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checking thermoregulation

        It was a complicated project, getting Tami off that tub, and ended up being Jeffrey and Trent grabbing her thighs, and Rebecca and Marisol grabbing her arms.  In the process they had to spread her legs even further, until poor Tami was almost doing a ballet dancer’s split.   They lifted her over to near the door, then set her upright.


        Tami exhaled as her bare soles hit the tiled floor.   “Th - thanks.”


        “I might mention another reaction to tonight’s experiment,” the Professor said.   “If you don’t mind, Miss Smithers, show us your anus.”


        “My -- what -- “


        “Bend over, spread your legs, then pull your butt cheeks apart,” Wanda said.

        The naked girl tried to hide the deep hurt in her pretty green eyes as she weakly said, “Oh of course.”   Glad at least to be facing away from them, she bent over and did what she was told.


        “Oh Tam -- ” Marisol said, shielding her eyes.

        “What a pretty butthole,” Jen said, leaning forward.   “Squeaky clean from the bath.”

        The Professor brought a heavily gloved finger up to Tami’s puckered asterisk.   “I know this area of the body is hard to look at, but note the darkness of the skin around the anus.”

        “It’s like a brown ring of skin,” Wanda said, loudly so Tami could hear.


        “Yes.   It is darker now because of the return of warmth.   Conversely, when Ms. Smithers is subjected to cold, it will get a lighter color.   And her labia minora will retract and become more violet.”


        Tami stared down at her bare feet as she kept her butt cheeks spread for everyone’s view.


        “So we will have to observe Tami’s anus frequently, and take pictures,” Wanda said.


        “Yes, I believe that area of the body is the best external indicator of status.   Perhaps a chart could be made,” the Professor concluded.   Then he stood up to his full tall height.   “Well that is all for now.  I thank you for your time, students.   And you too, Ms. Smithers,” he said, bending down again to address Tami’s upside-down, beet-red face.   He left with Wanda, who winked back at Tami with a quick glance up at her butthole.


        Tami tried to blink back tears as she stood up.   Then she took a deep breath and turned to face her friends.   No one knew what to say; it had been such an intense and unusual experience.

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