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boring technical explanations

“That was something the Project was wondering about too. They’d seen it done at drainings and got curious.” Elaine opened up a laptop that had been sitting on the counter. “Kai-Kai’s erect penis measures 23 cm, which is supposed to be longer than the esophagus of someone of Mrs. Kimura’s size. Also his girth forcing it open should make it shorter, like squeezing a Chinese finger trap. But deep throating is useful because it is such a sure way to make him come when he’s tired, particularly at the end of the drainings, and we always want to increase his capacity and endurance. So last year the Draining Committee looked into how Mrs. Kimura could do such a thing, and maybe how other women could be trained. I was a consultant for them so they sent me their findings.”

On the screen appeared the head and neck of Mrs. Kimura in profile, not dressed formally but in a tank top that exposed her slim neck and delicate shoulders. She was looking upward, evidently at the glans of Kai-Kai’s erect penis which now came into view above her. The huge glans dwarfed her petite features, as if it belonged to a giant, instead of a boy barely the same height as she was. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and wiggled her head as she pushed up onto the glans, as if rummaging inside her mouth to find space for it. By fractions of an inch the boy’s penis slowly wedged into her, her stretched lips now grasping the thick shaft as it slid past, and now Angela saw the top of Mrs. Kimura’s neck bulge as the glans continued its progress. She pitched her head left to right, pushing up onto the penis instead of the boy pushing down into her, and bit by bit the bulge traveled down until her entire neck looked much thicker than before, veins sticking out.

Now as the final two inches entered her mouth Kai-Kai’s kiwi-sized testicles came into view, then his bare thigh and pelvis. Finally the massive root disappeared past her widely stretched lips and her nose was buried in his sparse pubic hair. Her jaws seemed impossibly pried open and her eyes were forced shut. The boy’s testicles pushed out to either side, larger than the hollows of her cheeks. Her whole face was distorted. In a final demonstration of her skill, Mrs. Kimura angled her head upward and pressed her lips into the boy’s pelvis, the hanging testicles touching her ears, her nose crushed, the veins in her neck bulging further. It seemed a savage impalement, a grotesque monster forcing itself into her, or at least it would, if one didn’t know that these huge genitals belonged to such a sweet, gentle boy whose main concern was not hurting her.

Of course Mrs. Kimura could not breathe with Kai-Kai’s penis filling her throat. After a few seconds, she braced her hands against the bare thighs and drew her head back. The huge shaft, now wet with saliva, began to reappear, her lips being pulled out as it slid past them. Inch after inch, the shaft seemed to be endless as it withdrew. Her throat shrank back to its normal delicate contours. Finally the plum-sized glans popped out, sticky with esophageal mucus, a few strands of which hung down outside of camera range. As Mrs. Kimura caught her breath Kai-Kai’s hand now entered the picture, holding the penis at about the midway point. There was the unsteady slap of bare feet as he repositioned. Standing slightly closer to the camera, he stepped forward and angled the penis to align with Mrs. Kimura’s neck as she raised her head back to the deep-throat angle. The camera panned back. Of course the penis looked even larger now, being closer to the camera than Mrs. Kimura, but one could see that the glans was down about even with the middle of her chest. Mrs. Kimura was braless under her tank top and the glans was below the level of her nipples.

“Amazing,” Angela said.

“Like it seems, the end of the penis seems like it should have gone into her stomach,” Elaine said.

Another screen shot showed a cutaway diagram of the human throat and thorax. “Kai-Kai reports that at full engulfment —that’s our term for when his entire penis is in —he feels tightness around his glans which is very stimulating.” Pointing with her finger, Elaine said, “We believe he is reaching the lower esophageal sphincter, which keeps stomach acids from coming up into the esophagus. And the tightness he feels is probably the lower pharyngeal constrictor muscle.” Indeed the diagram showed a muscle that wrapped around the bottom of the esophageal tube.

“Now for the MRI which removed all doubt.” Angela’s eyes widened at the amazing detail in the black-and-white snapshot —the bones of Mrs. Kimura’s spine, muscles, lungs, vocal cords, trachea . . and the large ghostly fleshy spear, widening the slim throat, and extending well into the chest cavity, even past the heart! “Kai-Kai also reported feeling a heartbeat about an inch behind his glans. And you can see the end of his penis, in its esophageal sheath, does indeed pass by the heart. In fact it presses all the way down to Mrs. Kimura’s diaphragm, and to fully accept him she has to exhale, which causes the diaphragm to flex downward. Like most people, her heart leans to the left, so Kai-Kai has to be careful to aim toward her right, or his left. You see the lower pharyngeal constrictor muscle here beginning at about the septimal or octaval zone.”

“Septimal? Octaval?”

“We refer to various zones of Kai-Kai’s erection in terms of inches, beginning with the root. It’s more convenient than centimeters. Septimal means his seventh inch, and octaval means his eighth inch.”

