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dutiful daughter

[lights dim, repaired tape starts running]

[narrator, voice garbled at first, then clearer, though still wavering due to tape quality] . . . see another school day ends for a special student.

[girls and boys leaving school, a couple of girls in shifts with bare legs and feet, then finally a completely naked girl, seemingly trying to hide, then separating off with a couple of fully clothed friends and walks down the dirt road, wet from today’s rain]

Min-jeong lives on the outskirts, and has to walk through town to get to the family home.  [naked girl seen walking away, carrying her bookbag over her shoulder, soles of her feet muddy]  As noted, the Asian mind is not offended by nudity, but it is unusual to see someone walking down the public street entirely without clothing.  [people waving to girl as she passes] However the townspeople have gotten used to the sight.  Min-jeong is well liked, though very quiet.


[inside kitchen, naked girl helping her mother cook dinner, small children playing in background]  Min-jeong is the oldest of six children and like any dutiful eldest daughter, plays “assistant Mom”.  [eating with rest of family, sitting around a low table, breasts wiggle as she cleans off sister’s chin with a napkin]  She helps her younger siblings with their homework.  As you can see, she is left-handed -- apparently the only left-handed person in the entire village. [sitting with little kids, checking their work]

[mother speaking, shy and halting] “Min-jeong was always . . . a quiet girl.  She was always very modest.  She . . . didn’t even like having her arms bare in the summer, no matter how hot it got.  In the public showers she always wore a swimsuit.  She became . . . even more quiet . . . when they took all her clothes away . . . She cried at first.  But she knows . . . her . . . duty to the people and doesn’t complain. . .”  [camera pans back to show her husband next to her] “We are very proud of her.”

[old, stern-looking man in uniform] [narrator]  This is Mr. Son Ji-sun, the local commissar in charge of the Haenyeo Project.  Among his many duties is to ensure compliance with the rule that Min-jeong remain stripped at all times, though with such a conscientious girl, his inspection is merely a daily formality.  [man in uniform enters small, crowded bedroom, children stand at attention, including Min-jeong; camera shows blanketless bed, next to smaller beds with blankets; he opens closet] [narrator] No, no clothes in her closet.  [camera pans down to empty floor]  No shoes or other footwear either.  Very good, Min-jeong!

[camera pans along school building, then in classroom, naked girl in front row, other students in uniform] [woman in worker’s garb, behind desk, speaks] “Min-jeong has to spend four days a week diving, but even so, her grades are excellent.  She is a joy to have around.  Though I wish she’d talk more.”  [smiles] [naked girl with the four other Haenyeo in their shifts, walking down school hallway] [narrator] The other Haenyeo know Min-jeong is a star, but there is no jealousy among them.  The nearly naked girls, and the totally naked girl, are the best of friends.


[rocky shore seen previously]  This is the north beach, where the water is deeper and the underwater prizes more valuable.  It is reserved for Min-jeong’s dives.

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