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brief conversation outside in the snow

With Mr. Silvestri and his assistant still at work, the four of them went out into the hall. What Angela witnessed was a casual conversation about some student government stuff that got a little more animated. It was mostly Bradley and Solly talking at Kai-Kai, to get him to agree to something. Listening more closely Angela learned it was about some ballot thing that combined the dorm population with the town population for voting on local issues. Or something like that. She had heard about it, maybe on the local news, but hadn’t paid attention.

“I gotta have a smoke, sorry guys,” Solly said.

“You just had one on the way here!” Bradley said.

“I know, I’m supposed to be quitting.”

“Doing a poor job of it. . . Okay, I’ll come with you.”

“Me too,” Kai-Kai said. Angela decided to follow along. With these three guys, younger than her, she almost felt like a chaperone.

They went out the east door, which was not the one Angela and Kai-Kai had entered with the deep puddle. This one opened up to a clear level sidewalk, and had benches on each side, though they were mostly covered with plowed-up snow, which was melting but still piled up, with drifts all over. The three who were wearing clothes all zipped up their coats. Solly dropped back a polite distance and lit up.

It was Kai-Kai who spoke first. In his calm voice he said, “We have to make it acceptable to the town people. Let’s not offend them if it’s, like, not necessary.” His breaths came out in little clouds in the cold damp. His whole body was flushed, but his fingers and toes were especially red. His penis, the erection subsided a bit, stuck out seven or eight inches in front of him, arching a little downward, lurching back and forth in slight motions as he spoke, along with the testicles below.

“You’re right,” Bradley said, “but Vladimir’s very headstrong about it. And he controls that subcommittee.”

“Someone should speak to him,” Solly said. “I’m not the guy to do it. He doesn’t like me.”

“Well I suppose I could,” Kai-Kai said.

“It has to be soon,” Bradley said. “The vote is Wednesday night.”

“I can’t just make an appointment with him,” Kai-Kai said. “It has to be . . . um . . . like a chance encounter?”

“Catch him after his Western Civ class,” Bradley said. “It ends at 1:15.”

Solly said to Bradley, “He can’t. The I-4 is then.” Everyone knew the schedule of Kai-Kai’s “impregs”.

“Oh right,” Bradley said. “I forgot.”

“It’s all right,” the naked young Sire said. “That’s Ellie, from Australia. She’s nice. I think she’ll agree to a few minutes early. And it’s in the third floor lounge, right down the hall. . . Excuse me, I have to pee.” He made a motion toward the door.

Not a surprise, Angela thought, after that big protein and zinc milkshake, and later having that plug pressing against his bladder.

“No, it’s ok,” Solly said.

Kai-Kai, of course, had no more shame about urinating in front of people than he did about ejaculating, but he didn’t want to offend anyone. Now given permission, he stepped his bare feet into the drift next to the sidewalk. He was now in snow up to his knees. He leaned down to dig a hole, then shuffled about three feet behind it, shaking the snow from his hands, and faced his friends.

While he was doing this Solly took another drag of his cigarette, exhaled away from them, and said, “Then there’s the presentation at the Village Board next week. Who’s going to do that?”

Kai-Kai looked down as the first shot of his urine landed directly in the hole he had made. His hands stayed at his sides. He looked up and saw his friends were looking at him. “No, it can’t be me.”

Angela, Bradley and Solly all looked at the immense penis and the yellow stream shooting out of it. With the fog and snow shrouding them, the sound of pee hitting snow was magnified. Then Bradley said, “You’re a ‘townie’, and you’re popular. Everyone trusts you. You’re the perfect person for it.”

Angela looked around at the fog, and ghostly shapes lurking at a distance on the campus paths. Meanwhile Bradley’s and Solly’s eyes kept focusing on Kai-Kai urinating. They watched as the hole got yellow and then bigger. Now the sound of the pee got lower pitched as snow melted and the hole got deeper. A little cloud of condensation from the warm urine rose from the hole. “I’m not, um, good at talking in public.”