“Oh right.” Angela had seen these terms on the “atlases” in the “Sire Collection” at the library. The Project had mapped out in detail the geography of the gentle boy’s extensive penis, areas of greater or lesser sensitivity, underside zones, overside zones, left, right, sextimal, septimal, octaval, degrees of longitude superimposed on the distal view, dorsal view, ventral view, etc., as well as the rest of his reproductive organs. For example, everyone knew that Kai-Kai had a faint freckle on his septimal zone a little on the left. Its coordinates on the atlas were “6.8, 38°L.”

“By pushing down on the lower esophageal sphincter, the penis actually causes the esophagus to stretch, much like a vagina stretches when a penis presses against the fornix, the end of the vagina which is past the cervix. Until now no one knew that the esophagus had such latitudinal elasticity.”

Elaine’s technical language caused all three women to laugh. “Sorry,” Elaine said, “I’m mimicking Professor Guglielmo again. He gave a lecture on this.”

“Well, I understand the terminology,” Angela said.

“What all this meant was, if a small woman such as Mrs. Kimura could deep-throat Kai-Kai, then any woman could. This is important because it would be nice if someone could help her out at the drainings; some weeks she can’t be there. So Mrs. Kimura got to work. She put an announcement on the faculty web page —‘Deep Throat the Sire’! —and given how many women are in love with this cute boy, you can imagine the response. We gave her some of those ‘Model Sire’ dildos we give to the P-1’s to help them determine their ‘pitch’. She used them in the classes she gave. By now there are, I think, five other women who got their ‘diplomas’.”

Angela had never been at a draining but she’d read about them. “I’ve always been concerned about what happens on those Sunday mornings. At least past a certain point, Kai-Kai can’t be enjoying those . . . orgasms.”

Mrs. Schreiber chimed in. “He won’t tell us what he thinks, and someone who is having an orgasm often looks and sounds like someone in pain. But from what I hear, he probably enjoys the first three or four ejaculations. After that his penis is very sensitive, and he probably wants to just go to sleep, but he’s . . . well . . . he’s so selfless, putting himself through that, giving all he has to the Project. He thinks of all the lives he’s saving.”

As if on cue, there was another gasp from upstairs, then an “oh Lord!”, definitely with a Scottish accent, then the rhythmic moans of a woman in orgasm. Followed by that polite low moan Angela had gotten to know, the young Sire’s announcement that he was about to ejaculate into a procreator’s vagina (which, in the jargon of the Project, was the “moment of effectuation”). This time he was more vocal than usual, and in his boyish voice he called out the woman’s name. “Ohh . . . ohh . . . oh Mrs. MacGregor! . . . OH! OHHHH!!” Along with some loud creaks of the bedsprings. Then the matching deep breaths of male and female and then silence.

Angela, Mrs. Schreiber and Elaine sat at the table without speaking, then simultaneously sipped from their wine glasses, as if in celebration, respect, or prayer.

It was Angela who broke the silence. “Have you ever been at a draining?”

“Oh no,” Mrs. Schreiber said. “We don’t go. And of course we don’t participate. The incest taboo is alive and well with us. The Project assumes we never have sexual contact with the Sire.”

“Ewww!!” Elaine said with a smile. “Sex with my brother? Yuck!!” She laughed like a teenager. Of course what they were saying was true. When Kai-Kai’s sexual equipment was touched by family members it was only in a clinical manner, like when his mother inspected his testicles, as if checking a rash on his forehead, or Elaine laid his long penis out in that frozen metal case, as if putting a band-aid on a cut finger.

Angela laughed too. “The drainings must be agonizing enough without you helping out!” She immediately regretted this joke but it was well received.

“Seriously though, I understand they go on until he has nothing left to ejaculate, what they call a ‘drygasm’. That’s usually about his ninth or tenth orgasm, maybe three or four hours in. He’s left to nap for half an hour or so, then splashed awake with ice water. If he’s in the lab he’s dropped into an ice bath in the transparent tub, then pulled out. At least that’s the summer protocol. At that point Mrs. Kimura and her friends take over. They usually get two or three final orgasms out of him before they show mercy and let him konk out.”

“Surely they don’t get any more fluid out of him by that point.”

Elaine continued, “That has been the subject of a lot of debate in the Draining Committee. Those final, deep throat orgasms are not typical. As they put it, the contractions are slower than normal, every two seconds or so, with a full body character. Of course Mrs. Kimura, or whoever is throating him, is also using her fingers to reach into his rectum to massage his prostate, which should cause him to eject whatever fluid he has left in there. During the contractions Mrs. Kimura reports a kind of sensation similar to fluid shooting down his urethra into her stomach, but she can’t be sure. Kai-Kai is not lucid enough at that point to say one way or the other. In fact no one really knows.”

At that point a tall, slightly overweight woman in a long skirt and a slightly askew tartan jacket padded unsteadily down the stairs in stocking feet. In her hand was a freshly signed certificate.

“Och, that was somethin’,” she said.

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