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Chyou and Qinyang

19. Finally I note the one conversation I witnessed involving Maik-lings. Principal Zhou and I were talking about drainage infrastructure for the Phase III Construction Program when he received a call about an act of vandalism on the football field fence. Such incidents are very rare in China. Mr. Zhou told me the situation, and said, “We’re investigating . . . of course it can’t be the Maik-lings, they never do anything wrong, but Chyou and Qinyang are possible witnesses.” I said that I should wait in the next room, but he said, “No, that’s ok . . . This should not take long. The Maik-lings don’t say much and they’re always totally honest.” As it happened fifth period was ending and in the hubbub of students moving around the halls he had Ms. Chen announce over the PA system that Chyou and Qinyang should come to the main office. The two girls were in front of us in less than a minute, standing nakedly and respectfully in front of us two men in our business suits, trying to quell their bodies’ reactions to the vibrators deep within and the bristly pads pressing against their clitorises. Sixth period began and there was no respite, this being the time they were assigned to sit in the foyer. Politely and quietly, each answered Mr. Zhou’s questions, which had to do with anyone they might have seen watching yesterday’s football game during recess. First it was Chyou’s turn, then Qinyang’s. The girls’ eyes squeezed shut as they tried to get words out, as each orgasm announced itself every ninety seconds or so. Mr. Zhou patiently waited until the spasms were over before going on to the next question, working from a list on his notepad. The interrogation could have taken a fraction as long if the girls had been allowed to be questioned in simple nudity, or at least with the vibrators off. When one girl had an orgasm, she squeezed the hand of the other. A couple of times the explosions were simultaneous. Some were so intense that the girl, with a jagged apology, crouched downward, her toes twisting on the floor, erect nipples making little circles in the air over quivering breasts. Tears flowed as they did their best to make eye contact with Mr. Zhou. Finally he was done with his list and he dismissed them. They bowed deferentially, after the Chinese fashion, and with bare feet slapping they staggered out the door, still holding hands, still being stimulated from within.

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