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Ms. Garcia put on a latex glove and, bending down a bit to get an unimpeded view, inserted two fingers inside the boy. Kai-Kai’s eyes closed. “Ohhh . . . ohhh . . .” His breath got faster. The readout went up to 0.48. His penis grew longer and thicker, tightening the straps that held the vibrator on. Thinking she might have gone a little too fast, Ms. Garcia drew back.

Marikit’s mother, looking at the engorging penis with concern, whispered to her daughter. She replied: [“Yes, Kai-Kai’s penis at full erection is estimated to be about six times the volume of that of the average fully erect adult male. The length is almost twice the average. Even flaccid, his penis has about four times the volume of an average erection. But don’t worry. One of the criteria for the women is that their vaginal capacity be large. And that they have had two vaginal deliveries and be over 30. Also Kai-Kai is very gentle.”] She paused and said, [“Of course you know that. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. This carries over into his general personality. Sometimes I think he is too afraid to assert himself.”]

While she was explaining these things Sylvia ramped up the vibrations and the boy’s panting got heavier. Ms. Garcia motioned to them and now Marikit and her parents stood behind him. She opened the speculum a notch further, causing Kai-Kai to shift his hips slightly. “Go ahead and look,” Ms. Garcia said. The older Pilipino couple bent forward with a little hesitation. They were so short they had to stretch their necks. The boy’s toes wiggled a bit as he felt their breath curling up inside him.

[“Note the prostate, that large bump on the bottom. Further along, before the opening into the colon, the little bumps are the seminal vesicles. They provide —”] Marikit asked the doctor, “The prostate is twenty percent?”

In a congenial manner Dr. Chatterjee walked over to the older couple. “Thirty-five percent, the seminal vesicles sixty percent. Sperm is about five percent, in Kai-Kai’s case.” In Tagalog Marikit explained the contribution of each of Kai-Kai’s glands to his total ejaculatory output. As Marikit translated for him, the doctor said, “”In Kai-Kai all of his reproductive glands are exceptionally productive. This is presumably due to his frequent ejaculations. In a typical day he ejaculates a total probably of about 70 cc. And perhaps 60 cc during a draining.”

Angela observed Sylvia at the console while this chatter was going on. Meanwhile Sylvia watched the readings and Shonda checked the placement of the stimulators. As for Kai-Kai, he rested his head on his arms, trying to control his ragged breathing, and looked at the students and faculty out on the quad, in clothes, to which he was a stranger. A girl he knew passed by the window, looked in and waved. He waved back with his fingers.

Dr. Chatterjee paused and said, “The healthy prostate is spongy, the seminal vesicles somewhat more resilient. Here, go ahead, we don’t mind,” he said, offering latex gloves to the older couple.

The parents looked at each other. But with Marikit’s encouragement they slipped the gloves on and, the mother first, entered her boyfriend’s rectum.

“Ohh! . . . ohh . . . ohhhh . . .” Kai-Kai’s moans when touched inside were more lower-pitched, guttural. As was well known. Dozens of people had been inside the boy, feeling those bumps and rubbing them, for clinical purposes, or as a sign of affection during drainings, or just out of curiosity like now. Hundreds had viewed them through his opened anus. His rectum was public property. It was all part of the life of the young Sire.

“Th - those are my - seminal v - vesicles, Mrs. - Taupo,” the ever-polite boy offered helpfully, as the glands in question were rubbed by his girlfriend’s mother’s latexed finger. He knew his internal glands by sensation as well as the rest of the world knew them by appearance. “And that - ohhh! - is my p - prostate.”

When they were finished the older couple pulled off the gloves, looking at each other in amazement. [“Remarkable, isn’t it?”] They nodded.

Now they sat down as the inspection team got to the business of eliciting fluids.

“Ohhh . . . ohhh . . .”

Sylvia turned up the stimulation and the arousal level was now 0.68. Kai-Kai’s penis twitched and hardened some more as everyone watched it, swaying with the slight shakings of his body with the vibrator and the clip attached to its length. Behind him and inside him Ms. Garcia massaged his seminal vesicles with practiced gloved fingers. The penis increased somewhat in length, the glans now poking down into the top of the waiting beaker.

“Ohhh . . . ohhh . . . ohhhh . . . “ Kai-Kai leaned his head against his folded arms. He sounded as if he was in pain, though it was just the opposite. Or was it? Angela, next to the console with Dr. Chatterjee, was disturbed by this guttural moan, which seemed to be from some demon, not from the gentle Kai-Kai.

Apparently Marikit’s parents were thinking the same thoughts. In Tagalog she told them: [“The sounds Kai-Kai is making are not of pain but they are not exactly pleasure. Men who have had their internal glands massaged report that it is one of intense frustration, as if they are being brought to orgasm but not allowed to go over. Orgasm is possible if stimulation continues but that is not what they will be doing to Kai-Kai since his sperm must not be spent. They will take him to the brink and keep him there and collect the maximum amount of fluid for analysis.”]

Kai-Kai’s glans now expanded to a firm purple plum. In the wide hole of his meatus a viscous white blob appeared, then hung down, then finally plopped into the bottom of the beaker.

“That is the first of the seminal vesicle fluid,” Dr. Chatterjee told Angela. Another drop followed, then another. It was much thicker than ordinary semen, though Angela had never seen semen “live”, just in photos and films as part of her training. Her first impression was that it was a sign of something wrong. The doctor seemed to guess her thoughts and said, “The appearance is odd, isn’t it?” They both watched as a fourth drop joined the others, so viscous that they formed a little pile which spread out only gradually. “If this was what the full ejaculation looked like we would be seriously concerned about infection. But this is —”


“— this is ordinary seminal vesicular fluid, containing, well should I ask you?”

Angela smiled. She was ultra-prepared. “Fructose, proteins, phosphorus, prostaglandins —”

”OHH!!” Now several drops in a row. Arousal level 0.88.

“— and trace minerals. It is the only human secretion that contains fructose.”

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