way back in her mind Tami had a memory of Professor Congi showing that “perineum” part of her body to the people in her dorm lounge and telling them that it was only an inch or an inch and a half. But by now the naked girl was too numb to feel embarrassed, either by the memory or by what was happening now.

McMasters pointed to the ends of the panties that would go around her hips. “These are fastened also by velcro, and additionally have clasps, so that you can put these pants on and they’ll be secure.”

Something odd struck Tami about what McMasters was saying. What was it? She looked down, trying to concentrate, shaking off her mental numbness.

McMasters brought another item onto the table which looked like a tiny black sliver of a bra. “Finally, this ‘bristle bra’ will provide stimulation to your nipples when you are in a rested position.” He turned it over and there were little holes for her nipples surrounded by bristles. “Small attachments for vibration or massaging stimulation can be added later if indicated.”

Finally Tami realized what the odd thing was. McMasters was asking her to wear these things! They were clothes! Against her “religion”! The naked girl actually mananged a triumphant half-smile as she said, loudly and clearly, “Mr. McMasters, I can’t put these things on. I’m a religious nudist and these cover me up. They’re clothes.”

For a moment no one spoke and no one moved. Then McMasters said, “I believe that these items are within the scope of the agreement you signed, Miss Smithers. They were designed, in fact, so as to be in conformance with that agreement.”

Tami was puzzled. That mysterious “agreement”! “They are?”

“Certainly. Do you want to see it again?”

Tami’s eyes flashed. “The agreement?”


Tami gulped. At last! With eagerness and dread in equal measure she said, “Yes, certainly.”

“O.K.,” McMasters said, and got up and went over to one of the desks. He came back with a single sheet of paper and gave it to Tami. “Here it is.”

Tami felt a chill all over as she gingerly held the paper that she had seen once before -- long ago in the teeth-clenched hellish tension of resisting orgasm, with Henry Ross looking right at her with his sadistic leer, Jeffrey Dillon looking on fascinated, and Jen licking her relentlessly under the table. The naked girl gulped as she began to read the words, really for the first time.

1. I, Tami Smithers, being over 18 years of age, declare that I am a religious nudist who does not believe in showing any trace of personal modesty.

2. I freely agree to participate in scientific research sponsored by Campbell - Frank College.

3. I understand that the research is scientifically valid and I am prepared to be tested to the limits of my sexual and physical capacity.

4. I also understand that my right to total nudity at all times will be respected and honored except as required by the experiments, and then only to the absolute minimum amount of covering possible consistent with the purposes and goals of the experiment.

5. I understand also that I will be duly compensated for my time.

6. I understand that this agreement will continue in full force and effect until my graduation and will not be restricted to times when classes are in session or to the college grounds.

I have read this agreement and understand and assent to it.

Signed, Tami Smithers, December 9, 2000

Witness: Jeffrey Dillon

Tami looked at the scratchy, desperate signature and slowly put the paper down. This was a scary agreement. In effect clear up to graduation. On campus and off. “To the limits of my sexual and physical capacity.” What did that mean? What were her limits, anyway?

She was brought back to the present by McMasters, who said, “You can see, as I’m sure you remember, that minimal covering is allowed when necessary for the experiment. Clause number 4. Hence the retainer and bristle bra are perfectly within the terms of what you have agreed to. Again, Miss Smithers, on behalf of the college and on behalf of the cause of science, I thank you for being willing to put aside your religion to the extent of allowing these items to be worn.”

Tami looked again at the two little skyscrapers, the dildos, sticking up from the panties on the table.

McMasters then said, a little more sternly, “Of course, if there is something wrong with this agreement, you should take that up with the Dean.”

Tami looked at the paper and raised an eyebrow absently. Yeah, right. Once again, she was trapped.

The door behind Tami opened and a man in work clothes peeked in. He nodded at Tami, pretending not to notice that she was naked, probably pretending also not to notice the dildo retainer on the table, and said to McMasters, “Want to see where we’re at?”

McMasters got up and offered a courtly hand to Tami, helping her up. “Please come with us, Miss Smithers, let us show you how we’ve remodeled Lab 6 for your experiment.” Tami was unsteady on her feet after the trauma of what she had seen today. She felt weak and a little sick to her stomach. Feeling alone and small and female and naked among all these men, she obediently followed them out and across the hall and into the waiting room of Lab 6.

They went through the waiting room and opened the door to the lab itself. The men went in, but Tami stood frozen in the entrance, her eyes and mouth wide open as she took in the view.

The rear wall had been knocked down and set back so that the room was now bigger. And it had been remodeled as an amphitheater. There were now two rows of cushioned seats that all but encircled the room. They looked like movie theater seats. Big mirrors were now on the walls, making the room look even bigger. The console area had been expanded and now included TV monitors and more dials and gauges, even a couple of microphones. The round console looked like something from Mission Control for a rocket launch.

The stage had been built up so that now it was almost level with the console. On the stage was a more cushiony version of the bottomless chair that she had sat on before. To the sides were chrome posts with cuffs for her wrists and ankles. The whole place was much more elegant and luxurious. The finest materials had been used, it must have cost a mint of money to do this.

And poking through holes on the stage, coming up from in front and behind, slanting in at an angle, were two thick metal rods that ended in dildos that were like the Godzilla dildo and the anal dildo she had just been shown. But these dildos were even bigger! Topping off the angled-in rods, the tips of the dildos were only a couple of inches apart. Tami tried to imagine these monsters fitting inside her and just couldn’t. There was just not enough room in her slim, teenaged pelvis for such huge objects. She put her hand to her mouth and said, “Oh my God . . . No. . .”

