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American idiot (2004)

   Now Novotny himself came back in, with his ski mask on.  “Hello gentlemen,” he said.  “I was expecting you’d come back in moon suits.”

        Mr. Nedrow, trying to pump as much information out of Novotny as possible, said, “Her powers are preserved?”

        “That’s true.  Below the critical temperature the laja field is collapsed and her powers are restricted to within her body’s borders.  As you can see, those powers are still considerable.”

        “I have to agree.”  Mr. Nedrow reached up and felt one of the cords.  “She is not hurt at all.  Her body temperature is still the same?”


        “Yes.  Do you want me to demonstrate?”  Novotny pulled out a thermometer.

        Mr. Nedrow looked up at Dareen’s face.  “I am sorry about this, Ms. Alkaras, but these conditions will not be replicated.  It will just take a moment.  Finding out about your powers is, of course, an urgent matter of national security.”


        Dareen nodded reluctantly.  It would only take a minute.  She began to open her mouth, wondering how Novotny was going to reach up this high.  But then the evil man walked around under and behind her and she realized to her horror what he was about to do.

        She closed her eyes and felt her stomach twist with shame.  Mr. Nedrow and the others followed Novotny under the spread-open, naked girl.  She involuntarily clenched her butt cheeks, feeling another film of ice cracking in her pussy with the same motion.  “Please relax, Dareen,” Novotny said.  Dareen bitterly resented him calling her by her first name.  But in the name of national security she relaxed her buttocks.  She felt the clouds of the men’s breath under her on the sensitive skin of her perineum.  When he spread her butt cheeks open to expose the wide valley that contained her anus she felt their breath up there too.  Then bit her lip as she felt the little thermometer slipping through her sphincter and into the gut of her rectum.  It had gotten very cold in its few seconds out of Novoty’s pocket.  Fortunately her bowels warmed it up again.


        Dareen had had her anal temperature taken a couple of times before.  It was the only time she had ever had anything up there.  It was not comfortable then and it was less comfortable now.  With her body so stretched out there was less “give” and she felt every millimeter of penetration.


        She felt the grit of Novotny’s glove against her sphincter as he held the thermometer in.  She heard Mr. Nedrow say, “If she is brought out of here, is she still subject to the regeneration time?”

        “No.  Her powers will return immediately.”


        The five of them stayed there motionless for a few moments, the nude, spread-out, nipple-stretched girl above, the four men below, Novotny keeping the thermometer pushed up into her gut.  Dareen vowed to endure and endure.  She wiggled her toes slightly.  Even this remote action caused the thermometer to lurch a bit to and fro against the press of Novotny’s glove.


        Finally, thankfully, Novotny let go.  Dareen’s face flushed as she realized that the feeling of letting the thermometer slide out was exactly like taking a shit.  Unseen to her, Novotny caught the thermometer and held it up.  “37 degrees.  That would be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.”

        “Normal,” Mr. Nedrow said.


        “Actually no.  The rectal temperature is about one degree Fahrenheit above the overall body temperature.  The 98.6 number was arrived at years ago and is incorrect.  Not everyone is the same but the average temperature turns out to be around 97.”


        The men walked around to once again gaze on Dareen’s total frontal exposure.  “So you see internal homeostasis is preserved,” Novotny said.  He seemed to be showing Dareen off as if she were his invention.  Or if she were a new car he had designed.


        “What?  Homo -- what?  Is her sexual . . . ”

        “That means her internal body processes, including body temperature, are unaffected,” Novotny said in a slight tone of exasperation, as if used to American governmental ignorance.

        One of the other men crossed his arms, not an easy task given the bulkiness of his parka.  “I’m getting cold.”


        “Tell me about it,” Dareen said dully, once again flexing her pussy to crack the ice film that had formed there.

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