“I don’t think you’ve ever tried it,” Solly pointed out. “I’m sure you’ll be fine.” They watched as the hole got even deeper until it sounded like water going down a drain. The stream of urine started to drift from the hole and Kai-Kai, as if wanting to minimize his impact on the snow, brought both hands up to aim the penis as if he was directing the stream of water from a garden hose. This attracted Angela’s attention. She smiled to herself, picturing Marikit standing next to Kai-Kai, wielding the thick shaft with her little hands to write, in her nauseatingly cute handwriting, “Marikit & Kai-Kai 4 Ever” in the snow with his pee. Not hard to imagine. In fact, she’s probably done it.

Looking up at them, Kai-Kai said, softly, “They will not listen to a naked boy.”

Angela jumped in. “No, Kai-Kai, you’re wrong about that!”

Kai-Kai looked down at the yellow hole. He held his penis a little more securely as the stream of urine cut a little zig-zag as he lifted one foot then another. Probably wiggling his numbed toes, unseen and deep in the snow, to get some feeling back. “It wouldn’t look good,” he said. “It should be someone who wears clothes.” Again Angela felt bad for this unfortunate boy, whom fate had kept separated from the clothing everyone else enjoyed. But in Kai-Kai’s words there was no sense of disappointment, nor on the other hand of making up a reason for not doing something he didn’t want to do. He was simply being objective.

Though without a sense of bodily shame, Kai-Kai was aware of the effect his nudity could have on other people. It was usually not a problem in Semillas, where people were used to it, but on his visits to some other countries where it might cause offense. In such places he was careful to stand behind someone unless asked to come forward. Even close to home there were times when his nakedness had to be taken account of. The Village Board meeting was one example. Another example was last semester, at the solidarity rally for transgender rights on the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento. Kai-Kai was a firm supporter; he had read widely on the topic, and was considering adding a minor in “FQT” (Feminist, Queer and Transgender Theory). But the optics of the rally would be spoiled by the distracting presence of what one might say was an “extremely gendered” nude. So he helped with the organizing but didn’t go.

They all stood in silence, Angela noticing the friends’ fixation on the subsiding stream of Kai-Kai’s urine. His bladder had been quite full; the yellow hole was now six inches across. A few flexes of Kai-Kai’s well-developed pubococcygeal muscle produced some final squirts.

“You’ve got to get over your shyness,” Bradley said.

Kai-Kai sighed, having heard this many times. Then he grasped his penis at the root, and with his other hand tapped the end to get out the last few drops. He bent down to carefully cover the hole until no yellow was visible. In the process his testicles hung down into the snow, followed by his butt, though he didn’t seem to notice. He “washed” his hands in the wet snow and then he hopped out onto the sidewalk, penis bouncing up and down, his feet and calves encrusted in white. “I’ll think about it,” he said, finally.

They stood around, not saying anything. Solly and Bradley kept looking at Kai-Kai’s penis, pointing toward them but now subsiding into half-erection. Angela almost felt like rolling her eyes. Guys were obsessed with penises. They all knew it was acceptable to look at Kai-Kai’s. Consequently they couldn’t take their eyes off it.

Then Bradley looked up. “I’ll never get used to these winter fogs.”

“It’s going to clear up later,” Kai-Kai said.

“The forecast says rain,” Bradley said.

“No, I can tell.” Everyone looked at the boy’s little nipples, which were erect and goose-pimpled in the cold air. Kai-Kai could foretell the weather based on how his nipples felt. He couldn’t quite explain it. He also could tell the temperature to within a degree or two, and the wind speed and direction. Being always exposed to the elements had made his skin sensitive to things that clothed people couldn’t detect. Last summer he was talking to friends on the grassy lawn in front of Angela’s dorm and he said he felt the ground move under his (bare) feet. Nobody else could feel it through their shoes, but Marikit took him straight to the Geology Department seismograph and indeed a tiny tremor had just been recorded, so slight as to almost not register.

Dr. Chatterjee opened the door from inside. “We’re ready, Kai-Kai.”

“We’ll talk about it later,” Solly said. He and Bradley said goodbye. Before following Angela inside Kai-Kai carefully tapped the snow off his calves and feet and brushed it off his bare butt. Then he raised his penis with one hand while with the other he picked the bits of snow off the bottom of one testicle, then the other. He was always careful never to track snow inside.

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