Mr. McMasters, walking to the stage while his colleagues sat around the console, said, “Don’t worry, Miss Smithers, these are larger size dildos, larger than will be pistoned into you. Don’t be concerned. We had various sizes made, from very small to very large. You will be fitted only with sizes that are comfortable to you. The mechanism that powers the pistons is hidden below the stage. It is controlled from the console.”

McMasters hopped up on the stage and pointed up to a large circle of little floodlights on the ceiling, pointing inward to the center of the stage. “Note how we have designed this for maximum visibility. And sound,” he said, pointing to a little microphone that was suspended from the center of the ring. “Note that images will be transferred to the console monitors and recorded,” he said, pointing to a camera mounted on a thin post front and center on the console, pointed right at the stage. “The idea is that all possible visual and audial information during your arousal will be meticulously observed and recorded.”

Then, showing unexpected agility, McMasters hopped over the console and sat in one of the theater seats. “These experiments will be of great interest to the, uh, therapeutic community. That is why we will be inviting various groups of people to observe. Believe me, Miss Smithers, your religion and lack of modesty have made it possible for great advances to be made in the clinical study of sexual arousal and will, ultimately, benefit thousands or even millions of people.” He crossed his legs and gave a big smile to the naked girl.

Tami’s legs felt weak again and she felt tears coming on. This was too much. Not caring how it looked, she gradually crumpled down into a crouch, wrapping her arms around her knees, putting her face down and staring at her bare toes. “No, no, no,” she said. She started sniffling. She clutched her legs together tighter, as if she were hiding from the world in a corner of her shower stall in the dorm.

Incredibly, McMasters seemed not to notice. Instead, he said, “Miss Smithers, there is one other feature, a digital monitor so that everyone, and perhaps you if you are so inclined, can monitor your progress.” He spoke in a loud voice and Tami limply turned up her face. She followed his finger as he pointed to a space between the mirrors in front of the console, up toward the ceiling.

It was shrouded in black cloth but, when McMasters got up and pulled the shroud off, the naked girl’s eyes widened. It reminded Tami of the little basketball scoreboard in her high school gym. Words on dark plastic followed by blank spaces for flashing electric numbers. Four spaces: “Orgasms”, “Contractions/Last Orgasm”, “Total Contractions”, and “Time Elapsed”. It was indeed a scoreboard. She realized its significance.

Men working the controls at the console would be playing her like a pinball machine in front of an audience.

“NO!!” Tami cried, folding her arms over her head, crouched down, miserable, tears falling down onto her toes and onto the floor. Then she caught her breath and tried to control her sobs, sniffling quietly.

“Well, we have to be off,” McMasters said, getting up out of the soft chair and walking to the door, followed by his colleagues. “You know the way out, Miss Smithers. We will see you next Thursday at two o’clock, as always.”

Through her sniffles Tami heard the men leave, the clip-clopping of their hard shoes fading away down the hall. Tami kept her head down, in fact put it forward all the way down to the floor, then twisted and went down so that she lay in a fetal position, knees up to her chest, arms hugging her breasts, not caring that the tile floor felt cold and gritty against her bare side. She was silent for a long time.

After a few minutes she exhaled and decided to get up. She stood up straight, brushing dirt off her sides and off her feet, and trying not to look at the stage and the rods and the huge dildos, turned and went through the waiting room and back into Lab 5 to get her bookbag. It was late afternoon and must have been between classes, because there was no one in the hall. She was thankful for that. She wanted to be alone. Holding the bookbag over her shoulder by one strap, she turned into a hallway she hadn’t been down before, a short one which led to the outside, and hid in a little alcove just beside the door. She crouched down again and stared dully outside at the gray sky and the muddy, snow-patched soccer field.

She was there for a long time, thinking and thinking. She thought about the agreement. If she broke it it would be all the proof the Dean would need that her religion was false. If she even checked to see how she could worm out of it, suspicions would be raised. Who would she talk to anyway? Either a friend, who would be devastated to know her secret, or a faculty or administration person, and that would get back to the Dean. She couldn’t very well object that she had signed it under duress. True, she had been almost in the throes of orgasm at the time, but it was because of tonguing by Jen under the table which she herself had asked Jen to continue.

As the girl’s mood got darker and darker the sky got darker and darker too. Finally she realized that it must be supper time, but she was not hungry. Instead, she had to pee. Not wanting to get up, she pushed the door open and duck-waddled outside into some bushes. Spreading her legs, she looked down as the piss shot out of her little opening and made a steaming little yellow puddle underneath her, which spread so that it began to touch her toes. She moved her foot a little to give it more room. After the last few drops had tinkled out she reached back to open the door but it was locked from the outside. Sighing, she stayed where she was in the cold air, watching the little clouds of her breath, looking up across campus to the lights of the other buildings and the dorms, where students were happy and wearing clothes and living normal lives.

A few minutes later she felt her body getting flushed and stiff from the cold. She awkwardly stood up straight and tall, shaking out the kinks in her leg muscles, and breasts forward, shoulders back, proudly started her barefoot, sloppy walk across the dark, muddy, snowy field. She had finally had it. She knew she couldn’t go on like this. Her mind was dulled by shock and by the cold, but she walked as if pushed from behind by a decision that had been made. No matter what it meant, no matter what her friends would think, she was going to go put on some clothes.

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